by Bud Caudle

     Early in 1905 (some say 1906) at least forty-two families mostly in Morgan and Magoffin Counties of eastern Kentucky sold their land, packed a few household items and personal goods, loaded into wagons, and went to the nearest train station. They chartered the entire train and went west to Ardmore in the Chickasaw nation of Indian Territory. Before they could leave, they had to cook up enough food to last their families through the long journey. It took a week for the train to reach its destination in March of that year. All available rent lands had already been rented out and most crops had been planted. It was nearly impossible to find houses to live in. If a house was found, several families shared. Many lived in tents and dugouts. A few had relatives who had come to the area earlier and were taken in by them. Several died in that first year, and during the second year many of the families scattered throughout Oklahoma. Some settled at Wapanucka in 1907, but a lot of them remained in the Ardmore area around the old Legate and Hoxbar communities. A few even returned to Kentucky. The families as named here sometimes include married children and their families. The list was made from memory by Druzy Blankenship Lowe in 1963, fifty-seven years after the train trip and when she was eighty years old.

Many names were forgotten, but those known to have come at that time were:

bullet(1) Sherman Hiram Blankenship and wife Mary Ann Stepp Blankenship and their sons Presley and Spencer.
bullet(2) Farish Howard, his wife Risby Blankenship Howard, and their children.
bullet(3) Thomas Perkins and wife Susie Blankenship Perkins and their children.
bullet(4) Mander Perkins and family
bullet(5) Washington Perkins and family
bullet(6) Hayden Gullett and family
bullet(7) Daniel Perkins and family
bullet(8) Isaac Hammond and wife Rose Ann (I, Bud, am not sure, but instead of Rose Ann, she might be Rosetta Coffey Hammond. Rosetta was a sister to Nancy Ann Montgomery Adkin's mother Eliza Coffey Montgomery.)
bullet(9) Brach Hammond and wife (I, Bud, thinks perhaps Breckenridge Hammond & wife Kathleen Cisco?)
bullet(10)Clay Hammond and wife
bullet(11)Jasper Adkins and family (went back to Kentucky)
bullet(12)Kenny Hammond and family
bullet(13)Joe Francis and family
bullet(14)Kelly Montgomery, wife Martha Cisco Montgomery, Olie, and Ora
bullet(15)John and Lou Phipps Montgomery (Kelly's parents)
bullet(16)James Blankenship, wife Allie Cisco Blankenship and family
bullet(17)Valentine (Volley) Adkins and family
bullet(18)Cain Robinson, wife Angeline Jenkins Robinson and family
bullet(19)Walker Williams and wife Octavia Lowe Williams
bullet(20)Thomas McGuire and sister Margaret McGuire
bullet(21)Flemming Williams and wife Pearl Robinson Williams (actually came single with their parents. Married 1910 in Ardmore)
bullet(22)Charles Williams and wife Abigail Montgomery Williams
bullet(23)George Mayo and wife Mary Ann Robinson Mayo
bullet(24)Robin Cisco and family
bullet(25)The Risner family
bullet(26)Sarah Montgomery and family
bullet(27)James Aaron Lee (went back to Kentucky but returned to Oklahoma again)
bullet(28)Eli Adkins and family
bullet(29)John Milt Vance, wife Julie Adkins Vance, and daughter Myrtle
bullet(30)Jerry Marr Caudle (widower of Victoria Adkins Caudle)
bullet(31)Jim Adkins (brother to Eli?) and wife Josephine Hammond Adkins and
bulletchildren Ed and Ada. Jim returned to Kentucky, but Josie and the kids stayed in Oklahoma.
bullet(32)James Harve McGuire, wife Margaret Patrick McGuire and son Boyd. James
bulletHarve returned to Kentucky in 1907, leaving his family in Oklahoma. They never saw him again. He died sometime in the 1960's and is buried in the  Gullett cemetery at Rockhouse, near Trace Fork in Morgan County, Kentucky.
bullet(33?) Bud now believes that Ed Adkins and his wife Nancy Ann Montgomery
bulletAdkins were on that train. One of their children was born at Ardmore in 1907, but they had returned to Magoffin County by the time the 1910 census was taken.

There were more families, but this is all the names we can come up with at this time. If anyone can think of more families in this group, please notify

Bud Caudle, 1014 W. Mansur, Guthrie, Oklahoma 734044, or e-mail me at