Swetnam Cemetery

Submitted by Carol Swetnam Cassady

Located down the road the Blaine School in on.

It is located on the left side of the road just

before the school on the very top (steep) rise.

It is also across the road from where Clairborne

Swetnam's home was located. (It was still

standing last year but in poor condition)

Person Unknown

     Metal marker unable to see anything on it.

John H. Holton, b. April 23, 1846, d. Mar 21, 1871

     Our Fathers' gone He lies beneath the soil

     Dear Father we miss You very much,

     we hope You rest with God

Sarah J. Swetnam, b. Dec 3, 1840, d. Sept 19, 1934

     His wife on same stone as John H Holton different sides.

Taracy Swetnam, b. Aug 27, 1811, d. Dec 25, 1896    

     Teresa Wellman w/o Clairborne Swetnam stone was large

     broken off at the base.

Clairborne Swetnam

     Living family members say he is buried there stone too heavy

Emily A., b. M__13, 1843(48?), d. 1869,

     w/o Elisha F Wellman FAREWELL

Melvina Wellman, b. May 1, 1841, d. Feb 10, 1885

Milton Holton, b. Jan 21, 1878, d. June 22, 1881