Transcribed and Donated by Joyce Partin Riley

Partin Family Cemetery, Mackey Bend, Knox Co, KY Just off HWY 3442 and Cedar Point Lane As related to me by my Grandfather, Elvin Partin, he said that his Mother, Sarah Catherine (Turner) Paritn, told his Father, Elam Partin, that when she died she wanted burried under the Cedar on the hill next to the property line. So began the Partin Family Cemetery. First Grave being hers with Elam to her left when looking at the Cemetery from the Gate.

Left to Right the Graves are as Follows:

Birth Death Maiden Related Information
Last First Middle Date Date Name By Joyce Partin Riley
Row 1

Partin Elam
4 Mar 1851 21. February 1926
Son of Shelton Clayton Partin and Elizabeth "Betty" Evans
Partin Sarah Catherine 21 Jan 1854 1. December 1917 Turner Daughter of Joseph Turner and Rebecca Hoskins
Row 2

Partin Elvin
19 Apr 1898 26. June 1974
Youngest son of Elam Partin and Sarah Catherine Turner
Partin Mary Jane 5. December 1900 17. July 1982 Hall Daughter of Pinkney Hall and Samantha Taylor
Partin Flora Evangeline 1. July 1919 13. September 1920 Partin First child of Elvin Partin and Mary Jane Hall
Row 3

Partin Elvin Elam, Jr. 18. March 1926 11. July 1992
Next to the youngest child of Elvin Partin and Mary Jane Hall
(Cpl. Korean War)

Partin Sylvia Jean 14. December 1932 22. July 1993 Powers Next to the oldest child of Caleb Powers and Rhoda Lou Lee
Empty Space

Partin Daniel Roger 5. February 1953 29. March 1953
Next to the youngest son of Arnold Ledford Partin and Minerva Maiden
Partin Arnold Ledford 12. May 1923 7. December 1966
Eldest son of Elvin Partin and Mary Jane Hall
Row 4

Mills Larry Joe
7. June 2003
Son of Junior Mills and Mary North

Husband of Calista Renee Jones
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