Will of Shardrach Ward

Will of Shardrach Ward

Submitted by: Seldon Ward  snorer995@aol.com

I, Shardach Ward of the County of Johnson and State of Kentucky, being of weak in body but of strong mind and disposing memory, and being desirous of disposal of all this worlds goods which it has pleased God to bless me with. I make this my last Will and Testament, to wit:
1st: I give and bequeath to my wife Lavina, all the land that I am now possessed of, also all my personal estate to have and to use for her own benefit all her natural life or widow-hood upon condition that she will give to my daughter Lavina at the time she arrives to lawful age, or gets married one horse beast worth fifty dollars, one cow, one bed and the necessary furniture and fifty dollars in cash-or that amount of something else that she may choose.

I also desire my wife to give to John P. Walters a horse, bridle and saddle, horse to be worth fifty dollars and the saddle ten dollars, upon condition he remains with my wife until he is of lawful age or gets married; and I further desire that at the death of my wife that my estate shall be equally devided between all of my children.

I hereby appoint Greenville Preston and James H. Ward, executors of this my last Will and Testament. Given under my hand this 14th day of July 1853.

Signed in the presence of us Shadrach x Ward

John H. Ward mark

J. C. Walters