Jefferson County, Kentucky Tax List of 1793
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Jefferson County Tax List of 1793

Since the 1790 U.S. Census was destroyed, the only thing researchers have available to determine whether a family member lived in an area or not is the local taxpayer's list.   This is another listing to help provide such reference.  If you have any other comments or questions about this list please contact your coordinators.

This database was found in a 1979 edition of "The Kentucky Genealogist", Vol 21, No 3, apparently contributed by Dr. William Talley, and noted as one who has done more to preserve the genealogical record of northeastern Kentucky than anyone else.  This publication is a quarterly of the Kentucky Historical Society, and it should also be noted that these works by the Society contain the most useful information for genealogists to be found anywhere.  Always be on the lookout for any of these publications.   This one was transcribed by Nettie Hance Watson of the Filson Club.  Note:  Even though the database appears to be alphabetical, it is not.  The sections are alphabetized correctly, but the names are sometimes out of order within it's own letter.  Those words that appear in parentheses were unclear to read by the transcriptionist.

Key to the charts in the links below:
A - number of white males over 21 E - Horse, mares, colts, mules N - acres of land
B - number of white males between 16-21 F - Cattle O - stud horses
C - total blacks  J - ordinary licenses  
D - blacks under 16 L - retail stores  

Map of county boundaries in Kentucky in 1793

List of taxable property within the District of Thomas Daniel, Commissioner

List of taxable property within the District of Jenking Phillips, Commissioner

Please be patient as both links open as they are large databases.

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