Davis Cemetery  
Davis Cemetery
Gray, Knox Co Kentucky

This survey was originally completed on 23 Nov 2000 by Charli Rucks & Ed Elam. It has had some additional information provided by Jeanette Davis Hensley. She is the daughter of Alexina Engle & James C. Davis who are buried in this cemetery along with her Grandparents, Nannie Helton & Alex L. Engle,  and her Great Grandparents Martha B. & Ira C. Rowland. The transcribers of this cemetery feels that this cemetery was transcribed to the best of their ability. 


Alexina Engle Davis   B: 08 Jan 1924  D: 29 Jul 1994 
 D/O Nannie HELTON & Alex L. Engle
 W/O James C. Davis Jr.

James C. Davis Jr.   B: 12 Mar 1924  D: 03 Aug 1964 
 S/O Pearl ROWLAND & James C. Davis Sr.

Our Pal Ginger Age 13 
Beloved pet Dachshund of Pearl Rowland & James C. Davis Sr., they had her 
buried next to where they planned to be buried.


Alex L. Engle    B: 13 Oct 1897  D: 01 May 1969 

Nannie HELTON Engle   B: 24 Oct 1900  D: 09 Feb 1988 
 W/O Alex L. Engle


Alcy Gibson    B: 15 Jan 1908  D:   
 W/O Lois Gibson

Lois Gibson    B: 05 Mar 1904  D: 29 Mar 1965 
 H/O Alcy Gibson


Doyle Ray Hensley   B: 09 Apr 1958  D: 24 May 1958 
 S/O Stella KING & John H. Hensley

John H. Hensley   B: 20 Jul 1918  D: 16 Jun 1994 
 PVT US Army World War II
 H/O Stella KING Hensley

Stella KING Hensley   B: 19 Apr 1925  D: 02 Jun 2001  
 W/O John H. Hensley


Goldie White Rowland  B: 01 Aug 1913  D:   
 W/O Kirtley Rowland

Ira C. Rowland   B:           1875  D:            1958 
 H/O Martha B. Rowland

Kirtley Rowland   B: 28 Jan 1916  D: 27 Aug 1970 
 S/O Martha & Ira Rowland

Martha B. Rowland   B:           1883  D:            1924 
 W/O Ira C. Rowland

Directions to the Cemtery: Located between Corbin and Barbourville on the new 25E. The highway splits the Gray’s Cemetery in half. Take 25E to the Gray's Cemetery Road. It is located between Hazel Road and just West of State Road 233. The Davis Cemetery is located at the south end of the Gray’s Cemetery. It is not marked and can be distinguished from the Gray’s Cemetery by a cable that separates the two Cemeteries.

Map to the Cemetery


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