Clouse Cemetery  
Clouse Cemetery
Gray, Knox County, Kentucky


History or Biography of the Clouse Cemetery

Everything has a beginning and ending, it may be great or may be small or simple. In writing this simple biography, of the Clouse Cemetery it does have a unique beginning, and may it have a most glorious ending. When the Lord returns in his glory and time shall be no more, when the dead in Christ shall rise to meet the Lord in the air, and ever be with the Lord.
Two neighbors and friends were returning home from a hunting trip and sat down to rest in a wooded rise, as they conversed probably the days happenings, by some unknown reason one said to the other if I should pass away before you do I want to be buried here at this place, months afterwards he the requestor, J.P. Disney died. His request was fulfilled on December 9, 1888.
His body was laid to rest in this parcel of ground that belonged to John Clouse, who was his hunting companion. This area of land has been inhabited by the ones whom the Lord has called away.
The friends, relatives, and neighbors have given their time, money and land with the idea in mind to make or set in order a Mutual Corporation. On May 5, 1965 it was set in order, a Non Profit Organization of Mutual Care, known as Clouse Cemetery Inc. May these efforts of all concerned be carried out in the future as all has done in the past. And this Cemetery will continue to be a beautiful place for burying the dead.

Written by: Hanford Garland on August 7, 1965

This survey was completed 18 Jul 2000 by Ethel Slusher, Ed Elam, Thomas Elam, and Nathan Elam (All descendants of Mary Catherine Caroline GILLIAM and John Calvin Clouse). Ethel GARLAND Slusher and Elaine BURNETT Johnson were the sources for a lot of the information about the cemetery and the personal information on individuals in this cemetery, for which I am eternally grateful. Photos were by Ed Elam. The number at the end of each name matches a number on the map displayed on page 11 of this transcript. These numbers show the approximate location of each name in the cemetery. The two digit numbers are located in the new part of the cemetery. The numbers with a letter following are located in the old part of the cemetery.

View from the front gate facing East


Edgar A. Burnett     B. 23 Sep 1896 D. 04 Mar 1920 (08N)

John Harvey Burnett    B. 17 Oct 1875 D. 17 Apr 1946 (08O)
H/O Sudie KELLER Burnett

Martin William Burnett    B. 20 Mar 1909 D. 03 Sep 1960 (08E)
H/O Ruth PICKARD Burnett

Mitchell L. Burnett     B. 29 Oct 1917 D. 11 Nov 1928 (08M)
S/O Sudie KELLER & John Harvey Burnett

Ruth PICKARD Burnett    B. 10 Jan 1913 D.   (08D)
W/O Martin William Burnett

Sudie KELLER Burnett    B. 13 Mar 1878 D. 04 Jun 1955 (08P)
W/O John Harvey Burnett


Alma Etta Clouse     B. 06 Oct 1917 D. 15 Mar 1919 (07P)
D/O Hester L. ROBERTSON & Arnett Crittenden Clouse

Audrey Lucas Clouse    B. 28 Nov 1903 D. 25 Aug 1974 (05)
S/O Lucinda “Cindy” SCOTT and Lee Clouse
H/O Versa E. JOHNSON Clouse

Hester L. ROBERTSON Clouse   B. 20 Sep 1896 D. 02 Mar 1921 (07O)
W/O Arnett Crittenden Clouse  (Married 19 Feb 1913)

John Calvin Clouse     B. 14 Apr 1851 D. 14 May 1922 (07J)
S/O Rachel S. WILSON & William Clouse
H/O Mary Catherine Caroline GILLIAM Clouse  (Married 06 Feb 1873)

Mary Catherine Caroline GILLIAM Clouse  B. 14 Aug 1858 D. 21 Mar 1936 (07E)
D/O Nancy DONALDSON & Anderson Gilliam
W/O John Calvin Clouse  (Married 06 Feb 1873)

Mary E. Clouse     B. 24 Apr 1925 D. 25 Apr 1925 (06G)
D/O Versa E. JOHNSON & Audrey Lucas Clouse

Versa E. JOHNSON Clouse    B. 02 Sep 1906 D. 13 Mar 1947 (08)
D/O Ida BAKER & Leonard Johnson






Earl Benny Cole     B. 1957  D. 1981  (13)

Jeffery Grover Cole     B. 05 Jun 1966 D. 05 Jun 1998 (22)


Amelia Disney  (Metal Marker)    B.   D.   (05I)

Delia Disney (Metal Marker)   B.    D.   (05L)

Hershel Disney     B.   D.   (04F)
S/O Boyd Disney

J.P. Disney      B. 22 Feb 1851 D. 09 Dec 1888 (05J)
First person buried in Cemetery, has a concrete slab over grave.

