Charles H. Webb Cemetery

Submitted by Debbie Webb

Located at Charles H. Webb Farm on Knotty Poplar Road

near Webbville, Lawrence Co. KY

Charles H. Webb, b. 6-22-1885, d. 11-7-1979

     s/o G.W. and Mary Reeves Webb, h/o Flora Roberts Webb

Flora Roberts Webb, b. 7-9-1890, d. 8-26-1948

     d/o Butler and Susan Walker Roberts, w/o Charles H. Webb

Grover Webb, b. 10-24-1909, d. 4-2-1947

     s/o Charles H. and Flora

Peggy Jo Webb, 10-23-1944, d. 11-2-1944

     d/o Denver and Nell Daniels Webb, Granddaug. of

     Charles H. and Flora

Bobby Webb, b. 12-24-1949, d. 12-24-1949

     s/o Denver and Nell

Milford Webb, b. 5-2-1962, d. 5-2-1962

     s/o Chester and Shirley Daniels Webb, Grandson of

     Charles H. and Flora

Elwood Webb Jr., b. 11-20-1957, d. 10-8-1995

     s/o Elwood and Mary Larson Webb, Grandson of

     Charles H. & Flora

Shirley Daniels Webb, b. 3-24-1929, d. 8-23-1995

     w/o Chester Webb, Daughter-in-Law of

     Charles H. and Flora