Out Of The Past-1952


Summer Closing Hours

At least 17 merchants in McKee have signed a gentleman's agreement to a definite and uniform closing time during the summer months togive help a half day off during the week. Beginning the first Wednesday in June and ending the last Wednesday in August theses stores will close at 12 noon every Wednesday.

Baker & Baker Hardware, Marcum Electric, herman Creech, William Whicker (Whicker's Dry Goods Store), J.M. Cupp (Cupp Shoe Hospital).

L.N. Bryant, C.E. Patton (Patton's 5 & 10), Lakes Bros., H.W. Tussey &Son, Lamb Hardware & Appliance.

Dewey Morris (Paint Store), Albert Taylor's Furniture Store, Roy McQueen's Furniture Store, Spivey's Dry Goods, Leonard Moore and Norris & Norris.

Registration closes June 4th.

If you have not registered since the Court House fire, or if you have move from one precinct to another, you will have to register at the County Clerk's office before June 4th if you want to vote in the August Primary Election. The registration books will be closed from June 4th to August 12th. Go register now !

Cancer drive

Donations to the cancer fund :

Annville Chapter OES, Annville . . $10.00, King's Daughters, Annville . . $ 10.00, Total to date . . . $68.35. Send in donations to Cancer Fund at once as we will soon have to close our drive. Let's try to reach our goal of $150.00. Nola Gay, Chairman

New public health nurse

Mrs. Lennie Deaver of Bond has been employed as full time public health nurse for this county, beginning her duties this week. It has been sometime since the county has had a full time health nurse or doctor.

Dr. Owens of Mt. Vernon, Ky. has been coming to the health department on Monday of each week, but his work has been limited because of the lack of a regular nurse. Mrs. H.F. Minter county registrar has been assisting him.

Local News

Several people are suffering from "bad colds" including Mrs. Paul Gilreath and Miss Nelle Johnston.

Mrs. Emely Minter will leave Friday on her vacation to visit Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Minter in Lees Summit, Mo.

Mrs. Bud Gay and Mrs. Mary Land, who were transferred from a Dayton, Ohio hospital to Berea Hospital Hospital two weeks ago, were brought to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vee Gay.Mrs. Land is said to be improving, with little change in the condition of Mrs. Gay. Horse Lick News

Walter Durham and Ben C. French in the Horse Lick neighborhood have raised 5,800 chickens this spring. They sold 4,200 of these chickens at the weight of three pounds each for 27 cents per bird.

Berea College graduation

Berea College graduated for the year 1952 included Ramona Davidson of Peoples, who received a Bachelor of Arts degree. The ads There were two new car dealers advertising in the Sun in 1952.

Azbill-Hughes Motor Company's ads said " Test drive a new '52 Ford at your Ford dealer." The McKee dealership also encouraged drivers to "Make safe driving a habit."

Meanwhile on the next page Reynolds Motor Company in Tyner asked "What are you doing tomorrow?" It then suggested that local try out a new Chrysler New Yorker, "the finest car America has yet produced."

The Jackson County Bank ad was a salute to it's "feminine patrons." Baker & Baker's Hardware's ad said "14 million buyers can't be wrong! So don't take less than a genuine Frigidaire."

The Handle Mill at McKee was offering "Good hickory wood for sale $1.50 for a rick at the mill. See Orville Fair or Tee Pennington.

Sand Gap

Mrs.Lottie Coffey of Egypt visited her sister, Lucy Durham, over the weekend.
Cass Smith is having a well drilled at this time by Frank Adkins. Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Clark of Drip Rock called on Ed and Lucy Durham Sunday.
James Mullins and family attened church at Chestnut Flat Sunday.
Tod Lainhart called on his brother, John, Friday night. Lucy and Ella Durham were shopping in Sand Gap Wednesday. Mrs. Lillie Brockman is staying with Aunt Mary Clemmons for awhile.
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Lainhart and children spent Saturday night with relatives on Durham Ridge.
The son of Mr. and Mrs. Charley Kirby, who is very sick, was taken back to Gibson Hospital Monday.
Mrs.Eula Wilkerson visited her sister, Mrs. Minnie Lester, over the weekend. Also her daughter, Mrs. Gertrude Graham, of Louisville.

