Layne Cemetery

Located on the Road along Blaine Creek between 707 near

Newcomb and 23 near Zelda. October 20, 1998 this was nicely

mowed and fenced.

Submitted by Mary Frances Wade

LAYNE, VICKIE, FEB 8, 1886 - OCT 10, 1887

LAYNE, JUDIE, FEB 14, 1813 - JUN 22 1886

LAYNE, JUDY, JAN 15, 1885

LAYNE, WM. S., MAR 9, 1853 - APR 22, 1920

LAYNE, JAMES, APR 16 1849 - DEC 21, 1904

There are three stones with J. L. on the top like

footstones but they are not in line with the three stones

that have J.L. for initials. The lady who lives nearby

had set them up and thought they may not be in the exact

location where they were originally placed. Also there is

one fieldstone with no engraving that I could detect.