The Mays Cemetery is located on Eastridge Branch, Knox County, KY
To get to the cemetery from Barbourville, KY drive South on 11, about 6
Miles, turn left at fork on 1809. Drive about 6 miles to a blacktop road, on your 
Right, the name should be on the road marker. The cemetery is on your left about
2/10th of a mile. The cemetery is old, the orginal people buried there, how it got it's name, can't be found. William and Martha Ricketts Mays. William was the son of John and Suannah Leemah Blair Mays. Martha was the daughter of Robert N. and Nancy Lunsford Ricketts. By Susan D. Bays

Mays, John B.  b. Feb. 17, 1902  d. Aug. 10, 1965  s/o Marma Duke and Phebe Hamblin
Mays, Celia Mae (Matlock)  b. Jan. 19, 1903  d. Nov. 16, 1955  d/o Shelby and Martha
Pridemore Matlock.

Mays, Martha J.  b. old stone, no dates.

Matlock, Charles  b. Jan. 12, 1812 VA.  d. Dec. 27, 1892 KNX CO KY
Matlock, Mary 'Polley' (Bray)  b. Dec 15, too old  d. Aft. 1860 KNX CO KY w/o Charles

Matlock, Wm. Wesley  b. Mar. 26, 1846 VA. d. Jan. 18, 1926  Jellico, KY s/o Charles
And Mary.  Pvt. Co A 8th Regt  Ky Inf  (Civil War)

Matlock, Susan Catherine (Cox)  b. Jan. 22, 1847  d. Aug. 14, 1910  d/o Elihu and 
Margaret Mays Cox.

Matlock, M. S. (Shelby) b. Sep. 2, 1859 KY  d. Apr. 29, 1942 s/o Charles

Matlock, Martha (Pridemore)  b. Oct. 2, 1877  d. Dec. 31, 1950

Matlock, Samuel F.  b. Jan. I, 1855   d. Apr. 10, 1938 Knox Co.KY

Matlock, Rachel A.  (Mays)  b. Oct. 16, 1865 KY  d. Jan. 14, 1943 Knox Co KY d/o of
Wm. And Martha Mays

Matlock, N. P. b. Jan. 5, 1866  d. Aug. 29, 1883  s/o  Wm. W. and Susan Matlock
Matlock, Julie B. b. no dates

Matlock, Edd (Thomas) b. Nov. 19, 1934  d. Feb. 7, 1958  s/o Benjamin and America Bays Matlock

Matlock, Will Frank  b. Feb. 19, 1895  d. Nov. 26, 1911 s/o Sam and Rachel Matlock

Pridemore, Sarah Nan 'Nannie' b. Jul. 3, 1888KY  d. May 7, 1973 s/o Sam and 
Rachel Matlock, w/o of James Pridemore.

Pridemore, James  b. Aug. 30, 1887  d. Sep. 5, 1964

Bays, Thomas 'Tom' b. Nov. 9, 1889 KY  d. Oct. 16, 1972KY  s/o George and Elizabeth Gibson Bays.

Bays, Martha Jane (Matlock)  b. Jan. 30, 1890 KY  d. Feb. 24, 1982KY  d/o of  Sam and Rachel Matlock.
Bays, Anna Marie  b. May 2, 1931KY  d. Nov. 18, 1993KY  d/o Tom and Jane Bays.

Bays, Walter L.  b. Sep. 16, 1921KY  d. Dec. 6, 1980KY  s/o Tom and Jane Bays.

Bays, Anthony 'Tony'  b. Feb. 1, 1943KY  d. Jun. 6, 1995CA s/o Walter and Chelsie Partin Bays.

Bays, Ruby May  b. Jun. 23, 1924KY d. Oct. 6, 1925KY  d/o Tom and Jane Bays.

Partin, Levi 'Lee' b. Aug. 31, 1879KY  d. Sep. 20, 1959KY  s/o Elam and Sarah Turner Partin

Partin, Sena 'Scenie' (Prichard)  b. Oct. 11, 1884KY  d. Apr. 11, 1975MI. d/o Calvin P. And Nancy Mays Prichard.

Partin, James Harve 'Jim'  b. Mar. 29, 1905KY  d. Jun. 17, 1970KY s/o Lee and Scenie Partin.

Partin, Radie (Mayne)  b. Sep. 17, 1910KY  d. Nov. 18, 1993KY

Partin, John W. 'Bill'  b. Jan. 29, 1912KY  d. Apr. 2, 1948  s/o Lee and Scenie Partin.
H/o Mossie Bays.

Partin, Fredrick Jefferson 'Fred'  b. Jul. 12, 1902KY  d. Jan. 27, 1970KY s/o Lee and
Scenie Partin, h/o Myrtle Hamblin Partin.

Partin, Myrtle (Hamblin)  b. Apr. 14, 1904KY  d. May 2, 1995KY

Partin, Lee Rose  b. Sep. 30, 1920KY  d. Aug. 14, 1926KY  s/o Lee and Scenie Partin

Partin, Alvey  b. Apr. 20, 1908KY  d. Nov. 3, 1913KY s/o Lee and Scenie Partin

Partin, Winnie Hester  b. Nov. 11, 1918KY  d. Oct. 29, 1919KY d/o Lee and Scenie Partin

Eastridge, Cecil L.  b.               d. Jun. 28, 1974TN  s/o  'Duggan' and Bonnie Mays Eastridge.

Eastridge, John  'Duggan'  b.                d. Nov. 15, 1994 

Transcribed and Listed by: Sue Bays 
The transcriber of this cemetery feels that this cemetery was transcribed to the best 
of her ability. The information was transcribed as per the book.  If you are in doubt, you may want to contact a different source. Nearly all genealogical and historical societies, and even many public libraries, have some transcribed cemetery inscriptions for their area.

Listed by: Sue Bays 

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