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Hickman County, KY. Photos

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Assume the second photograph is a school but no way to identify. Written on the back
Top row Ella McGill, Bertie Boone, Dollie Cowell, Hattie Thompson, Lena Sellars, Lonnie Cowell, Bud Hight/Night (?),John Latta, Henry McGill,
2nd row Mr. Newton, Hester Brown, Ida McGill, Willie Brown, no name, Mrs. Julia Stokes, Mr. Sinet Stokes, Boyd Bennett, Louise Cowell
Botton row Zou Thompson, Jeffie Sellars, Lelia Stevenson, George Howard, Jim McGill, Tom Thompson, Rob Phipps

Lelia Stevenson, third from the left on bottom row was born in 1878 so gives some idea of when the picture was made.
Submitted by: Mary Louise Gossum

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Identified on back of picture as Bennett's Schoolhouse 1895 or 1896 Teacher Fon Craig

Named but not identified were Lelia Stevenson, Maggie Bard, Jim Brown, Earl Boone, Chester Binkley, Oscar Foy, Lawrence Brown, Sam Hicks, John Binkley, Rose Bennett, Mag Holland, Clara Stevenson, Sam Bard, Monroe Bennett, Tom Holland, Jim Alf Bennett, Ernest Bennett, J. N____, Neil McNeill, Mac Roach, Munce (?) Roach, Wes Stephenson, Mattie Phipps, Patti Thompson, Mattie (?) Bennett.
Submitted by: Mary Louise Gossum

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William James Boone and wife Anna Blanche (Clanton) Boone with children L-R Ernest Boone, Bertie Boone and Earl Boone. Ernest Boone is the grandfather of singer/entertainer Pat Boone.  Earl Boone is my grandfather. 
William James Boone family home in Hickman County located on Highway 94 between Highways 45 and 307.
Submitted by: Mary Louise Gossum

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These were tintypes in a photograph album which is believed to have belonged to Nancy Simmons Lawrence, formerly of Hickman Co. KY. These 6 photos need to be identified. The children may be Mason or Lawrence children. If you can ID anyone in these photos, please contact Dee Burr


The first picture is of James Wiley Kimbro and Lou Ella Bone Kimbro
The second is Elijah Green Kimbro and Martha Jane Clark Kimbro.
Submitted by James F. Galloway

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The first photo here is of Loyd Carter & wife Anna (Wallace) Carter. Their daughter Emma is shown in picture 2 along with her husband and children. Submitted by Carol Bowman

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Loyd Carter & Anna (Wallace) Carter

Emma Frances Carter

L-R: James Henry Fowler, daughter Ila Mae Fowler, son Allen Richmond Fowler & wife Emma Frances (Carter) Fowler


William L. Lawrence and his wife Nancy Sarah Simmons Lawrence.

William was b. 10Jan1844 in Ballard Co. Nancy was born April 1847 in Fulton Co.

His father was Ivy W. Lawrence, a Methodist minister. Ivy and his wife Cynthia Caroline Copeland Lawrence moved their young family to the Moscow area where they lived until their deaths in the 1880's.

William and Nancy Sarah were married in Oct. 1865. They lived in Hickman Co. until after the death of Ivy. They removed to Greene Co., AR and lived there until they died.
Submitted By: Dee Burr

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Martha "Patsy" Spicer wife of Henry Hudson, both resided in Hickman Co. KY. "Patsy" was the daughter of Thomas Spicer and Francis Reach/Rich. Patsy was born 8 April 1820, Lincoln Co., TN, died 16 Jul 1899, Cane Creek, Hickman Co., KY. She married Henry Hudson, 10 Mar 1839, Cane Creek, Hickman Co., KY.
Submitted by Sue Overturf

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The identity of these two photos are unknown. The photographer is listed as "J. P. Brooks" in Clinton, KY. and that is the extent of the known information. These were purchased in a batch of photos by Tom Tullis ([email protected]). Please contact Tom if you know the identity of any people in these two photos. Click on the thumbnails to see the images enlarged.

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Historical Marker at Columbus Park

Historical Marker at Columbus Park

Hickman County Courthouse

Hickman County Historical Society

Historical Markers at the Courthouse


Modern day Hickman County - These photos were taken in July of 2001
Jackson Baptist Church Abandoned barn House near Clinton Corn field Field near Clinton


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This Dr's ledger was from 1896 and was in the account book for a Dr. in Hickman County. This entry lists "To Obst. wife (boy)", the delivery of a baby boy to the wife of W.S. Jackson on August 3, 1896. The cost was $10 at the time and was credited $5 that November and paid in full by cash December 8, 1899. Typical entries found in these books was $2 for a regular visit, 50 for a prescription, or $3 for a night visit. Typical credits listed other than cash were "Paid in full - 1 chicken" or "Paid in full - 1 quilt."


The 10 Famous Spicer BrothersClick image to enlarge

The 10 famous Spicer Brothers of Hickman County, sons of one James Spicer, 1816-1881, and Frances L. Spicer, 1819-1880, are pictured above.

James Spicer was born in South Carolina September 24, 1816, a son of Thomas Spicer who was born in South Carolina and came to settle in Hickman County about 1840. The eldest son, Henry T. Spicer, was born a short time after the family moved to Hickman County.
The Spicers settled just north of Clinton and lived their lives in that community as outstanding farmers, and in some instances engaging in public business. The famous sons reared their families here, many of whom still live in Hickman County. They exerted considerable influence in the community and left their mark as upright and honorable citizens and their offspring still carry on the family influence and tradition.
Pictured according to ages, oldest first, seated, right to left: Henry T Spicer, 1840-1927; King S Spicer, 1843-1942; James Calvin Spicer, 1846-1921; George W Spicer, 1848-1923; Joseph Spicer, 1849-1930. Standing left to right: Elbert W Spicer, 1851-1916; Adam C Spicer, 1853-1916; William L Spicer, 1854-1926; Ferrell Spicer, 1858-1940; Ivy Walker Spicer, 1860-1932.
The second child was a daughter, Mary Jane, 1841-1851, and the next to the last child was born in 1856 and died in infancy.


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Irena "Rena" Woolford Dowdy was born in Clinton, Hickman County 19 Oct 1866. The daughter of William Woolford and Julia Holland Melton. Who were married in Clinton on 5 Feb. 1852.
Submitted by Milissia Morgan


Hebron School 1926Click image to enlarge

The Hebron School is located about 4 miles outside of Clinton.  A former student tells that it had a big back pot-belly stove in the center and there was only a one room school for grades 1 thru 4 with one teacher. 

Top row
:    Boy?,   Biddie Campbell,   Irene McWhorter,   girl?,   boy?,   boy?
Middle       boy? , Margaret Roberta Hollingsworth,   Martha Helen Hillard, boy?, boy?, Kennedy Hillard,  boy?
Bottom row:  unknown
Submitted by: Elizabeth (Martin) Centilli



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John H. Humphreys born 1856/Hickman Co., KY, died September 24, 1938/Graves Co., KY. His wife pictured is Rose L. Henry born April 1864/Hickman Co., KY, died November 17, 1934/Graves CO., KY. They married December 19, 1878/Hickman Co., KY.

Submitted by:
Alan Alsup

If you have any photos from Hickman County, or photos of people that have lived in Hickman County, please send it to me by email, and I will place it on this page.