1844 Letcher County, KY, Tax List

1844 Tax List
Letcher County, KY

TabThe following 1844 Letcher County, KY, Tax List is a "sorted" version of the one appearing in the March 1993 issue of the Letcher Heritage News (Pages 28-35):

(Used by permission of the LCHGS .)

    Name                     Val.   Water Course      
    ----------------------   ----   --------------    
    Adams, Abslom             350   Kentucky River    
    Adams, Benjamin           500   Kentucky River    
    Adams, Elijah              50   Cumberland        
    Adams, George             741   Kentucky River    
    Adams, Isaac              275   Cowing ?          
    Adams, Jesse              225   Kentucky River    
    Adams, John               375   Kentucky River    
    Adams, John B              50   Kentucky River    
    Adams, Letty             1530   Kentucky River    
    Adams, Moses             1662   Rock House        
    Adams, Moses              607   Kentucky River    
    Adams, Moses (Smoot)      130   Cowing ?          
    Adams, Moses T?           145   Kentucky River    
    Adams, Randolph          1517   Kentucky River    
    Adams, Spencer             30   Kentucky River    
    Adams, Stephen             25   Kentucky River    
    Adams, Stephen            380   Colly Creek       
    Adams, Stephen           2670   Cumberland        
    Adams, William            420   Kentucky River    
    Adams, William            180   Kentucky River    
    Adams, William (Jelico)    50   Thornton          
    Adams, William (Jelico)   675   Kentucky River    
    Back, Henry              1171   Rock House        
    Back, Henry Jr.           293   Cumberland        
    Back, John                 90   Kentucky River    
    Back, Samuel               35   Cowin Creek       
    Balus?, Dolany?           ---   Kentucky River    
    Banks, Alfora              60   Kentucky River    
    Banks, Henry              275   Kingdom Come      
    Banks, William             90   Kentucky River    
    Bates, James              100   Kentucky River    
    Bates, John               305   Kentucky River    
    Bates, John W. Sr.        650   Kentucky River    
    Bats (Bates), Jesse        60   Kentucky River    
    Bentley, Benjamin Jr.      35   Rock House        
    Bentley, Benjamin Sr.     645   Boone Fork        
    Bentley, Benjamin Sr.     ---   Elkhorn Creek     
    Bentley, Daniel?           50   Cars Fork         
    Bentley, John            1368   Elkhorn Creek     
    Bentley, Joseph            50   Cars Fork         
    Bentley, Lewis            300   Kentucky River    
    Bentley, Mary             676   Rock House        
    Bentley, Samuel            21   Cars Fork         
    Bentley, Squire           ---   Cars Fork         
    Bentley, Thomas           400   Kentucky River    
    Bentley, William           80   Cars Fork         
    Bentley, William           30   Cars Fork         
    Blair, Henry              ---   Cumberland        
    Blair, Joseph              50   Clover Fork       
    Blare, Charles            305   Clover Fork       
    Blare, John R.            100   Pose? Fork?       
    Boggs, Able               320   Rock House        
    Bogs, Silas               270   Pose? Fork?       
    Bogs, William              65   Kentucky River    
    Bowens, Turun?            280   Sandlick Creek    
    Bowens, William           225   Sandlick Fork     
    Bowling, James           1410   Kentucky River    
    Brandin?, John            210   Cars Fork         
    Brashear, Ezekiel          20   Cumberland        
    Breeden?, Tanaton?        ---   Sandlick Creek    
    Breedin, Elisha          2371   Little Car        
    Brown, Benjamin           ---   Clover Fork       
    Brown, John               918   Cowan & Dry Fork  
    Burgey, Jesse              80   Cars Fork         
    Burgy, Alfora             290   Troublesome       
    Burgy, Ambrose           1363   Cars Fork         
    Burgy, Amburgey, John     235   Cars Fork         
    Burgy, Hunphrey           956   Cars Fork         
    Burgy, Robbert            380   Cars Fork         
    Burgy, Wilborn             66   Cars Creek        
    Burgy, Wilborn            819   Troublesome       
    Burgy, William            255   Little Car        
    Burtin, Robert             25   Kentucky River    
    Calhoun, David Jr.        200   Troublesome       
    Calhoun, David Sr.       1650   Troublesome       
    Calhoun, Randsom           75   Troublesome       
    Calhoun, Washington        62   Troublesome       
    Carter, Roark *            25   Smoot Creek       
    Casebolt, Silas           ---   Troublesome       
    Caudill, Abel             245   Millstone         
    Caudill, Alfred            45   Cowin Creek       
    Caudill, Henry            115   Cowin Creek       
    Caudill, Isham?           145   Cowin Creek       
    Caudill, James             20   Rock House        
    Caudill, James W.          35   Smoot Creek       
    Caudill, Jesse            495   Kentucky River    
    Caudill, John            2110   Kentucky River    
    Caudill, Lesious           25   Colly Creek       
    Caudill, Mathew            15   Cumberland        
    Caudill, Samuel           565   Cumberland        
    Caudill, Sarah             90   Millstone         
    Caudill, Stephen           95   Cowin Creek       
    Caudill, Stephen S.       ---   Millstone         
    Caudill, Watson           546   Kentucky River    
    Caudill, Wilburn           70   Kentucky River    
