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Springhill District School 1849

The following information was copied from an old Centennial issue of a Hickman County newspaper. Silas M. McGhee, who is referenced in the below information, was my g-g-grandfather:

One of the first districts organized in Hickman County was called District 13 (?) Springhill. It was organized in 1849 and was located about 5 miles north of Clinton. The school-house was moved from Asberry the year before. The building was located on a hill near a spring and while hauling the logs to reconstruct the building, Silas M. McGhee gave the district the name Springhill. The land for the site was donated by John S. Berry. Silas M. McGhee, who held a county certificate, was the first teacher. His salary was $20 per month. The following is a list of subscribers and the amount paid by each:

John S. Gaddy $2.00
Mason Stach $2.00
Hudson Johnson $7.00
Phillip Burrow $7.00
David Lamkin $6.00
S.M. McGhee $5.00
John S. Berry $2.00
Abram Byrd $2.00

Prior to the opening of school, advertisements were posted at 3 places in the district welcoming all persons in the district between the ages of 5 and 16 years to attend school. School opened July 16, 1849 with an enrollment of 48 and continued for 3 months with an average membership of 36, closing October 17, 1849. The teacher was paid in full.

The teachers during the period, especially the early part of it, were very poorly qualified. In order to receive a certificate, the teacher was required to pass an examination given by the Commissioners, or by someone appointed by them. The examination was for the county only and might be issued for life or for one year. The Commissioners had the power to revoke the certificate at any time they saw fit. A fee of fifty cents was charged for the examination. _______________________________________________

I would be happy to hear from anyone who has any additional information regarding this old school.

Howard McGhee
Lawrenceville, GA

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