Dr. Arch B. Clark, who has been located in McKee the past two years, is leaving this week for Tulane University, New Orleans where he will do some special study in pediatrics.
Mrs. Joe Parsons of Winchester, Ohio, was visiting Tuesday with her father, Mr. John Blanton, in Jackson County.
rev. Ray Azbill is holding revival at Sand Gap Holiness Church this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Templeton have moved to their new home in Sand Gap. Mrs. Kate Tackett is very sick at this time with cancer.
Rev. B oyd Williams has been called to attend the Baptist Church at Sand Gap for the next year.
Bessie Lainhart visited her son, Willard, Saturday night.
Donald Durham was visitng on Durham Ridge Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. May Abrams called on Ed and Lucy Durham Monday evening. Bob Leppler has his new dwelling house almost complete.
Mr. and Mrs, Edmund Durham and baby son are visiting his mother, Mrs. J.G. Durham.

Introducing- Frederick Louis Hatton, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. George Hatton (Lorene Hurley) of Clover Bottom, born in the Berea College Hospital on June 13.

Parrott News

The Seven Pines School had a pie supper and took in $78 to get some things for the school.

Miss Lizzie Million has an infection from an ingrowing toenail. She had to go to the doctor with it.

Mr, Jess Seals of Dabolt has his leg sawed at the mill.

Mrs. Martha Seals ate dinner with her granddaughter Dorothy Begley Thanksgiving day.

Mr. E. Carpenter is on the sick list.

It is snowing here again.

Mr. Joe Begley is on the sick list.

Mr. Bob Sams is not doing much good after his sick spell.

Mr. Arnold Seals is home on leave of 40 days from Korea. Everyone welcomes him back.

Mr. and Mrs. Elgon Vaughn and family from Franklin, Ohio are visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Seals a few days.

Several around here are killing hogs.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Pennington are visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Seals.

Mr.Jake Morris and Mr.Job Morris celebrated their 68th birthday Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Job Morris.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Jake Morris, Mr. and Mrs. EarlMorris and children, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ward and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Marcum and son of Sand Gap, Mr. and Mrs. Ova Johnson and children, and Mr. and Mrs. Job Morris. A bountiful dinner was served. The brothers, Job and Jake Morris, are twins.

Indian Creek News
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Isaacs were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Merida Isaacs of Gray Hawk.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Selders and their little son Bobby and Mr. and Mrs. David Hamilton and their baby of Kalamazoo, Mich., spent the holidays with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gabbard.

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Cole and their baby of McKee were the supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Isaacs and family Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Gabbard of McKee spent the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs.Ted Gabbard and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Baker and their children of Manchester spent Sunday with his parents Mr.and Mrs. Claud Baker.

Log Cabin 4-H News
by Madalyn Embree

The log Cabin 4-H Club held their November meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Stewart's Friday night, Nov. 21.
The meeting was calledto order by the president, Margie Adams. The secretary, Elsie Settles, read the minutes of the last meeting and called the roll. The opening song was "This Old Man/" The pledges to the American and 4-H flags were led by Faye Stewart. Mr. George Strong led in prayer.
Readings were given on "This Week Out of Doors" by the following 4-H members, Mageline Jones, Marie Settles, Elizabeth Settles and Paul Stewart.
After the program, songs were sung and games played.

Mother of Jackson County Sheriff dies
June May Gay, 57, died Saturday Nov. 16, at the Berea College Hospital after a lingering illness.
She was survived by three daughters, Margaret Jones of Lenoir, North CArolina; Celphia Bundy and Alois Callahan both of Dayton, Ohio. Two sons Loftis and Vee Gay both of McKee. The latter being the Jackson County Sheriff.
Funeral services were held Monday at the residence in McKee, with the Rev. Mr.Sears officiating. Burial was at McKee.

