Johh Lewis  

     I John Lewis Sr. of the county of Leslie and State of Kentucky make and publish this my last will and testament here by revoking all other previous wills.  I devise all my just debts paid by my executor herein after named, out of the property of the personal estate that may be on hand at my death.  Second I have here to fore given my daughter Mary Eversole four hundred dollars in property and money which is in full of all interest that she is to have in my estate real personal and mixed.  I have given to my son Abijah Lewis five hundred dollars in land and property which is all that he is to have in my estate except the remainder of a 50 acre strip in my name beginning at the three black oak bushes and rock in the fork of Ashers Branch 15 poles from the big coal bank which I give to my son Abijah and his heirs.  My daughter Mary Eversole Martha and my son Abijah Lewis children of my first wife have received as herein stated all of my estate real and personal and mixed as herein stated as I intend for them.  But should the children of my present wife die with out heirs of their own, then the children of my first wife is to inherit what is left them by me as well as all the estate I may leave at my death.  I give to my wife and her two younger children after the payment of my just debts all my personal property on hand at my death for their support to under the control of my wife who I hereby name as my executrix.  I give and bequeath to my son Henry D. Lewis and my daughter Drucilla Lewis all the land I now own (except herein disposed of) either by patent survey or deed.  I give my wife the control of all my land during her life or widowhood that I may die the owner or possessor of to be owned and occupied by her if she desires so to be, but should she cease to be my widow from the time she is to no longer have the possession of any part of my real estate there us divvies to my children Henry D. Lewis and Drucilla Lewis as any of the real estate that I may own at the time of my death except her dowers in such lands that I may own not disposed of by this will, were only to have her dower in same.

ATTEST: John Lewis Sr.
        William York
        John York

Recorded- September 18, 1889
J.M. Howard CLCC 

submitted by Phyllis Sizemore Hefelfinger

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