Van Lear Schools Open
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Van Lear Schools Open

Van Lear Schools will open Tuesday, Sept. 7th, 1937. A large enrollment is expected this year. An extra teacher and librarian have been employed in order to offer all the advantages possible in a modern twelve grade system. Van Lear schools have a high rating, and a well trained teaching staff has been employed to maintain this standard. Van Lear patrons always show much interest in the schools and their program. With these favorable  circumstances, and a corps of teachers willing to work, a successful year is predicted.

The following teachers have been employed:


Virgil Preston, Principal
Brooksie Webb, sixth grade
Ethel Anderson, fifth grade
Mrs. Chas. E. Ha--, fourth grade
Ollie Musick, third grade
Sola Phillips, second grade
Mrs. O. L. Risner, first grade

No. 5 school

Ben Short, Principal
Francis Conley, third and fourth grades
Mrs. Verne P. Horne, first and second grades


Vaughan Lemaster, Principal
Mrs. L. B. Sheppard
Ruth Brown
Elizabeth Ladd
Mary M. Rice, Librarian
Mrs. Alka Gibson
Hargus Isom, Coach
Bess Harris, Attendance Officer
Verne P. Horne, Superintendent



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