Lee Cemetery at head of Harps Creek

The names on this were sent to me many years ago. The lady who sent it to me said she did not know who they were except where noted. The dates and spellings she gave are as she wrote them, with my notes and comments added. This is possible because of the internet, Knox County census, marriages, births, and death records online. If you have any corrections please do not hesitate to give them to me ---Sherman Gibbs

Buz Abeth Lee born May 7, 1861, died Jan. 2, 1928 This is Elizabeth Marsh, wife of Benager/Benjamin Lee. He was the son of James Lee and Elizabeth Blakely.

Mary J. Lee born July 11, 1886, died July 13, 1952 This is Mary Jane Golden. She was the wife of George W. Lee

George W. Lee born Jan. 8, 1885, died Oct 1, 1923. He was a the son of Benager/Benjamin Lee. The compiler of this list noted that Mary and George were her grandparents.

Lula Lee born Jan. 28, 188, died Feb. 5, 1921 This is Lula Peace, wife of Smith Lee. Smith was the son of Andrew Mack Lee, brother of Benager.

Arnold Lee born Nov. 15, 1918, died Nov. 15, 1918. Son of Smith Lee and Lula Peace.
Ellis Lee born March 20, 1916, died Sept 15, 1918. Son of Smith Lee and Lula Peace.

M. G. Lee born Oct 15, 1812 died May 21, 1914. This is Andrew Mack Lee, son of James Lee and Elizabeth Blakely. He was born in 1852, not 1812.

Lila Lee born Jan 15, 1851, died Aug. 31, 1935. This is Delila Golden, wife of Mack Lee. I have that she was the daughter of Joshua Golden and Telitha Goins; also, that she was born in 1857. Joshua and Telitha married in 1852.

Juley M. Lee born Dec 21, 1886, died Aug. 5, 1899. I have that her name was Julia Mae. She was the daughter of Mack Lee and Delila Golden.

Smith Lee born Sept 23, 1833 died Dec. 5, 1967. This was the son of Mack and Delila. He was born in 1883.

Arnold Lee, born Jan. 24, 1914.
Dillie Lee born March 9, 1924, died March 9, 1924.
William Arthur Lee born Jan. 16, 1926, died Jan. 16, 1926. These three were children of John Tom Lee, and was noted by the complier of this cemetery list.

Ruby Jean Lee born Dec. 8, 1935 and died Dec. 8, 1935. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO DETERMINE WHO SHE IS
Geneva Lee born Dec. 12, 1933 only date and I do not know who she is.

Thomas Lee born Jan. 5, 1931, only date. He was a son of Susie Ellen Jones and George Washington Lee. George was the son of William Henry Lee and Margaret Willis. William Henry was the son of Benager Lee and Julia whose surname is not know to me.

Nora Lee born Feb. 6, 1930, died Feb. 6, 1930. She also a child of Susie Ellen Jones and George Washington Lee.

Henry Calvin Lee born March 6, 1928, died March 6, 1928. brother of Nora and Thomas above.

George Lee Sr. Oct 6, 1899, died Aug. 17, 1936. His death record says he bled to death, legs crushed by a train. This is George Washington Lee, husband of Susie Ellen Jones and fathe rof the three named above.

Retha Bull Nov. 1, 1925, died Nov. 1, 1925. She was the daughter of Nellie Lee and William Bull. Nellie was the daughter of Benager/Benjamin Lee and Julia surname not known to me.

Arnold Bull Feb 6, 1917, died Feb 2, 1918. He was a son of Nellie Lee and William Bull.

Jennie Rose born July 5, 1838 died May 17, 1913. Her death certificate states that her name was Jennie Mae Lee, that she was the daughter of Mack Lee and Lila Golden.
The informant was Smith Lee.

Lila Rose born June 8, 1911, died Aug. 29, 1932. Kentucky birth records state she was the daughter of the above William Rose and Jennie Lee.

The lady wrote, There is at least 12 graves with just rocks as stones no names no dates.

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