J. D. Caudill Store

J. D. Caudill Store
J.D. Caudill Store (aka Rockhouse Store - ca. 1900)

TabThe following are two messages that I have received, so far, in response to my request for further information on the above photo:

To: bcaudill@metrolink.net
From: "David Gambrel" david@amnews.com
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 1997 21:32:23 -0500
Subject: J.D. Caudill Store Pic


An old man from Letcher County who was a good friend of ours gave my
family a copy of "Kentucky: A Pictorial History" as a gift in 1977.
His name was George N. Hale and he died in 1982 at the age of 96 in
Lincoln County, he was born in 1886 in Letcher Co.  This is what he
wrote about the J. D. Caudill store photo, which appears in the book
and is the same photo on the Letcher Co Homepage.

"In the picture the woman at the corner of the house is Caudill's
wife Patsy Collins Caudill.  When I was sixteen I carried the mail
and the man standing in front (left) is Madison Collins who was
always waiting for the paper which he read to those present."
Geo. N. Hale

I hope this is of benefit to you,

David Gambrel

To: bcaudill@metrolink.net
From: "Ed Watts" ecwatts@earthlink.net
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 01:16:41 -0500
Subject: information on Rockhouse Store

Brian -

Your website asks for information on the Rockhouse Store.  I hope
this helps.  Here's a transcription of a letter to the editor of
the Mountain Eagle from my grandfather, Rev. Edward C. Watts.  The
date of the letter is unknown but it was written prior to August
1957, the month he died:

(A reproduction of he same picture as on the web site appears with
the caption "Postoffice and Store Building of 1885")

Dear Sir:

     I am sending the Illustration from "Bluegrass and Rhododendron"
by John Fox, Jr.
     The supposed date around 1885.
     This Post-office and Store Building was owned by Madison Collins
and was located near his home at the mouth of Camp Branch.  The
building was situated on the right side of the road and at that time
across the road from the Collins' Chapel (Methodist Church).
     At the time of this picture J. Dixon Caudill, Jr. (Fiddler Dixon)
was operating the store.  He married Patsy, daughter of James Collins.
The Postmaster was Dr. Madison Collins, Jr.

REV. E. C. WATTS, Pastor
Methodist Church
Simpsonville, Ky.

The article notes that Rev. Watts was pastor of the Whitesburg
Methodist Church from 1910 to 1914.

I'm a descendant of Samuel C. Caudill and his daughter Elizabeth,
who married Dr. Thomas A. Cook.

Ed Watts.

NOTE: The original Letter to the Editor mentioned above can be found in the October 28, 1948, issue of The Mountain Eagle newspaper.

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