Halie Abrams of Clover Bottom Succumbs
Halie Abrams, 85, died at the home of her daughter, Lillian Brumagen on November 20. She was the wife of J.W. Abrams who preceded her in death.
She was born at Clover Bottom in 1867, the daughter of W.J. and Mary Hayes.
Funeral services were Sunday at her daughter's home, with the Rev. John Rose officiating. 

School starts 

School was scheduled to open on August 18 with an in-service day for teachers. The student first day was August 21, with class time for students beginning at approximately 9 a.m.

The price of school lunches increased from 20 cents to 25 cents per day at schools which had kitchens and hired cooks. However, the Rural Lunch Program continued to operate at schools that did'nt have cooking facilities, with the teacher or her aide preparing the lunch for 10 cents a meal.

Drought damaged crops

By James K. Stacey / County Agent

Even though Jackson County was not severely hit as surrounding counties, the damage to crops was still quite large. Home gardens, corn and hay appeared to be the greatest loss. Those who did not can or freeze vegetables from the early crops would have little to put away for the winter.

Late crops of beans, tomatoes, sweet corn and potatoes were very poor. However there had been a fairly good yield from the early crop. Field corn was damaged from 40 to 50 percent. Many corn fields would not be worth harvesting except for their value as fodder.

Early hay crops were good, except many were damaged by rain. Late hay yield would be down by 50 percent. Alfalfa had heldup extremely well and those who grew that crop were fortunate.

Tobacco was less damaged than had been believed in an estimate, about two-thirds of usual amount would be harvested. The drought damage was expected to run $780,000 county wide, or about $390 to each farmer.

Snake handling tragedy

Henry Howard, 48, of Mershons was dead the victim of a rattle snake bite, when a ceremony designated as a religious observance turned into a tragedy. Howard, an employee of the Knoxville Fertilizer Co., died at 11:55 a.m. Sunday at Marymount hospital in London. He had been bitten by the reptile 16 hours earlier at Evans Chapel in the northern section of Laurel County, which was the scene saturday evening of "snake handling" rites conducted by a Rev. Lawson of Harlan County.

The rattler, allegedly brought there from Harlan County, struck Howard twice in the arm with its deadly fangs, who was admitted to the hospital at 9:05 p.m. Saturday, but attempts to save his life were futile. Snake case to Grand Jury
Chrgs against two men involved in the snake handling ceremony that lead to the death of Henry Howard were refered to the Grand Jury. The action was taken after witnesses failed to appear at an examining trial for Chad Gilbert and Sherman Lawson.
Gilbert was charged with displaying the snake and accused of bringing it to the Evans Chapel where Howard was bitten. Lawson was charged with handling the snake, while he conducted the service.
Te case was transfered when only two witnesses showed up, according to judge J.D. Gross. The hearing had to be moved to the circuit courtroom because of the vast number of spectators who showed up to see the case tried.

Hail damage severe - In the Terrills Creek section of the county severe damage had been done to all the crops by a hail storm on August 1, with the losses expected to run several thousand dollars.

State fair

Pat Boone and Eddy Arnold were the headline acts at the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville. The fair also featured a rodeo, a circus with a real live elephant and the U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corp.

At Gay's Supermarket

Gay's Supermarket was advertising steak for 79 cents a pound. Pork chops were 59cents a pound. A two pound box of Kraft cheese was 69 cents and jelly was four 22 oz. glasses for $1. Maxwell House Coffee was only 69 cents for a pound can.

C.W. Azbill, McKee business man, was appointed Jackson County Campaign Chairman for the 1952 Crusade for Freedom. The goal for Jackson County was $1,000 and 8,000 signatures on freedom-grams, which were messages urging people living behind the Iron Curtain to listen to Radio Free Europe. Millions of these messages were to be dropped over Eastern Europe.