    Caudill, William          416   Rock House        
    Caudill, William H.        30   Millstone         
    Caudill?, James           180   Bull Creek        
    Childres?, Goolsby        110   Car & Campbell    
    Christain, Alen            29   Millstone         
    Christain, Thomas         644   Cars Fork         
    Collier, James             60   Cumberland        
    Collier, Preston W.       400   Cumberland        
    Collier, Richard          125   Millstone         
    Collier, William B.      1167   Cumberland        
    Collins, Bryant M?        150   Colly Creek       
    Collins, Burdine?          50   Colly Creek       
    Collins, Charles          ---   Colly Creek       
    Collins, James           2078   Rock House        
    Collins, Larkin           220   Colly Creek       
    Collins, Nathaniel        645   Rock House        
    Collins, Robert            30   Colly Creek       
    Collins, Thomas Jr.        50   Colly Creek       
    Collins, Thomas Jr.       ---   Colly Creek       
    Collins, Thomas Sr.       318   Colly Creek       
    Collins, William           30   Rock House        
    Combs, Byram              ???   Troublesome       
    Combs, Shadrick Jr.       250   Smoot Creek       
    Combs, Shadrick Sr.       380   Smoot Creek       
    Combs, Wesly               85   Smoot Creek       
    Coots, William             15   Cowin Creek       
    Cornitt, Jesse W?         300   Cars Fork         
    Cornitt, Joseph E.        200   Dry Fork          
    Cornitt, Samuel           440   Troublesome       
    Cornitt, William B.       190   Cars Fork         
    Craft, Archelous Jr.      175   Colly Creek       
    Craft, Archelous Sr.      888   Colly Creek       
    Craft, Archelous Sr.      ---   Millstone         
    Craft, Joseph             110   Millstone         
    Craft, William            200   Colly Creek       
    Crager?, Michiel           60   Colly Creek       
    Crees, Peter              ---   Cowin Creek       
    Cress, Campbell            25   Car & Campbell    
    Day, David                 70   Kentucky River    
    Day, John R.               40   Collier Creek     
    Day, Joseph               460   Collier Creek     
    Dixon, John                60   Kentucky River    
    Dixon?, Thomas            250   Kentucky River    
    Eldridge, James           ---   Rock House        
    Eldridge, Levi            445   Rock House        
    Ewing, Samuel             555   Campbranch        
    Fields, Abner              75   Kings Creek       
    Flemon, Federick           25   Boons Fork        
    Francis, Samuel          1215   Cars Fork         
    Francis, Simeon           300   Cars Fork         
    Francis, Thomas          1290   Cars Fork         
    Francis, Thomas           100   Line Fork         
                                        (Perry Co)    
    Franklin, James           150   Cars Fork         
    Frazier, Daniel            80   Kentucky River    
    Frazier, Jonathan         400   Kingdom Come      
    Frazier, Solomon          190   Smoot Creek       
    Frazier, Squire           715   Kentucky River    
    Garner, William           ---   Kingdom Come      
    Gibson, John              ---   Kingdom Come      
    Gibson, William           ---   Kingdom Come      
    Gilly, Levi                25   Kingdom Come      
    Gilly, Preston            ---   Kingdom Come      
    Grooms?, George            40   Kingdom Come      
    Groose, William           ---   Kingdom Come      
    Hagans, Gilbert          1545   Troublesome       
    Hagans, James             545   Rock House        
    Hale, John                ---   Troublesome       
    Hall, Alfred              100   Colly Creek       
    Hall, James                40   Rock House        
    Hall, James Sr           2272   Rock House        
    Hall, Jonathan            510   Rock House        
    Hall, Lewis                50   Rock House        
    Hall, Reuben Jr            85   Rock House        
    Hall, Reuben Jr           ---   Rock House        
    Hall, Reuben Sr           890   Rock House        
    Hall, Samuel               25   Rock House        
    Hall, William              30   Rock House        
    Hall, William Sr          140   Rock House        
    Hampton, Jeremiah         ---   Kentucky River    
    Hampton, Joseph           125   Millstone         
    Hampton, Silvester        ---   Kentucky River    
    Hampton, Turner           260   Rock House        
    Hampton, Wilbern           80   Cowin Creek       
    Hargis, Samuel             50   Troublesome       
    Harris, Jacob              45   Kentucky River    
    Hicks, Claborn            245   Troublesome       
    Hicks, Jesse              125   Troublesome       
    Hill, Henry                50   Kentucky River    
    Hogg, Hiram Esq           ---   Kentucky River    
    Hogg, Hiram Esq          3088   Sandlick          
    Hogg, Hiram Esq           ---   Kentucky River    
    Hogg, Hiram Esq           ---   Smoot Creek       
    Hogg, James Sr             50   Kentucky River    
    Hogg, James Sr           3670   Kings Creek       
    Hogg, Kelly               205   Whitakers Branch  
                                        (Perry Co)    
    Hogg, Stephen            1750   Kentucky River    
    Holbrook, Wm B            298   Kentucky River    
    Holbrook, Wm. A            85   Kentucky River    
    Holebrook, Benjamin       100   Kentucky River    
