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Lawrence County, KY

Formed 1821

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Clippings from the Big Sandy News transcribed

African-American Info

and generously donated by Kathy Burgess. They

Bible Records

are very difficult reading and some words were faded


and hard to determine. It is recommended check the


original source to assure accuracy.



Thursday September 3, 1885


Robert Crutcher

County Formation

Mr. Robert Crutcher, an old and well known citizen


of Louisa died last Saturday night. About the first of


January he was stricken with paralysis, only partial at

Diseases of Long Ago

first, but about before his death it became general,


and his death was like the going out of a light.

Family Trees

Crutcher was known to about all Sandians, he having

Famous Folks

lived in this country many years. We believe he came

Help Us!

from the neighborhood of Elizabethtown, KY, where

Historical Society

he has relatives yet living. He was an honest,

Kentucky Explorer

industrious man, liked by everybody. He was buried

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with the honors of Masonry by Apperson Lodge,


Vinson Lodge, of Cassville participating. The burial


services were held at the M. E. Church South, Rev.


Hager, Smith, and Ri-le officiating, and the remains


were followed to the grave at Pine Hill Cemetery by


a large concourse of friends.



Thursday September 24, 1885


Mrs. Fleming Stafford, of Fork Lick creek, died

Mountain Speech

Monday night of consumption.



Thursday September 24, 1885


Died at his motherís residence in Louisa KY, yesterday

Public Records

morning, Guy Clark, of consumption.



Tax Lists

Thursday October 8, 1885


Mr. John T. Moore and Miss Nannie Holbrook, of Mouth

Vital Statistics

of Hood, were married by Esq. Sam Burton one day last

What's New?

week. The parents of the young lady were disposed to be


hard-hearted in the matter, and the night before the


marriage John attempted the elopement act but was


frustrated in the endeavor. Next day the old folks relented,


a license was procured, and accompanied by several


friends, they sought the squire. He was found, and in the


public road, on top of hill between Blaine and Rich


Creeks, the twain were made one flesh. We extend our


(picture of hand) of congratulation.



Thursday October 15, 1885


The general dullness and utter dreariness of the 11th


day of October, 1885, were agreeably lightened and


brightened by a society affair which culminated at the


residence of Mr. R. F. Vinson. It was no less than the


marriage of his second daughter, Jennie, to Mr.


Arnoldus J. Garred, the popular clerk of the Lawrence


Circuit and Criminal Courts. The bride is well known


in a large circle of friends and relatives as a young


lady of education, refinement and all those graces of


person and manner which constitute genuine feminine


worth. The gentleman, who is so fortunate as to


become her wooer and winner is too well known on


account of his sterling worth and character, and


because of the position he worthily fills, to require


introduction or commendation from us.The ceremony


was impressively performed by Elder J. F. Medley, of


the M. E. Church South, who married the brideís


parents, after which the guests sat down to an elegant


dinner.In the afternoon Mr. And Mrs. Garred took the


North bound Chattaroi train, enroute for the principal


cities of the East. They were the recipients of many


elegant presents, among which we note the following:


Soltaire (diamond) ring, the gift of the groom, silver


sugar bowl, Col. And Mrs. Northup; silver spoon


(holder?), Mr. And Mrs. Lackey and Miss Quinn;


plush and crystal odor case, Mrs. Abbie Songer; glass


and silver pickle dish, little Ninnie Garred.



Thursday October 15, 1885


Two well known and popular young people were


quietly married last Thursday evening, Elder Shepard


officiating. They were Mr. Will Hutchison and Miss


Norah Eaves. The News wishes them a long and happy life



Thursday October 15, 1885


Mr. Edward Burgess, of Georgeís Creek, and Miss


Rebecca Bond, of Johnson County, were married last week.



Thursday, October 29, 1885


Married on the 14th, inst., at the residence of Sam Ferguson,


Wayne County, W. V.. Miss Georgia Ferguson to Mr. Lee





Thursday Nov. 5, 1885


In Memory of the Jus(t?)