55 years ago

The body Olen Gilbert was returned to Jackson County for burial in a cemetary near Peoples. Corporal Gilbert was killed near the Seigfried Line during World War II. He had been buried in an individual grave in Holland.

Bond Park Improved
The Kawanis had been helping to make improvements at Bond Memorial Park. the Kawanis provided the material and Work Experience and training program provided the labor.
This team constructed a new shelter with creosoted poles and dressed pine framing. It had a concrete floor and a metal roof. They planned on building a fireplace at one end of the shelter and placing grills near the ends.
They also built a bridge across the creek to make brings equipment into the park easier, and added a febce around the park. They built additional bleachers near the ball diamond.The shelter was being wired for electric so it could be used at night.

Amateur talent contest
There was an amateur talent contest planned for the county fair. The contest was scheduled to be right after the queen contest on Saturday. "There will be lots of fun and entertainment as well as prizes in the following categories:
1. Best Quartet
2. Best Singing Group
3. Best Music and Singing Combination
4. Best String Instrument Group
5. Best Individual Instrumentalist
Contestants were able to sign up at Lakes Dry Goods or the Jackson County RECC and would get a badge which would allow them free admission to the fair.

Zero In On TB
A front page article warned county residents that TB was "not a dead letter." It recommended that every infant be tested before its first birthday. And that the testing be repeated every six months until age three and every year after. It also recommended that any adult who had regular contact with children be tested once a year, too.

Mr. Fred Vaughn and family have moved tot he place they bought at Bond. Mr. Vaughn drives one of the Jackson County School buses. Mr. Vaughn sold his farm to Kellis Smith and has moved to Bond.
Mrs. Louisa York is sick at this writing. Mrs. Alta Morris is on the sick list also.
Mrs. Lellie McQueen has gone to Marymount Hospital in London for treatment.
A revival meeting is being held at the Annville Baptist Church by pastor Brother Bill King, and also Brother Clarence Brock of East Bernstadt.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry York visited Mr. and Mrs. George Davis Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh Buckles have returned from Ohio, after a visit with their son Junior Buckles.
Mr. Luther Smith and Miss Dorothy Scott were married recently.
Miss Shirley Ann Napier had a birthday one day this week and invited her friends in.
Pigeon Roost School is progressing nicely with Miss Sue Watson as teacher.

There will be church services at the Flat Top Christian Church Sunday afternoon at 2:30, conducted by Brother Olin Holt of Corbin. Everyone is invited to attend.
Bobby and Matt Lear of Dayton, Ohio visited their brother, Mr. and Mrs. Bee Lear and family over the weekend.
Mr. Roy Summers who is employed in Dayton, Ohio visited with home folks over the weekend.

The barn of Johnny Summers was burned Saturday morning with a half acre of tobacco and other contents. The cause of the fire is unknown.
Elmer Gray and his sister Opal and their cousin of McKee were visiting the home of Bert Summers Jr. Sunday.
Mrs. Julia Robinson and family of Ohio were visiting relatives at this place over the weekend.

Moores Creek
Several men met Monday night to raise funds for the graveling of the new road around to Cornetts Chapel.
Mrs. Syrena Simpson continues about the same.
Mrs. B.J. Gilbert left Sunday for Richmond to a hospital for an operation.
Atty. William Moore is attending federal court at London this week.
Mrs. Flora Pennington, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Boggs is able to leave the hospital at Hyden.
Mrs. W.E. Kelly visited home folks over the weekend.
Mr. Ben Gilbert made a trip to Indiana last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Risner, who teach school at Louisville were visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Thomas over the weekend.

Two men killed by lightening
"Shelby Johnson near 40 and Lloyd Gates, near 57 year old, were killed instantly and Jack Standifer, 35, received severe burns about 2:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon at Sand Gap, when lightening struck a tree by an old abandon coal tipple.
"The three men had taken shelter from the rain under the tipple. Standifer was rushed to the Berea College Hospital for treatment. He was released Monday afternoon. Johnson is survived by his father Green Lakes, Big Hill, Ky., his wife and several children.
Funeral services were conducted Sunday by Charley Johnson and burial near Sand Gap. Gaines body was taken to his home at East Bernstadt. We failed to get the names of his survivors.