    Holebrooks, Randolph     1530   Kentucky River    
    Hubard, Robert S           30   Cumberland?       
    Huff, Harrison J          315   Troublesome       
    Hughs, Daniel              50   Troublesome       
    Hughs, Gabriel             30   Rock House        
    Hughs, James               80   Troublesome       
    Hughs, John                50   Kentucky River    
    Ingle, Daniel              75   Smoot Creek       
    Isaacs, William            50   Smoot Creek       
    Isham, George             550   Kentucky River    
    Johnson, Levi             355   Troublesome       
    Johnson, Washington      1951   Cars Fork         
    Kelly, James              180   Troublesome       
    Kelly, Nathan B           685   Troublesome       
    Kiser, Namon               20   Troublesome       
    Lucas, Parker             150   Thornton Creek    
    Lusk, William              20   Kentucky River    
    Macinsy, John             ---   Rock House        
    Maggard, David           1045   Cumberland        
    Maggard, Henry Jr         350   Cumberland        
    Maggard, Henry Sr         418   Cumberland        
    Maggard, Isaac             40   Cumberland        
    Maggard, James            250   Cumberland        
    Maggard, John Esq        1441   Cumberland        
    Maggard, Moses            710   Cumberland        
    Maggard, Randolph         414   Cumberland        
    Maggard, Samuel Jr        310   Cumberland        
    Maggard, Samuel Sr         80   Kingdom Come      
    McMullin, Fayette         500   Kentucky River    
    Miles, Anderson           ---   Rock House        
    Moore, Ephraim             75   Rock House        
    Morgan, Ishum             974   Rock House        
    Morgan, James Jr          215   Rock House        
    Morgan, James Sr          150   Rock House        
    Morgan, William           420   Rock House        
    Mullins, Daniel           150   Troublesome       
    Mullins, John             529   Cars Fork         
    Mullins, Joshua            50   Troublesome       
    Mullins, Joshua          1085   Cumberland        
    Mussel White, Joseph S    ---   Cowin Creek       
    Owens, Recce              105   Troublesome       
    Pigman, John              669   Cars Fork         
    Pigman, John A             95   Cars Fork         
    Pigman, Wesley             85   Cars Fork         
    Polly, David              325   Kentucky River    
    Polly, Edward Jr          325   Smoot Creek       
    Polly, Henry              750   Kentucky River    
    Potter, Isaac             240   Boons Fork        
    Pratt, Henry               85   Rock House        
    Pritchitt, Harvy           30   Boons Fork        
    Quillin, Henry             35   Millstone         
    Quillin, Tegue            180   Millstone         
    Quillin, William Jr        15   Millstone         
    Quillin, William Sr       120   Millstone         
    Rag?, John                 50   Boons Creek       
    Reynolds, Joseph          380   Cars Fork         
    Roark, James              ---   Millstone         
    Roberts, James            350   Bull Creek        
    Roberts, Sampson           20   Bull Creek        
    Sextion, Andrew            55   Campbranch        
    Sextion, Huldah            45   Campbranch        
    Sextion, Moses             25   Campbranch        
    Sextion, Samuel            20   Campbranch        
    Sextion, William           50   Campbranch        
    Sexton, Isaac              25   Rock House        
    Sexton, Isaah             222   Campbranch        
    Sexton, William (Nasty)   ---   Rock House        
    Smallwood, Elijah          25   Cumberland        
    Smith, Alexander          203   Bottom Fork       
    Smith, John                30   Cars Fork         
    Smith, William           1330   Cars Fork         
    Smith, William            ---   Lotts Creek       
                                        (Perry Co)    
    Smith, William B.        1066   Cars Fork         
    Stamper, Isaac D          615   Rock House        
    Stamper, John W.          586   Rock House        
    Stamper, William B        225   Kentucky River    
    Stamper, William M        330   Rock House        
    Stirgill, Hugh             70   Cumberland        
    Sturgill, David           545   Cumberland        
    Sturgill, Francis        1275   Cumberland        
    Sumner, James             470   Kentucky River    
    Sumner, John              250   Rock House        
    Toleson, Peter            ---   Rock House        
    Tomas, Greenberry          35   Coley Creek       
    Turner, James              90   Coley Creek       
    Webb, Benjamin            380   Kentucky River    
    Webb, Enoch                60   Smoot Creek       
    Webb, Jason                30   Kentucky River    
    Webb, Miles                40   Kentucky River    
    Whitaker, Elender         345   Kentucky River    
    Williams, John           1172   Kentucky River    
    Wright, Hiram             150   Smoot Creek       
    Wright, James              98   Boone Creek       
    Wright, Joel              160   Kentucky River    
    Wright, John              ---   Boone Creek       
    Wright, Samuel             41   Smoot Creek       
    Wright, Sussannah         215   Boone Creek       
    Younts, Sollomon          340   Boons Fork        
    Younts, William           340   Boons Fork        

A special Thanks to Katrina Collier-Hall for typing this list.

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