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School records are the source of valuable genealogical information. They not only provide the students name, but also birth dates and parent's names. In earlier records, generally it is the father's name that is recorded. 

Schools of long ago have always fascinated us. How one teacher could provide intellection stimulation to children with such a variety of ages and needs is simply amazing. 

The early one-room school house generally accommodated grades 1-8 and in some instances, grades 1-12. 

Restrooms were outhouses behind, or to the side, of the school. Lunch was not provided so the students had to bring their noon meal to school with them.

On the following links, you will find class rosters, lists of teachers, rules for teachers, and photos of schools no longer in existence except in the minds and hearts of those who spent their educational career within the walls of the schools as student or teacher.

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1907 Graded Free School

1907 Johnson County Teachers

1907 Johnson County Teacher's Institute at Sandy Valley Seminary

1907 Sandy Valley Seminary

1908 Sandy Valley Seminary

Rules for Teachers in 1917

1923 & 1925 Paintsville Comets

1925 Summer School in Johnson County

1927 Johnson County Schools

1931-32 Van Lear Teachers and Salaries

Bessie's First Grade Class

Sue's Second Grade Class

Doris's Fourth Grade Class

Alka's 5A Class

Professor Sheppard

1931 Van Lear Sixth Grade

1931 Van Lear Teachers

1937 Van Lear Teachers Announced

1941 Paintsville Public School Faculty

1942 Paintsville High School Teachers Announced

1945 Van Lear School Staff

1945 City School Registration Schedule and Staff

1946 Johnson County Schools

1946  List of Schools and Teachers

1947 City Schools

1947 County Schools

1947 Van Lear Schools

Van Lear Central School

Cuba School 1947-48 Class Picture

Cuba School Attendance Roll Call

Joe's Creek School Class Picture

Joe's Creek School 1942-43 Class Picture

Chandlersville School House Picture 

Barn Rock School Band Picture 

Meade Memorial School 1949-1950

Unidentified School Pictures

Paintsville's First School


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