Jewel Fay Disney     B.    D.   (04G)
D/O Boyd Disney

Levi Disney (Metal Marker)   B.    D. Nov 1918  (05K)

Margaret Disney     B. 31 Dec 1873 D. 07 Dec 1915 (04J)
W/O P.J. Disney

P.J. Disney      B. 25 Oct 1863 D. 20 Oct 1915 (04I)
H/O Margaret Disney

Sevena Disney     B.   D.   (04M)

W.P. Disney      B. 01 Jul 1881 D. 21 Nov 1934 (05M)

William Disney    (Metal Marker)   B.    D.   (04K)

A view of the original part of Cemetery


Fannie GARLAND Dozier    B. 24 Apr 1890 D. 14 Jun 1922 (09M)
D/O Mary Margaret “Mollie” & Isacc Garland


Eliza Alice CLOUSE Elam    B. 02 Oct 1886 D. 20 Mar 1957 (08K)
W/O John Nathaniel “Nat” Elam  (Married 08 Nov 1903)
D/O Mary Catherine Caroline GILLIAM & John Calvin Clouse

John Nathaniel “Nat” Elam    B. 14 Feb 1881 D. 07 Nov 1971 (08J)
S/O Celie HUTTON & John Wesley Elam
H/O Eliza Alice CLOUSE Elam  (Married 08 Nov 1903)

Leslie Wilson Elam     B. 17 Aug 1923 D. 16 Jul 1924 (08L)
S/O Eliza Alice CLOUSE & John Nathaniel “Nat” Elam





Louise Eve (No Marker)    B.   D.   (05G)
Age 2 years. Died of blood poisoning due to a cut on her finger.
D/O Georgia Ethel GILLIAM & George Frank “Oder” Eve
Granddaughter of Melinda MILLER & Irvin Gilliam
Source: Ora EVE Grace (sister of George Frank “Oder” Eve) as told to Ethel Slusher.


Cora HAMMONS Flint & Infant Girl (No Marker) B.    Jul 1920  D. 08 Jan 1941 (07H)
Aged 20 yrs 6 mos 6 days 
(Died in childbirth, baby girl stillborn) Source: Elaine Johnson
W/O Frank Flint
D/O Rachel Almeda CLOUSE & John Hammons


Carrie SHELTON Fry     B. 01 May 1922 D. 29 Apr 1995 (01F)

Dan P. Frye      B. 21 Aug 1921 D. 10 Jan 1994 (20)
Cpl US Army World War II  (Aug 31, 1921 Jan 10 1994 discrepancy on birth date)

Gordon C. Frye     B. 29 Oct 1901 D. 13 Apr 1981 (15)
H/O Rosa Lee “Rosie” Frye

James Parker “Zip” Fry    B. 30 Oct 1919 D. 07 Sep 1981 (01E)
PFC US Army World War II

Rosa Lee “Rosie” Frye    B. 12 Jan 1892 D. 13 May 1993 (15)
W/O Gordon C. Frye


The tombstone of Arletta “Lettie” CLOUSE Garland

The original tombstones of Allen (Allan) & Anna Garland,  the replacement stone

Allen “Allan” Garland    B. 24 Aug 1934 D. 24 Aug 1934 (09K)
S/O Arletta “Lettie” CLOUSE & Ashley Garland
The original stone is spelt “Allen” and the replacement stone is spelt “Allan”
Twin brother to Anna Garland (dates on original stone)

Amelia “Meli” DISNEY Garland   B. 09 Aug 1903 D. 02 Jun 1967 (09E)
W/O Hanford Garland

Anna Garland      B. 24 Aug 1934 D. 31 Aug 1934 (09K)
D/O Arletta “Lettie” CLOUSE & Ashley Garland
Twin sister to Allen (Allan) Garland (dates on original stone)

Arletta “Lettie” CLOUSE Garland   B. 30 Aug 1896 D. 02 Nov 1969 (09H)
W/O of Ashley S. Garland  (Married 28 May 1922)
D/O Mary Catherine Caroline GILLIAM & John Calvin Clouse

Connie Birchell Garland    B. 23 Apr 1932 D. 15 Sep 1964 (09D)
Kentucky Cpl Army Medical Service
S/O Amelia “Meli” DISNEY & Hanford Garland

Hanford Garland     B. 24 Jan 1906 D. 30 Aug 1988 (09F)
H/O Amelia DISNEY Garland
S/O Mary Margaret “Mollie” & Isacc Garland

John Garland      B. 28 Mar 1892 D. 09 Dec 1977 (09N)
S/O Mary Margaret “Mollie” & Isacc Garland

Lee Harrison Garland    B. 27 Jan 1925 D. 24 Mar 1941 (09I)
S/O Arletta “Lettie” CLOUSE & Ashley Garland

Mary Margaret “Mollie” Garland   B. 27 Mar 1865 D. 25 May 1926 (09L)

Ralph Eldon Garland     B. 12 Jan 1934 D. 22 May 1996 (09C)
S/O Amelia DISNEY & Hanford Garland




