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Cooper, Leven

Virginia Service, Pension # S 35866

Leven Cooper applied for a pension and was a pensioner of the United States by certificate dated 09 Jun 1819, appeared in court and made schedule of his property 17 Feb 1821 in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

He made further statement that he is 68 and a resident of said county.  He enlisted in Captain James Sullivan's Company in 13th Virginia Regiment commanded by Colonel John Gibson 17 Dec 1776, and marched from Pittsburg to Fort Catanion and from there to Philadelphia and joined the main army commanded by General Washington and was inoculated for the small pox.  The fever fell in his eye and he lost his eye sight and is now blind.  From Philadelphia he returned to Pittsburg and marched to McIntosh's Campaign and was commanded by General McIntosh against the Indians and was then stationed at Fort Lorance on the Toskaroah River which fort was commanded by Colonel Gibson and he was there during the time it was besieged by the Indians in the month of February 1779.

They were marched from there to Pittsburg and marched to Broadhead's Campaign up the Allegheny River against the Indians at Muncey Town and defeated the Indians and burned their towns and then returned to Pittsburg, where he was discharged 27 Dec 1779 by Lt. Col. Richard Taylor.  The number of his pension is 11547 and the date of his original application is 12 May 1818.  He also made schedule of his property and stated the he is by occupation a farmer.  He has a wife, aged 71, and 3 children living him, 2 daughters and one son.   The oldest daughter, named Nelly is 41 years of age, and the other daughter is 39 years of age and her name is Sally.  The son is 26 years of age.  This application was made before Warden Pope, clerk of the court of the said county and Alfred Smith, Circuit Judge.

In Jefferson County, Kentucky on 12 May 1818, John Harris made declaration that he served in the same regiment with Leven Cooper during all the time given in Cooper's declaration and made declaration to the truthfulness of his statements.

He also made application before John P. Oldham, Circuit Judge, in Jefferson County, Kentucky on 12 May 1819.

Leven Cooper of Jefferson County, Kentucky was a private in the company commanded by Colonel Gibson of the Virginia line for 3 years, was inscribed on the Pension Roll of Kentucky Agency to commence on 12 May 1818.  Certificate of Pension was issued on 08 Jun 1819 and sent to the Honorable R. C. Anderson, Louisville, Kentucky.

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