Letcher County, Kentucky Cemeteries

Letcher County, Kentucky Cemeteries

Tab Below are some cemeteries located in Letcher County, Kentucky. Click on the one you wish to visit for more detailed information. Some cemeteries are completely surveyed while others are only partially surveyed (ie. only selected graves are listed).

Tab If you would like to contribute any additional information about these cemeteries, or any other cemeteries located in Letcher County, Kentucky, please send me the information and I will be glad to add it here.

General Notes About the Cemetery Data:

TabTack Unless otherwise noted, the following cemetery information was obtained on June 30th, 1996 by me and my sister (Brian Caudill and Carol Vandiver).
TabTack All of the information is shown as closely as possible to what is actually on the headstones, except for the names. For clarity most names are shown on a single line and in upper/lower case letters where the names might actually be on more than one line and/or in all upper case letters, etc. Some exceptions are older hand-carved headstones, or headstones where the name is part of an epitaph, etc.
TabTack When question marks (??) are used, it is because it was difficult, or impossible, to read the information on the "video tape" which was used to record the information on the headstone - not because the information was illegible on the headstone itself. If any information on a headstone was illegible then either dashes (--) were used, or the information was just left blank.
TabTack The "front" of a cemetery is defined as that part of a cemetery where the majority of the headstones face.
TabTack The "front row", "first row", or "row 1" is the row of headstones at the front of a cemetery.
TabTack A "row" is defined as the approximate horizontal line in which the headstones are positioned side by side.
TabTack Headstones are listed from left to right in each row.

Select the cemetery you wish to visit:

TabTack Boatright Cemetery near the mouth of Dry Fork (Complete listing of 5 graves)

TabTack Caudill Cemetery at Uz (Complete listing of 18 graves)

TabTack Dickson Cemetery at the mouth of Elk Creek (Nearly complete listing of about 6 graves)

TabTack Elder James Dickson (Dixon) Cemetery on Elk Creek (Nearly complete listing of 57 graves)

TabTack Jim Brown (aka Uz) Cemetery at Uz (Complete listing of 109 graves)

TabTack Watty Caudill Cemetery at the mouth of Dry Fork (Nearly complete listing of 27 graves)

TabCemetery Listings Submitted by Others:

TabTack Bowling Cemetery (Complete listing of 13 graves)

TabTack Broad Sam Wright Cemetery at Potter's Fork (Partial listing of 27 graves)

TabTack Fleming Cemetery (Complete listing of 50 graves)

TabTack Franklin Cemetery (Complete listing of 154 graves)

TabTack Hall Cemetery (Complete listing of 3 graves)

TabTack Hop Gibson Cemetery (Complete listing of 96 graves)

TabTack McRoberts Cemetery (Complete listing of 33 graves)

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