Van Lear Schools Begin August 25 By Hysell Burchett
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Van Lear Schools Begin August 25
By Hysell Burchett

Submitted by Walter Preston

The Van Lear Public Schools will start Monday, August 25.

There will be a teacher’s meeting Friday, August 22, at 10:00 a. m. 

High school teachers besides Mr. Burchett are: 
Mr. Harold T. Wilson, Chesapeake, Ohio
Mr. Hershel Pack, Lowmansville; 
Miss Nell Prater, Volga.

Grade teachers are: 

Miss Atha Mae Lemaster, Paintsville
Mrs. Granville Trimble, Barnetts Creek
Miss Betty J. Watkins, Van Lear
Mrs. Paul Preston, Oil Springs
Clyde Phelps, teacher and coach, Meally
Miss Ann M. Beers, Van Lear
Paul Preston, grade principal, Oil Springs
Mrs. Arthur Colvin, Paintsville
Miss Hermalee Phillips (No. 5).

A real effort has been extended on the part of the Van Lear Board of Education and Mr. Burchett to find the best teachers possible. It is honestly believed that the teachers selected are well qualified, have good moral and religious principles and will do a splendid job this year.

All parents are urged to get their children in school and see that they come regularly.

It has been announced by the attendance officer that all children of school age, who are able to attend must be in school. A regular check will be made by the attendance officer.

It is the duty of every parent to see that their children receive the best education possible, and without the backing of every parent, no school can do more than half a job. It has been said that most children show about the same interest in school as their parents do. All parents are urged to visit school regularly, cooperate with the teachers and help make this school year one of the best.



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