At Artemus, Knox Co., KY. Located on private property in a small group of trees in the middle of a cornfield, just off Hwy. 225, north of the Cumberland River.

According to a book in the Knox County Library, Barbourville, these names and dates were "copied by Lynn Portwood and published by the Knox Co. Genealogical Society, Inc."

Annotated and submitted by Penny Walters Towater

Martha Rice Davis    Aug. 29, 1872 - Oct. 24, 1932 d/o Benj. A. Sr. & Tabitha Rice

Lily Perkey Jan. 10, 1915 - Jan. 10, 1918 d/o Madge Rice

G. Custer Rice June 4, 1876 - Aug. 3, 1897 s/o B. A. & Tabitha Rice

Grant Rice Aug. 11, 1868 - Oct. 9, 1898 INCORRECT DOD - still living in 1910, s/o B. A. & Tabitha Rice

Leon Rice June 26, 1898 - Oct. 9, 1898 INCORRECT DOD - living in 1900, s/o Grant

Louise Rice Nov. 3, 1865 - Jan. 12, 1933 Lou/Lue Davis, wife of Grant Rice

Tabitha Rice Mar. 18, 1841 - Feb. 1, 1915 Tabitha Miller, wife of Benj. A. Rice, Sr.

Victoria Rice Sept. 10, 1878 -  Jan. 5, 1903 d/o B. A. & Tabitha Rice

William A. Rice 1892 - 1922 s/o  Grant & Lou Rice

Also a stone with "Baby", no names or dates


This cemetery transcription was submitted to the Knox County Webpage for your use.  The information may or may not be outdated, incomplete or factual so use it only as a guide to help in your genealogy research. If you are in doubt, you may want to contact a different source. Nearly all genealogical and historical societies, and even many public libraries, have some transcribed cemetery inscriptions for their area.

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