1860 Knox County Mortality Schedule The following Mortality Rate was transcribed by Pat Hobson who describes the table columns as follows:

  1. Number of the Family, as given in the 2d column of Schedule 1
  2. Name of every person who died during the year ending June 1, 1870, which place of abode at the time of death was in this family. The Knox county official just numbered the page on his own & made no attempt to correlate with the 2d column of Schedule 1.
  3. Age at last birthday-given in months if under age 1
  4. Sex is Male or Female
  5. Color - to classify persons as White (W), Black (B), Mulatto (M), Chinese (Ch), or Indian (I).
  6. Free or Slave
  7. Married (M) or Widowed (W).
  8. Deceased's place of birth, naming the state or territory, or the name of the country if foreign born.
  9. Columns 8 were to indicate if the father of the deceased was foreign born. These were not checked on the Knox County schedules.
  10. Columns 8 were to indicate if the mother of the deceased was foreign born. These were not checked on the Knox County schedules.
  11. The month in which the person died
  12. Profession, occupation or trade.
  13. Disease or cause of death. In this column, someone has made "corrections." Since I am working from black & white copies of microfilm, it is impossible to tell whether these were done in the same color of ink, or penciled, or whatever. Apparently, the correcter thoughtÊthat "diarrhea" sounded better than "Flux" and "convulsions" better than "fits." I haveÊtranscribed what appeared to be the original, followed by a forward slash & then the "correction."
Name 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Last First
Age Sex Color Free or Married or Place of birth Month died Profession Disease or # of days ill

Slave Widowed

Cause of death

Rains John
5 mos. M

KY Dec
croup 6
Hiatt Elizabeth
43 F

M NC Apr
unknown 4
Farmer Prisciller
37 F

M TN Feb
dropsy 14
Sevier James
23 M

KY Mar
Moore Nancy
1 mon. F

KY Jan
croup 8
Mitchell Jane
72 F

NC Apr
unknown 20
Umfleet Jesse
3 M

KY Apr
flux 13
McCloud James
7 mos. M

KY Apr
scarlet fever 12
Black Isabell
81 F

W NC Oct
dropsy 123
Riley James
17 M

KY May
found hung
Hammond Mary
1 F

M * NC May
spasm 2
Payne Lucia
23 F


Burns Francis
23 M

VA Feb
consumption 75
Aldridge James
** M

KY Jun Farmer consumption 82
Butcher Nancy
90 F

W VA Jun
old age
Stafford Margritt
1 F

KY May
croup 5
Macky Obedience
16 F B Slave
KY Apr
fever 16
Dickerson Daniel
9 mos. M

KY Mar
fever 15
Dickerson Thomas
11 mos M B Slave
KY Feb
fever 21
Randles Martha
3 F


Whooping cough 12
Haly Arch
23 M

KY Dec Farmer fever 40
Briant William
4 M

KY Aug
fever and spasms 13
Harn Elizabeth
79 F

M VA Jul
fever 60
Frederricks Sally
14 F

KY May
spasm 30
Gray Levi
4 M

KY Apr
fever 23
Mills Jefferson
6 mos. M

KY Sept
unknown 12
Mills Phima
6 F

KY Sept
bold hives 5
Arthur Ambrose
83 M

M VA Jul Farmer dropsy 150
Foggerson Martha
2 F

KY Apr
fever 8
Baker Mary
25 F

VA Jun
Balloun William
19 M

KY Oct
killed by a tree
Mays Mary
1 F

KY May
scarlet fever 2
Girdner James
7 M

KY Jun
scarlet fever 9
Girdner Michael
6 M

KY Jul
scarlet fever 10
Girdner Martha
3 F

KY Jul
scarlet fever 8
Deatherage Eliza
8 F

KY Oct
Parker John
2 M

KY Dec
scarlet fever 9
Frazier Sarah
68 F

W NC Jun
dropsy 60
Vaughn Mary
50 F

M VA Mar
***illegible*** 48
Baker Milton R.
7 mos. M

KY Mar
croup 7
Goodin Sally
5 mos. F

KY Apr
found dead in bed
York Rubin
25 M

KY Feb
drowned in Cumb. River
Haskins Nancy
1 F

KY Dec
croup & scarlet fever 8
York Green
15 M

KY Feb
drowned in Cumb.river
Huston Rachel
1 F

KY Dec
croup 8
Gordon Mary
11 F

KY Jul
croup 4
Gordon Thomas
1 mon. M

KY Sept
croup 2
Garrad William
7 M

KY Aug
scarlet fever 7
Garrad Mary
4 F

KY Aug
scarlet fever 4
Lock Charles
6 M

KY Sept
fever 9
Moore Alexander
63 M

M TN Apr farmer Inflammation of brain 15
Howard William
9 mos. M

KY Oct
scarlet fever 8
Huston Amerrica
3 F

KY Oct
scarlet fever 4
Barton Louisa
14 F

KY Oct
scarlet fever 5
Laws Elizabeth
76 F

W TN Sep
Renfro Mary
1 F

KY Dec
Inflammation 5
Renfro Easter
38 F B slave
TN Sep
Fever 15
Renfro Isaac
23 M B slave
TN Sep
Fever 13
Renfro Harrison
11 M B slave
KY Sep
Fever 9
Hendricson John
40 M

M KY Oct farmer Fever 24
Brackett Nancy
6 F

KY Dec
Scarlet fever 3
Stephens Edward
6 M

VA Jul
Fever 8
Haskins Ann
7 F

KY Nov
Croup 5
Owins Washington
1 mon. M

KY Jun
Inflammation on Brain 30
Mastin William
24 M

TN Feb
Fever 15
Mitchell Granville
35 M

KY Jul mechanic Cut his throat

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