Wheeler Family Cemetery

Transcribed & submitted by Barb Rogers

Route 201 south of Blaine, Kentucky at Wheeler Branch

Morton Dec. 1, 1889 Aug. 6, 1891, son of J. P. Williams

     (son of John P. Williams and Nancy A. Wheeler)

Nancy A. Nov. 5, 1870 May 12, 1892, wife of J. P. Williams

     (daughter of Daniel and Eliza Graham Wheeler)

Marie Wheeler 1935 1935

     (daughter of Orville C. and Cynthia Cordle Wheeler)

Mahala Wheeler 1940 1940

     (daughter of Orville C. and Cynthia Cordle Wheeler)

Cynthia Wheeler 1906 1957

     (wife of Orville C. Wheeler; daughter of Jerry and Mahala Moore


James Wheeler Aug. 22, 1799 May 19, 1873

Elizabeth May 12, 1801 Sept. 12, 1858,  wife of J. Wheeler

     (maiden name was Elizabeth Ramey)

Sarah Emily June 19, 1881 Oct. 30, 1884, daughter of D.R. &

     E. Wheeler, (daughter of Daniel Rolen and Eliza Graham


Shadrick Feb. 17, 1859 Feb. 21, 1859

     son of John R. & Catherine Wheeler

Nancy E. Feb. 21, 1857 Aug. ?, 1859

     daughter of John R. & Catherine Wheeler

Rachel Apr. 30, 1821 Aug. 18, 1852, wife of John R. Wheeler

     (maiden name was Rachel Lemaster)

John R. Wheeler Aug. 19, 1820 July 27, 1896

     (full name was John Ramey Wheeler; son of James Harrison

     Wheeler and Elizabeth Ramey; m(1) Rachel Lemaster; m(2)

     Catherine Wheeler)

Catherine Apr. 21, 1832 Uncarved

     wife of John R. Wheeler (daughter of William R. and Elizabeth

     Borders Wheeler; m. 1853 in Johnson County)

Amos H. Wheeler 1869 1944

     (son of John R. and Catherine Wheeler)

Mary B. Wheeler 1876 1951

     (Full name was Mary Belle Wheeler; Everyone called her

     "Mollie". She was the daughter of James and Isabelle Harmon


Ernest E. Wheeler Sept. 23, 1913 Jan. 21, 1969

     (Full name Ernest Everett Wheeler; son of Amos H. and Mary

     Belle Booth Wheeler. Was in an accident as a child and was

     paralyzed from the waist down.)

Carrie Lee Skaggs 1900 1958

     ( No stone, funeral home marker. She was the daugher of Amos

     H. and Mary Belle Boother Wheeler. m(1) Clarence

     Pennington, m(2) John Skaggs)

Oliba Feb. 4, 1886 Feb. 13, 1886

     daughter of Isaac and Susan Wheeler (daughter of Isaac

     Gallup and Susan Terry Wheeler)

Broken Stone - Illegible

Benjamin Franklin Chandler Mar. 6, 1919

     Kentucky Pvt. 17 Inf., 11 Div.

Roda Chandler No Dates

     (Kentucky Vitals records a Rhoda J. Chandler who died on

     Aug. 22, 1916 in Lawrence County at 55 years of age. This is

     possibly her grave.)

"Rememberance of Travilla Pack" No Dates

     (This stone has fallen over and I can't tell if there were any

     dates recorded on the other side. This is probably Trinville

     Wheeler Pack, daughter of John R. and Catherine Wheeler and

     wife of Henry John Pack.)

Trinville Pack

     (This is an infant stone with a little lamb on the top. It is

     partially covered by Travilla Pack's stone.)

Note: This cemetery is completely overgrown and is only

accessible by foot. It was once fenced in, but the fence fell

down many years ago.