Letcher County, Kentucky, Cemetery Records

Letcher County
Cemetery Records

Tab The following Cemetery Records were extracted from a "book" given to Louise M. Perkins by DeNola Collins of Jenkins, KY, many years ago. According to Louise, only four or five typewritten copies of the "book" exist and she was given one of them by DeNola. The "book" contains a collection of cemetery records on over 315 cemeteries located across Letcher County, Kentucky. The "book" was never published and evidently was never intended to be published. There are no credits listed in the "book" as to who actually compiled the information, or even as to when the information was compiled. It is only known that DeNola Collins (who died on 8/18/1988), and possibly others (names unknown), were responsible for the collection of the cemetery infomation, probably more than 15 years ago.

Tab It is not our intent, whatsoever, to claim any rights to this cemetery information, but only to make it available to others doing genealogy research in Letcher County, Kentucky. Therefore, all rights are reserved for the person, or persons, who originally compiled this collection of cemetery records and this information should not be distributed for sale or for profit. If the person, or persons, with legal right to this cemetery information desire to be given proper credit and/or desire to have the information withdrawn from this Web Site, please contact me and I will do so immediately.

Tab Update: It has since been learned that this cemetery information is most likely the result of a government sponsored program dubbed the Happy Pappy work program where unemployed fathers were paid to clean and survey cemeteries located throughout Letcher County, KY. The information was most likely obtained prior to 1980 since there are virtually no death dates later than about 1978 listed in these records.
Tab Update: On 01/13/2007, Ellenor (Tolliver) Waters contacted me with additional information about these cemetery records. She believes that school children were possibly used to abstract some of the information, as well. Some of the cemeteries were abstracted by Ellenor, herself, along with others. She said that the "books" were originally in the posession of Jean (Cupp) Collins (wife of Judge Collins), Denola (Tolliver) Collins (whose book ended up in the possession of Louise M. Perkins and then donated to the Letcher County Historical and Genealogical Society), Betty Ann (Wassum) Hall, and Eleanor (Tolliver) Waters.

Tab A special thanks goes to Louise M. Perkins for typing and proofing this cemetery information. The Sorting and Indexing was done by me (Brian K. Caudill).

The following information is contained in these cemetery records:

TabDot Red Cemetery Name
TabDot Red Cemetery Location
TabDot Red Internment Name
TabDot Red Date of Birth (if available)
TabDot Red Date of Death (if available), and
TabDot Red any available Notes.

Dot Black Notes within brackets [ ] denote Notes found in the original works; all other notes have been added from various sources and are contained within parentheses ( ).

Dot Black Entries in RED have been added and are not a part of the original works.

Dot Black All internments have been placed in alphabetical order within a given cemetery to facilitate locating a specific individual. The original information appears to have been listed in the order in which it was surveyed, but not necessarily by specific rows, etc.

Dot Black For unknown reasons, in some cases only the year of birth and/or death was given, even when the entire dates were available on the tombstone.

These cemetery records have been indexed by "Cemetery Location & Name" and by "Internment Name". Please select the desired index.

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