Although the exterior of this building has been renovated,  this was, at one time, the Jessamine County Jail, located at the corner of S. Main and Chestnut Streets. The first building at this location was the "Mingo Tavern", hotel/tavern/post office, the center of just about all gatherings in Nicholasville in the early days of our ancestors. Built by Benjamin Netherland and his wife Theodosia, the first building also served as the jail until approx. 1869, when funds were approved to build the new jail. The stone for the building was hauled by horse and wagon from the Kentucky River for the construction of this building.

Benjamin and Theodosia Netherland's graves are located on the grounds and remind all of Jessamine County's citizens, the major role they both played in the settling of Jessamine County.

Among the many who have served as jailors at this building are: William Luther Buford, Christopher Columbus English, Nathaniel Welch, Henry A. Welch, Robert Moses Hunter, Nathaniel Richard Hagar, W.T. Underwood, Russell Brumfield, Jim Ethington, Joe Burton, George Walker, Otis Hager, Tommy Bruner, Margaret Lowry and Frank Hubbard.

The Old Jail is now rented to Jessamine County residents as a place for meetings and socials.

Photo & Text by Shelia Bruner-Ramos