Hutton Cemetery  
Hutton Cemetery
Jarvis, Knox County, Kentucky

Thomas & Ed Elam completed this transcript on 19 July 2000. 
Except where noted photos taken by Ed Elam. 
Several individuals have made contributions to this transcript.
Lewis Johnsonís notes were contributed by his daughter Pat JOHNSON Halcomb. Additional information and photos have been contributed by Pam & Ron Hall.

This is how the Hutton Cemetery looked on July 19, 2000

     The picture pretty much says it all. This family cemetery has just about disappeared underneath a blanket of Periwinkle and dense underbrush. This cemetery is a mass of unmarked graves with most of the graves sinking and collapsing. There are however a few marked graves in this cemetery, but very few. We photographed what we could find. A lot of the graves just have a rock placed at the head and at the foot to mark them, some are not marked at all except for a depression where the grave is located. 
 Lewis Johnson was the last caretaker, for which his notes tell the identities of some of the unmarked graves. He gives approxiamate locations of some of the unmarked graves and lets us know who some of the individuals are in this cemetery.
 To get to the cemetery, turn off of Road 229 in Jarvis, Knox Co., Kentucky, onto Elam Branch Road. Go approximately 1 mile. You will drive up an inclined driveway on the South side of the road. Make sure to stop and let the landowner know who you are and why you are there. The Cemetery will be located in a southeasterly direction in the woods behind the house. 


Celie HUTTON Elam
D/O Elizabeth SLEMP & Leonard Hutton. The birthdate and death year are incorrect. These are the correct dates according to her death certificate.Born: 06 Feb 1849 Lee Co., VA Died: 01 Jan 1933  Knox Co., KY. She was the wife of John Wesley Elam

Located beside Celie HUTTON Elam is the grave of John Wesley Elam. It is marked with a rock at the top and at the foot of the grave.  John Wesley Elamís death certificate states his final resting-place as the Hutton Cemetery.The son of Margaret Delia HODGE and Thomas Joshua Elam. He was born 08 Aug 1851 in Laurel County, Kentucky. He died 12 Mar 1942 in Knox County, Kentucky.

Also buried at the Hutton Cemetery according to his Death Certificate: 

James Franklin Elam S/O Celie HUTTON & John Wesley Elam (Believe he may be buried on the opposite side of Celie HUTTON Elam). 
            Born: 24 Oct 1875 Knox Co., KY     Died: 02 Apr 1936 Knox Co., KY


Dock Falka HuttonBorn: 09 Nov 1851Lee Co., VA Died: 25 Feb 1936 ** Knox Co., KY    S/O Elizabeth J. SLEMP & Leonard Hutton
** Source: Death Certificate

Elizabeth HALL Hutton Born: 16 Feb 1848 Died: 08 Sep 1901
D/O Mary Polly ALLEN &  Amos W. Hall
Married to Dock Falka Hutton15 July 1871 Knox Co., KY

In the southeast corner of the cemetery were 5 tombstones. All appear to be from a family by the name of Parker. Rumor has it that these are the children of Sarah Malinda CLOUSE and William Brock Parker. I have a list of the children of Sarah Malinda CLOUSE and William Brock Parker and these children do not appear to be theirs. One of the tombstones lists the parents of an infant with the initials of N.B. & S.E. Parker. The parents of the infant and the others could be Sarah E. HUTTON (D/O Elizabeth J. SLEMP & Leonard Hutton) and Nathan B. Parker a brother to William Brock Parker. This will have to be researched further.

Edd F. Parker Born: 09 Dec 1888 Died: 30 Jun 1913

John L. Parker Born: 11 Dec 1880 Died: 25 Dec 1880

Infant son of N. B. & S. E. Parker
(Sarah Ellen HUTTON & Nathan B. Parker)
Born & died Aug 1898

Fannie S. Parker Born: 03 May 1901 Died: 01 Mar 1908

Willie W. Parker Born: 10 Oct 1904 Died: 10 Aug 1905

Lewis Johnsoní s Notations

Lewis Johnson was caretaker of this cemetery for several years. According to him, in his daughterís notes, the following persons were buried at this cemetery with no headstones. In the opinion of Lewis Johnson the following are buried in the northeast corner of the cemetery North to South.

Pearlie Johnson
Jimmie Johnson
Emiline Harvey Johnson
George Johnson (married Daisy Hutton)
John Johnson (married Ida Hutton)


Infant of C. H. Long  b. 08 Sep 1878
photo courtesy of Pam & Ron Hall

Lucinda J. Tucker
photo courtesy of Pam & Ron Hall

John Carty
Born: 11 Feb 1874
Died: 31 May 1874

Charlie G. Murphy
Born: 1887
Died: 1958


Amos W. Hall Born: 1801 Died: 1893


Original stone of Amos W. Hall
photo courtesy of Pam & Ron Hall" 
New replacement stone of Amos W. Hall
(Special Note: Amos W. Hall was the father of Elizabeth HALL Hutton)
photo courtesy of Pam & Ron Hall" 


Map to the Hutton Cemetery

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