Leonard Adams Cemetery

Submitted by Frankie Adams Perry

From end of roadway in front of the house of

Leonard Adams Jr., the cemetery is visible to

the left, through the haul-way of a barn.

Stones face away from the approach.

Donald Adams, FEB14,1928, MAR 14, 1979

     Believed to be son of Leonard and Elizabeth Adams

Leonard Adams, 1907  - 1968, FATHER;

      s/o Thomas Adams & Mary Bates

     re p. 335 Robinette’s "The Adams Family";

     Elizabeth was 1st wife; His 2nd wife was

     Highly Jane Adams d/o Thomas Adams & Martha

Blankenship Elizabeth Adams, 1904 - 1958, MOTHER;

     Elizabeth Moore re: p. 335 Robinette’s "The Adams Family"

Logan Adams, 1919 - March 4, 1919 - April 16, 1981


     (s/o Sherman Adams & Marinda Large,

Marinda Adams, 1889 - 1972

     Wife of Sherman Adams; Marinda Florence Large,

     d/o Thomas L. Large and Louisa J. Adams

Sherman Adams, 1890 - 1967

     Husband of Marinda Large; s/o John Panter Adams

     & Winnie Frances Wellman

Howard J. Adams, OCT. 27, 1926

     still living as of 2002

U.S. ARMY (Beautiful stone with image of paratrooper

with full parachute; he was a paratrooper.) (Stone is to

right of his parents: Sherman and Marinda Adams)

Howard is unmarried.