Will of Alcey Blevins

Will of Alcey Blevins 

(Johnson Co., KY Court Records--Paintsville, KY; Will Bk. B; Pg. 80)


       The last Will and Testimony of Alcey Blevins

       In the name of God I Alcey Blevins being weak in body but strong in mind & memory knowing that death is certain and that life with me is short I make and publish the following as my last Will and testament.

       It is my will that Suse Ausburn, Wm Blevins, Sol Blevins, Sally Stafford, Polly Osburn, John Blevins have one dollar each of my Estate at my death and for and in consideration for the Love and Effections I have for Lewis Blevins my son and for the care and trouble he has with me during my life I will bequeath to him all my pensions that I am or may receive from the government of the United States of America.  Except one dollar each to the above named heirs, I further will and bequeath to Lewis Blevins all my land,  Estate lying and being in Lee County, Va. that descended to me from Edmon Sumpter my Grandfather as the only heir of my grandfather.

       Given under my hand this the 15th day of November 1890

                                  Alcey (x) Blevins

                                                                                     her mark

Signed   {James Dills

              {Sarah Blevins


            State of Ky     } SS.

       Johnson County} 

       I George C. Perry Clerk of the County Court for the County aforesaid do certify that the foregoing Will of Alcey Blevins was at the Nov. Term 1891 of of the Johnson Co. Court produced in open Court and its execution proven by oath of Sara Blevins one the attesting  Witnesses who also proves the death of the testator and the Execution of the said will in her presents and the other attesting witnesses said will was admitted to probate and ordered to record which is done accordingly.

       Given under my hand this the 28th day of July 1892                 

                                  George C. Perry, Clk, J.C.C.              


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