Campbell Cemetery Lincoln Co, Ky

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Campbell Cemetery
near Turnersville
There is a new owner to the property at 125 Martins Trail.  
This appears to be the easiest way in.  
This gentleman is very nice and respects the cemetery.  He has tried to maintain the fence 
around cemetery and says he would maintain it if others would supply post etc.   There is one 
corner post that is down today, simply rotted away.  The fence itself is in good condition, 
just needs some posts.  Other option would be to walk up and down knobs about .3 of mile one way.  
The Martins Trail entrance is better than Blue Lick Road or Campbell Cemetery Road.

Photo Submitted By Edward Shaw                                                             All photos submitted by Ronnie and Bernice Bates, Ron Terry and
                                                                                                                      Eldred Melton unless otherwise noted

Brown, Alfred K
b: Oct. 1935 in Lincoln Co., Ky. 
d: Dec. 9, 1936 in McKinney, Lincoln Co., Ky. from Pneumonia according to death records
s/o Willis & Dora Naylor Brown                
Jerry Leach   
Campbell, Elizabeth
01 Jan 1820 - 01 Jan 1863
w/o Richard F. Campbell
Carole French DiSanto   
Campbell, Polly Ann
1876 - 1961
w/o W. H. Campbell
Carole French DiSanto  
Campbell, Richard F.
09 Dec 1814 - 28 Mar 1885
wd/o Elizabeth Married 15 Dec 1841 in Lincoln, Kentucky
Carole French DiSanto
Lois Carson
Campbell, Samantha J.
21 Jul 1863 - 27 Jul 1893
Carole French DiSanto   
Campbell, Samuel C.
17 Oct 1842 - 10 Jan 1905
Carole French DiSanto


Campbell, W. H.
11 Sep 1858 - 08 Jan 1941
h/o Polly Ann Campbell
Carole French DiSanto


Cannon, Lissie H
11/6/1862 - 9/16/1910

Cannon, Woodson
5/26/1859 - 11/22/1921

Carson, Polley
10/17/1831 - 1905
w/o C. W. Carson

Coffey, A. G.
1847 - 1929

Coffey, Annie E    
Coffey, Eliza   
Coffey, James   
Coffey, James  
Coffey, Martha    
Coffey, Robert     
Darty, J. W.
Born 7/27/1834 Died 
Daugherty, Infant
born and died 9/4/1870
Daugherty, Margaret   
Daugherty, Polly
beloved wife of David
Falconberry, Alex Clay
16 Apr 1904 - 13 May 1935
Carole French DiSanto   
Falconberry, Jim M.
10 Jan 1915 - 01 Sep 1947
Ky Pvt. WW II
Carole French DiSanto   
Falconberry, John
1869 - 1962
Carole French DiSanto   
Falconberry, Mary
1877 - 1966
Carole French DiSanto   
Gale, Anthony Richard McCunney
Good, Julia Doolin
1/23/1859 - 7/29/1898
w/o W. R. Good
Magill, Sally       
Martin, Angie Belle    
Martin, Arthur Bryan   
Martin, Bertha Lee
born 6/18/1905 - died 7/13/1907
dau. of K.L. and B. Martin
Martin, Calimse G
5/16/1902 - 5/27/1902
dau. of K.L. and B. Martin
Martin, E. P.
5/3/1888 - 10/25/1897
Son of R. C. and A.L.
Martin, Elizabeth C        
Martin, G. H.
3/2/1890 - 10/17/1890
son of R.C. and A.L.
Martin, Infant Daughter
died 6/29/1901
parents: W.P. and A.C. Martin
Martin, Infant Daughter
died 6/14/1903
parents:  K.L. and B Martin
Martin, James P         
Martin, James T.
2/15/1840 - 1/14/1919
Martin, J.S.
4/4/1902 - 9/27/1903
parents: R..C, and A.L.
Martin, Leslie
5/26/1884 - 11/20/1884
son of J.T. and M.E.Martin
Martin, Lorine Foley
wife of Joe Martin
4/23/1911 - 12/23/1935
Martin, Mary Ann Peek
died March, 1897 - age 88
w/o Wilson Martin
p/o Augustus Davis Pierce Martin
(see obit-main page)
Teresa Martin Klaiber   Field Stone or Unmarked
Martin, Wilson
7/8/1864 - died from gunshot wound - by Union soldiers - creek and road named for him.  h/o Mary A Martin
p/o Augustus Davis Pierce Martin
Teresa Martin Klaiber
       (family heresay)
Field Stone or Unmarked
Augustus Davis Pierce Martin
5/7/1864 - 5/13/1931
s/o Wilson and Mary Ann Peek Martin 
Teresa Martin Klaiber Field Stone or Unmarked
Martin, Mary B           
Martin, Mary E         
Martin, Richard F.    
Martin, T.E.  
Reynolds, David R
4/4/1870 - 12/7/1878
Reynolds, Lucy J.          
Reynolds, Maria
Reynolds, Milton
Born 5/9/1833
Reynolds, Sarah J.
7/18/1867 - 2/17/1896
Reynolds, Sarah E
5/30/1840 - 7/16/1893
wife of Milton Reynolds
Starnes, William Henry
2/1851 Garrard Co, Ky   - 6/1915
father of Geo. Washington Starnes
h/o Mary Jane Lunsford married 3/29/1872
  Edward Shaw 
Starnes, Mary Jane Lunsford
7/15/1848 Madison Co, Ky - 1918
her family is Enoch Lunsford family
   Edward Shaw   
Starnes, George Thomas
16 April 1905 - 28 Jun 1913 of tetanus
s/o George Washington Starnes
died about 1912 of Tetanus
Edward Shaw     
Unknown Stones    

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