Jim Lou Lakes, 73, died of a stroke. He was a Jackson county native, a farmer and a great fisherman. He was survived by six children.

Sand Gap -

Most everybody in this part is busy planting corn and setting tobacco.

There are several cases of measles and mumps in this community.

Mr. and Mrs. John Felty and daughter, Tony, spent last weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lester. Florence Durham of Waneta visited relatives on Durham Ridge last week . John Lainhart is on the sick list at this time. Several from Sand Gap attended the all-day meeting at Cave Springs on Sunday, May 11, conducted by Rev. McKenley Campbell.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Durham were at McKee on business Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Abrams are moving to Indiana to make future home.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mullins visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Lainhart, Wednesday. Donald Durham visited his uncle, Ed Durham, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lester attended church at McKee Sunday. Elbert Isaacs was at Ed Durham's on business Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Templeton have purchased the Graydon Baker place and have moved to it. Martha Nelson and children are moved to the Carlos Powell place at Kirby Knob. Mr. and Mrs. John Coffey have been visiting her parents for awhile.

Mary Toller died at her home on May 12, of tuberculosis. Funeral services were conducted Wednesday at the home of Rev. Charley Johnson.

Mrs. Raymond Clemons is very sick with measles. Mr. and Mrs. Wilford visited his mother Sunday. Mr.and Mrs. Virgil Templeton have moved to Delbert Marcum's place in Sand Gap. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lester visited her brother, Walter Miller, and family Sunday. 

Roy Clark Sone Co. Big Hill, Ky. Crushed stone and high-test lime available at all times. Can spread lime or rock if desired. Quarry located at Clover Bottom, Jackson County. Berea day phone 638 R; Berea night phone 640 M.

Introducing Clarence Joe Cruse, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Cruse (Lilah Jean Lakes) of Sand Gap, born in the College Hospital on May 8.

McKee Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sparks had as their Sunday dinner guests Mrs. O.V. Arnett, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rice and son, Charles Arnett of Berea. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Sparks and their two sons, Stevie and O.V. of McKee.

Hurt in truck accident Miss Christine Hobbs, who carries the Berea-McKee mail, received minor cuts and bruises when she lost control of the pick-up truck she was driving on her return to Berea last Thursday. Her brother Cleo, 9 years old, who was with her had his right thigh broken. The accident occured near the home of Mr. Charley Abney. Miss Hobbs crawled through the windshield and a passerby assisted in getting the boy out. Cleo has his thigh in a cast and is being returned home today.

