James Spradlin

James Spradlin, Sr. will and probate

submitted by: Marvin Spradlin  lilsprad@bright.net

Johnson County, Ky

This day calling toward the uncertainty of this my natural life ful at this time capable of dispersing of my earthly affairs first I devise that after paying all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid my will is that Jane Spradlin my dearly beloved widowed wife have one bedstead and bedding and one half of the balance of the household furniture and our half of all the property that is left after the above debts paid and of china Linda made know(n) she is to have that In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 21st day of January


James x Spradlin Sr (seal)


Isaac Rice
James S. Spradlin

I G J Hines clerk of the Johnson County court
do certify that this will of James Spradlin Sr. who on the
30th day of March 1871 provided in open court and proven
by the oath of Isaac Rice and James S. Spradlin
to be the will of the said James Spradlin as presented to
probate and ordered recorded Jan under my hand
this March 30th 1871

G J Hines G J Cole