The tombstone of Cornelius C. Gilliam

Carrie HILL Gilliam      B. 22 Sep 1876 D. 20 Oct 1963 (06E)
W/O Thomas G. “Tom” Gilliam (Married 27 May 1897)

Cornelia Gilliam (Metal Marker)   B.    D.   (05H)

Cornelius Crocket Gillum    B.  Jan 1838 D. 02 Jun 1917 (06J)
6th Kentucky Calvalry Company E
H/O Martha J. DISNEY Gilliam (Married 29 Dec 1865)
S/O Nancy DONALDSON & Anderson Gilliam

Irvin Gilliam      B. 1874  D. 1955  (05E)
H/O Malinda Gilliam

John Ancil Gilliam     B.    D.   (06K)
S/O Marion Gilliam

Malinda Gilliam     B. 1876  D. 1943  (05H)
W/O Irvin Gilliam

Martha J. DISNEY Gillum    B. 26 May 1845 D. 29 Apr 1921 (06I)
W/O Cornelius Crockett Gillum (Married 29 Dec 1865)

Steve J. Gilliam     B.       Nov1879 D. 1931  (06H)
S/O Martha J. DISNEY & Cornelius Crockett Gillum
H/O Mary Helen FROST Gilliam (Married 20 Feb 1904)

Thomas G. “Tom” Gilliam    B. 14 Feb 1868 D. 02 Oct 1940 (06F)
S/O Martha J. DISNEY & Cornelius Crockett Gillum
H/O Carrie HILL Gilliam (Married 27 May 1897)

Another view from the front facing east


Clara Grace      B. 1918  D. 1922  (09J)



John Hammons (No Marker)   B.    D.   (07F)
H/O Rachel Almeda CLOUSE Hammons (Married 04 Jul 1918)

Rachel Almeda CLOUSE Hammons  B. 02 Apr 1890 D. 01 Apr 1942 (07I)
W/O John Hammons  (Married 04 Jul 1918)
D/O Mary Catherine Caroline GILLIAM & John Calvin Clouse


Harvie Hounchell     B. 03 Apr 1917 D. 08 Feb 1919 (03F)
S/O Louella & Payton Hounchell

Louella Hounchell     B. 23 Nov 1889 D. 20 Apr 1949 (03D)
W/O Payton Hounchell 

Payton Hounchell     B. 03 Aug 1878 D. 05 Nov 1934 (03E)
H/O Louella Hounchell


Elmer Israel      B. 21 Sep 1921 D. 10 Jun 1985 (02)
S Sgt US Army World War II
H/O Ruby Aileene RUCKER Israel (Married 15 Apr 1943)

Ruby Aileene RUCKER Israel   B. 31 Oct 1921 D.   (02)
W/O Elmer Israel (Married 15 Apr 1943)


Betty Sue Jones     B. 14 Aug 1933 D. 10 Apr 1989 (17)
W/O James T. “Jim T” Jones

James T. “Jim T” Jones    B. 11 Sep 1922 D. 16 Jan 1991 (17)
PFC US Army World War II
H/O Betty Sue Jones
S/O Lizzie GARLAND & Crit Jones


Fred W. Miles      B. 12 Jul 1921 D. 28 Jul 1921 (04H)

A view from the Northwest corner


John E. Miller      B. 10 May 1929 D. 06 Aug 1970 (03)
H/O Mary E. Miller

Mary E. Miller      B. 14 Nov 1937 D.   (03)
W/O John E. Miller


Irena S. Mills      B. 13 Oct 1899 D. 29 Jan 1988 (03)

Tip Mills      B. 24 Dec 1896 D. 05 Jul 1973 (03)


Alma Jeanette GARLAND Parrott   B. 14 Apr 1938 D. 24 Feb 1984 (04)
W/O Billy Leon Parrott
D/O Amelia “Meli” DISNEY & Hanford Garland

Billy Leon Parrott     B. 11 Mar 1932 D.   (04)
H/O Alma Jeanette Parrott


Golda Ridgell      B. 03 Nov 1927 D. 30 Apr 1929 (09G)


Etta Robertson     B. 1898  D. 1920  (07Q)
Sister of Hester L. ROBERTSON Clouse


Lizzie Rucker      B. 21 Feb 1896 D. 26 Dec 1982 (23)


Baby Stamper     B.   D.   (04N)


Charlie W. Temple III    B. 06 Nov 1956 D. 05 Jun 1975 (17)

Unmarked Graves

There were 2 unmarked in the following locations: (06M) (06N)
There was a single metal marker between (04L) & (04M)
Washed out stone    B. 30 Mar 1889 D. Jul ??  (06L)


Directions to Cemetery

Take the new 25, that runs between Corbin and Barbourville. Turn onto the Higgins Branch Road and go northeast. Just follow the road till you get to the cemetery. It is about one mile to cemetery from the turnoff on the New 25. The Johnson Cemetery is right across the road from the Clouse Cemetery.

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