1925 Summer School in Johnson County
           Johnson County Historical &

    Genealogical Society


  (This is as appears in the JUNE 18, 1925 edition of  The Paintsville Herald
and cannot be reproduced in form or manner)

Summer School Has Enrolled 83 Students: 

   “The Summer Training School for teachers which is in session here at the High School building, has enrolled 83 students. This is the largest enrollment that the Summer School has ever had. The school is progressing nicely with Prof. W. C. Brandenburg in charge.”

   “The Summer School is filling a great mission in Johnson County as it gives the teachers of the county a chance to keep well posted and up to the minute on their work.”

   “Those who attended the school are as follows:  

Auxier, James
Arrowood, Sylvia Ruth
Auxier, Douglas
Butler, Claudia
Belt, Robert
Burchett, Harry G.
Conley, Virgie
Castle, Effie Lee
Conley, Raymond
Chandler, H. G.
Collins, Powell
Caudill, Sammie
Caudill, Kelley
Daniel, Ora E.
Daniels, Jennie
Daniels, Kathryn
Daniels, Edna
Daniels, Edith
Daniel, Edith
Daniel, Sara E.
Daniels, Monna
Daniel, Gypsie M.
Daniel, Mitchell
Frazier, Cova
Green, J. J.
Hitchcock, Mrs. Fannie
Hager, Loretta
Hughes, Fannie
Holbrook, Henry
Kelley, Soula
Lemaster, Effie
Lemaster, Tera
Lemaster, Atha May
Lemaster, Flora
Leslie, Lula
Leslie, Gerald
Lemaster, Mattie
Leslie, Joan
Meade, Ruth
May, Mrs. Louise
McKenzie, Edna Earl
McCloud, Mattie
McCloud, Sophia
Meade, May
McKenzie, Joyce
Meade, Hazel
Matney, Mary Katherine
Mollette, Amanda
Osborne, Susie
Pack Golda
Preston, Ethel
Preston, Miriam
Patrick, Kelley E.
Picklesimer, Edna
Pugh, Lurelie
Rice, Harva Lee
Rice, Bernice
Richmond, Orville
Reed, Lena
Rice, Hazel G.
Rice, Hilda May
Rice, Erie Lee
Rice, Emma
Stambaugh, Florence
Stapleton, Benjamin
Spradlin, Chas.
Shannon, Marvin
Stapleton, Maxie
Stone, L. F.
Salyer, Alpha
Tackett, Mayme
Trimble, Victoria
Trimble, Stella
Travis, Hazel
VanHoose, Eva
Vaughan, Nolen
Ward, Edna
Wheeler, Vivian
Wheeler, Riscie
Ward, J. C.
Webb, J. C.
Webb, Gertrude
Ward, Angie
Ward, Hannah


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