"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes


and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor


crying neither shall there be any more pain, for the


former things are passed away"John L. Frasher was


born in Wayne County, West Va. October 28th, 1806


died October 16, 1885, age 78 years, 11 months, 18


days. Bro. John L. Frasher has lived all his life within


a few miles of where he was born and died. He


professed religion when about twenty-seven years old


and joined the M. E. Church South, in which he lived


a useful and acceptable member until he was called to


his reward on high.Bro. Frasher was a Free Mason.


And one of the oldest in the country. He was made a


Mason in Apperson lodge No. 195 and was one of the


charter members of Vinson Lodge No. 66, and was the


same until his death; he loved the order, and we donít


hesitate to say that he was a perfect Ashlar. He was


buried Masonically, October 18, 1885, on his old farm


near Cassville, Wayne County, W. Va. His funeral was


preached by Bro(s). Rev. S. T. Crabtree and Rev. B.


Akers, the text was Isaiah 10 ch. 31 v. "But they that


wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, &e.


Wherein God in his kind providence, has taken unto


himself one of our faithful workers, and whereas the


family and church, and Masonry sustain a loss in so


faithful a christian man. Therefore be it Resolved 1st


That as a society and a church, while we deeply deplore


our loss and sympathize with the broken hearted family,


we cherish his memory, emulate him in christian character,


and humbly bow to the will of Him that doeth all things


well. 2nd While we suffer his loss in sorrow, we yet


rejoice in that eternal gain _______ unto him in his


entrance upon the res(t) that remains to the people of


God. 3rd That these resolutions be spread upon the


record of Vinson Lodge No. 66, and that a copy be


sent to the Central Methodist, Wayne Advocate,


Kentucky Democrat, and Big Sandy News, for


publication and a copy be sent to the widow.


To the W. M., Wardens, and Brethren of A F. and


A. M., your committee appointed to draft resolutions


in memory __ Bro. John L. Frasher, deceased ____ _ave


to submit the foregoing report.


Committee: C.C. Thompson


S. T. Crabtree


J. L. Bi___




Thursday Nov 5, 1885


Louisa has arrived at that period in her history


where it becomes necessary for her citizens to


go on wheels. In other words we have fallen into


line and opened a Rink. Drakeís Hall is the place,


and Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays the


time when young and old can put on skates and


show their agility. It will be managed by Milt


Burns, which is a guarantee that there will be


plenty of fun. Ten cents admission and an extra


dime if you put on the rollers. It is hardly necessary


to say that good order will be preserved.



Thursday Dec. 3, 1885


Married in Louisa, Sunday afternoon, Nov, 29th


at the residence of W. W. Marcum, by Rev. J. M.


Lauck, Miss Nannie Marcum to Mr. Mack Baker



Thursday Jan. 21, 1886


John Burchett


Our community was saddened Tuesday morning


to hear that John Burchett, one of the oldest and


most respected citizens of Lawrence county had


departed this life. Uncle John, as he was familiarly


known, had been a sufferer for many years from a


combination of physical ills, and his death therefore


not unexpected. He began several days ago to fail


rapidly. And Tuesday morning at three oíclock, he


quietly breathed his last, surrounded by his sons


and daughters-his venerable wife having some


years ago preceded him to the Land Beyond The


River. At this moment we know so little of the early


life of Mr. Burchett that we can not write of him as


we desire. He was born on the 6th day of November,


1806, on the spot now occupied by the drug store of


W. T. Evans, and has always lived in this county. At


the time of his death he had so far as we now


remember, four sons and three daughters.Uncle John


was a man of very decided character with him to like


a man was to like him; to dislike him was to hate him,


consequently he had some enemies, but his friends far


out numbered the latter. To men he was firm and


unyielding and to women and children he was


gentleness itself, and at his home his hospitality was


unbounded. We do not know if Uncle John was a


member of any religious body or not, but we do


know that he was the soul of honor in all his


relations with his fellow man. His word was indeed


his bond. He was buried Wednesday at the old


homestead where so many years of his life were


spent. To the family of our dead friend we (tender?)


our warmest sympathy.

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