Home from Korea Pfc. Jasper M. Combs, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Combs of  Roy Rader,Ky was welcomed home by friends and relatives when he returned from Kora. He entered the rmy January 3,1951, served in the Far East 12 months, was in Korea 9 months.
Pfc. Combs is home on a 35 day furlough. He will report back at Fort Knox June 28. he is now visiting relatives in Ohio.
June term Circuit Court
The June term of Circuit Court opened Monday morning with Judge Ray C. Lewis presiding.
Grand Jury Roscoe Slone, Ralph Banks, Charley Kerby, Boss Marcum, Marion Moore, Elbert Boggs, N.N. Ward, Eldon Johnson, Charley Lunsford, James Wilson and Leonard Moore (foreman)
Petit Jury No. 1 Henry McGeorge, Lillie Dunagin, James McWhorter, Will Pennington, Cleve Holt, Mrs. Ona Tussey, Merlie Robinson, Hiram Ingram, Willie Ramsey, Bennie Morris, Caroline Isaacs and John Turner.
Petit Jury No. 2 Pearl Estridge, Orvis Lawson, Bell Isaacs, Willie Lewis, John Eston Moore, Nannie Campbell, Harold Ledford, John Fowler, Jesse Boggs, Albert Powell, Allen Harrison and Chester Ward.
Local items
Mr. Ernest Bryant, McKee began having hemorrhages late Wednesday afternoon, and was taken to Pope Hospital in Richmond.
Mrs. D.G. Collier, who had a cataract removed from her eye recently at St. Joseph Hospital , has returned home and is doing fine.
Mrs. Annie Reams of London was visiting her sister Mrs. J.S. Tompkins Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson had several guests over the weekend. Daughter, Mrs. Sylvia Burnam came from Shreveport, La. Son and daughter-in -law Mr. and Mrs. Woodie Wilson came from Detroit. And Mrs. Wilson sister, Lydia Turner came in from Frankfort.
Returns to hospital
Mr. Lewis Gay, who has been very sick and in a Louisville hospital, returned home, but his condition worsened and he returned to the hospital Tuesday.
Teachers to attend conference / By Luther C. Gabbard- Teacher of agriculture
Mr. Stanley Bowling and Mr. William Spence, teacher of farm veterans classes at McKee High School plan to attend the annual state conference of instructors in the Institutional On-farm Training program. Over 8,000 veterans of World War II are currently enrolled in the farm-training program in more than 200 rural high schools in the state.

Lamero news
A vert large crowd attended Memorial Services at the Lear Cemetery Sunday morning. A wonderful sermon was enjoyed by Rev. Bob Browning of Cruise. (Who did the preaching? - Ed.)


Hall dies in mine accident
Frank Hall,26, was killed by a slate fall about 2 p.m. Monday in the mines of the travis Creek Fuel Company. He was operating a coal cutting machine. He was the son of Ben and Emely Hall, and was married to Beatrice Lee Hall.
Two men captured after wild chase
Two Corbin men were captured following a wild chase with several shots being fired.Mr. D.A. Reynolds, of the Reynolds Motor Co., Tyner, who has had two break-ins and a large number of tires stolen in recent months, was returning from London about 1 a.m. Sunday, when he met a car that apparently was heavily loaded.
On arriving at Annville he found the garage of Carpenter and Carpenter had been broken into. He immediately notified Verda Carpenter, half owner. They followed the car. When they met the same car coming back they turned around and gave chase.
Several shots were fired from both cars between Annville and Tyner, one shot actually hitting Reynolds 1951 Chrysler, and another hitting his tire. Reynolds gained on the 1848 Ford, striking it and causing it to go over an embankment, near the home of Mr. Jikm Metcalf near Tyner. The Ford glanced of a large tree and struck a telephone pole. Ernest Lloyd Mitchell, who was reproted as driving the ford, was cut about the head and face with glass, and beat up by a flying jack striking him.
Mitchell was held at the scene until officers arrived to arrest him. The news spread fast and soon a large crowd of men with shot-guns, pistols and a 22 rifle gathered to help in taking the men. Ralph Matlock who was also in the Ford, escaped into the woods, but was later arrested when he was found near the scene. He had a dislocated shoulder. Both were taken to the hospital, treated and returned to jail.
The ads
Hughes & Tincher Supply Store
in McKee advertised new Firestone tires on sale for prices starting at $11.95 for 6.00-16 inch tires and $13.95 for 6.70-15 inch ones.
At the McKee Theater you could watch David and Bathsheba staring Gregory Peck and Susan Hayward for 30 cents for adult's and 15 cents for children's tickets. 
Reynolds, Azbill-Hughes and JacksonCounty Motor Companies all were advertising new cars for sale in McKee.
Reynolds sold Chryslers, used cars and farm equipment, Azbill-Hughes sold Ford cars and trucks and Jackson County Motors sold Chevrolets.
The Sun was selling yard sticks and doing job printing. Subscriptions cost only $2 per year in county.

Submitted by Sarah Thompson - Granted permission by George Ferrell, Editor to re-post "Out Of The Past" as reprinted in The Jackson County Sun ( Formerly The Laurel County Sun )