William Cordle Sr. Cemetery

(Also known as the Granddaddy Cemetery.)  

Compiled and submitted by Gary Blake

Located on Raccoon Creek off of Hood, south

of Blaine at the head of the holler beyond the

Charles Cordle house at the end of the road to the

left on a high hill.

Cynthia Ella Cordle, September 12, 1931 - December 12, 1945

Private Ralph Cordle, May 1844 - January 1,1921

     14th Kentucky Volunteers

Nancy B. Cordle, 1845 - November 24, 1920 

     w/o Ralph Cordle

Fairba (Cordle) Green, December 6, 1884 - March 17, 1911

     w/o General Jackson Green

PVT John Michael Cordle, June 3, 1829 - June 28, 1913

     14th Kentucky Volunteers

Mary Polly(Moore)Cordle, No Date - ca. 1912  

     w/o John M. Cordle

Garfield Cordle, September 11, 1890 - February 19, 1949

Mahala Jordan, November 17, 1879 - September 29, 1942

Jeremiah T.(Jerry)Cordle, 1870 - ????   

Mahala Moore Cordle, 1873 - ????   

     w/o Jeremiah Cordle

Thelma Cordle, July 26, 1918 - August 1, 1918 

     sister of Cynthia Ella Cordle

PVT Holly Cordle, December 1, 1845 - March 22,1863   

     39th Mounted Infantry 

     This monument is a cenotaph.

There are 12 marked graves and about 17 others,

marked with either fieldstones or depressions in the

ground. Family tradition has it that William and his

three wives are buried here in unmarked graves; also,

John's first wife, Jane McKinster should be buried here,

along with several infant children.  They would all be

in unmarked graves. If you are standing, looking at the

names on the monuments and raise your right hand

straight out to your right, down in this holler is where

old William Cordle first settled when he came here

from Wilkes County, North Carolina.  If you raise your

left hand and point to the left, this is where John

Michael's homeplace was located.