Clay Cemetery

Submitted by: Linda Cheeks Pittano

Directions: Canonsburg, Ky. State route 64 to exit

185, south on rt. 180 to junction 3 south. Go past

Mavity Church, past Middleton's store. Count 3

black top roads and turn right. The road may be

marked as Clay Jack now. Follow the road to the

end. The cemetery is on the right hand side and is

not marked. It is up on the very top of the hill

Henry Clay, Jan. 23, 1807 - Nov. 14, 1869

     62 yrs. 9 mos. 21 days

     Husband of Honor Clay

Honor Clay, Apr. 19, 1803 - Mar. 6, 1894

     Wife of Henry Clay

Martha E. Clay, Nov. 20, 1873

     Daughter of James Hansford and Eliza J. Clay

Sydney P. Clay, May 8, 1862 - May 14, 1864

     Daughter ????

W M Row, No dates

     Stone marked