Stoney Fork Cemetery

Location:  Just off Stoney Fork Road, Knox County, KY.  Turn off of 25-E at Barbourville onto Hwy. 11.  Go about 7 miles on Hwy. 11 and turn left onto 1809.  Go about 1 mile and turn left on Stoney Fork Road.  There is a road sign that is labeled Stoney Fork.  Stoney Fork Road is a gravel road.  The cemetery is about 1½ to 2 miles on the left on a little hill in the woods, up a short, narrow, steep dirt road, just past a residence and farm.  Recorded October 30, 1999.

There are several stones that are illegible and also several graves marked only by fieldstones.

DAVIS, Winnie Sears 01/21/1876  01/14/1902
DAVIS, Julia S.  02/16/1844  06/20/1892  m. 03/09/1865

DAVIS, Sgt. King S. no dates   Co. H. 49 KY INF., H/O  Julia S.

HOPPER, John D.  11/24/1880  11/00/1882  S/O A.M. & Salley Hopper

HOPPER, Cora B.  01/24/1905  07/12/1911  

MCKEEHAN, John  01/19/1810  01/19/1886

POLLY   06/13/1811  12/18/1880 W/O John McKeehan

SNUFFER, Mary  no dates  age 2 yrs, 5 mos.

GIRDNER, Thor (Ther.?) no dates

PARKER, Julia  08/12/1860  08/07/1888 W/O John Lewallen

LEWALLEN, John  12/29/1859  07/17/1945 (John's tombstone has been pushed off of its base & lies face up on his grave.)

INFANT   05/26/1888  05/26/1888 (I/O John & JuliaLewallen) - The angels called him.

BRANUM, Tom  no dates

BRANUM, Mable  no dates

BRANUM, Dewell & Jewell no dates

NEWMAN, Edward  no dates

LEWALLEN, Nancy Jane 02/21/1834  04/14/1875 W/O Rice

LOGAN, Mary  00/00/1856  00/00/1898

LEWALLEN, Sarah  could read no info on stone

PRICHARD, Louisa 00/00/1822  00/00/1888 nee WALKER

PRICHARD, Thomas 00/00/1815  00/00/1885 H/O Louisa

WALKER, M              00/00/1874 age 78

(PRICHARD) S.G.P. 00/00/1893  00/00/1900

(PRICHARD) E.P.  00/00/1846  00/00/1855

(PRICHARD) M.P.  00/00/1844  00/00/1855

(MAHAN) E.M.       00/00/1860  age 77

MAHAN, J.       00/00/1866  age 74

SHOAF, Peter  11/14/1856  12/30/1924

BAKER, J.  00/00/1878  00/00/1894

SNUFFER, Susan  00/00/1835  00/00/1929

WADANS, Dorie Branum no dates  Last name: WASHAM? 

SHOAF, Miss Minnie 00/00/1895  03/00/1965  (Minnie's grave has
a Vankirk Funeral Home Corbin, KY marker, w/a fieldstone next to it)

PRICHARD, Marma Duke 05/10/1854  05/01/1914  H/O Rebecca

PRICHARD, Rebecca A. 03/03/1853  no date W/O Marma Duke

PARKER, W. K.  12/17/1883  01/16/1937  (Only the initials WKP are visible on the footstone of this grave.  The large tombstone has been toppled from its base and lies face down on the grave, with no writing visible.  It was too heavy for my husband and I to move.  I have assumed that this is the grave of W.K. Parker as recorded in 1976 by Johnny Cox per the Knox Co. Cemetery books.)

Submitted by: Jeannette Hensley 

NOTE:  Shortly after I recorded the Stoney Fork Cemetery, I found it listed in the Knox Co. Cemetery books as having been recorded in 1976 by Johnny Cox and his wife, and compiled by Charley Cornelius.  I have listed here only the stones that I could read, with the following exceptions.  Nancy Jane Lewallen's dates, the Prichard children's last name, E. Mahan's last name, and W.K. Parker's dates are from Johnny Cox's recording, as found in the Knox Co. Cemetery books.

The transcriber of this cemetery feels that this cemetery was transcribed to the best of her ability. If you are in doubt, you may want to contact a different source. Nearly all genealogical and historical societies, and even many public libraries, have some transcribed cemetery inscriptions for their area.


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