Will of Ransom Shaver

Will of Ransom Shaver 

(Will Bk. B; Pg. 316--Johnson Co., KY Wills)


            Know all men by these presents.--That I Ransom Shavers of Johnson County Kentucky realizing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death and desiring to dispose of whatever real and personal property I may own at my death do make this my last Will and testament.

            First I will and bequeath to my beloved and affectionate wife Delilah Shavers all my real and personal property during her natural life and no longer.  My said wife to pay all my just debts if any.

            Second--At the death of my said wife I will and bequeathe all my real property and what is left of personal property to my beloved adopted daughter Emma Spradlin wife of Elliot Spradlin to have and to hold absolutely or in fee simple.

            Third--In the event said Emma Spradlin should die before my said wife I Will and bequeath all my said property aforesaid after the death of my wife to the heirs of said Emma Spradlin.

            Given under my hand April 6, 1901

Witnesses:                                        Ransom (X) Shaver

  F.P. Conley                                     his mark

  Warren M. Meek


   State of Kentucky

   Johnson County/  Set.

            I, Claude Birmingham, Clerk of the County Court for the County and State aforesaid Certify that the foregoing Will of Ransom Shaver deceased was at the March term of the Johnson County Court and its execution proven by the Oath of F.P. Conley one of the attesting Witnesses thereto and also proved the attestation of Warren M. Meek the other attesting Witness thereto and that they signed the said Will as attesting Witnesses thereto and that the testator signed said Will in their presence and that they signed same in his presence and at his request and the same Will filed and probated and ordered to be recorded which is now done accordingly.

            Given under my hand as Clerk of the Johnson County Court this 1st day of March 1909.

                                         Claude Birmingham, Clerk