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Hickman County, KY. Births

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Amanda M. Bugg 06 Aug 1839 Lola Leach
Martha Ann Bugg 02 Aug 1836 Hickman Co. Peggy Shaffer, Evansville, Indiana. [email protected]
Richard James Bugg b. 29 Feb 1844 Hickman Co. Rudi Stewart/Bugg  " Erma R. Bugg" 
Richard James Bugg, Civil War Veteran, 12th Ky Calvary. b. 28 Feb 1844

d. 16 Jun 1922 buried Springhill Cemetery

Hickman Co. Rudi Stewart/Bugg  " Erma R. Bugg" 
Jessee Clifton Bugg (son of James & Rebecca (Pulley) Bugg b. Apr 1820

d. 07 Jun 1889 Hickman Co.

b. Virginia Rudi Stewart/Bugg  " Erma R. Bugg" 
Fannie Davis (dau of Berry D. Davis and Susan Frances Via) 1869 Clinton, Hickman Co. Sarah Jones
Edward Dvas (son of Edward and Mary (Kerr) 04 Jan 1864 Columbus, Hickman Co. Stephen Newell
Pocahontas Omega Elkins

(md. Vester Henderson)

b. 28 July 1895 Oakton, Hickman Co.   Linda Miracle
Ann Elizabeth "Evans" (wife of Richard Bugg, md.  Oct 1866) b. 21 Jan 1848

d. 22 Feb 1929

b. Dixon Co., TN Rudi Stewart/Bugg  " Erma R. Bugg" 
Mary Orlena Evans (md. 17 Aug 1842 in Hickman Co.) b. 09 May 1820

d. 14 Sep 1891 buried Springhill Cemetery

b. TN Rudi Stewart/Bugg  " Erma R. Bugg" 
FOWLKES  (Children of Kenner Fowlkes and wives -- Catheryn (nee Baldwin) 1st wife
                                                                                                  Lucy (nee Johnson) 2nd wife
James Hiram Fowlkes b. 12 Aug 1836 Coleen Coleman
Sara Jane Fowlkes b. 18 Jan 1839 Coleen Coleman
Nancy Ellen Fowlkes b. 1841 Coleen Coleman
George Washington Fowlkes b. 1843 Coleen Coleman
Julia A. Fowlkes b. 1845 Coleen Coleman
Susan Coleman Frey (dau of Atlas R. and Mary F. (Davis) Coleman 15 Sep 1849 Hickman Co. Nancy Gough Riley
Henry Clay Edmonston b. 25 Oct 1853 Hickman Co.   Tim Hall, Aurora, CO
Ollie Mae Garner (dau of Hiram B. and Cassie (Culbreath) Garner b. 06 Apr 1903 Columbus, Ky Cynthia (Garner) Fleming [email protected]
Laura Bell Green(dau. of Marion and Annie Green) b. 23 Nov 1871 Deborah Riddle
Charles Morgan Halterman b. 25 Jan 1879 Hickman Co. Mamie Halterman Tate
General Lee Halterman b. 30 Dec 1901 Hickman Co. Mamie Halterman Tate
Martha Ellen Hudson b. 10 Nov 1856 Cane Creek, Hickman Co. Sue Overturf
Henry Jackson Hudson b. 29 Mar 1856 Hickman Co. Sue Overturf
Nancy Ann Hudson b. 18 Dec 1853 Hickman Co. Sue Overturf
J. W. Hudson b&d 19 Dec 1850 Hickman Co. Sue Overturf
Emily Francis Hudson b. 26 July 1847 Hickman Co. Sue Overturf
Mary Jane Hudson b. 24 June 1842 Hickman Co. Sue Overturf
Claude Raymond Lochridge (son of George Robert and Lusinda Lala (Gardner) Lochridge b. 23 Jul 1902 Columbus, Ky Vicki Sams Corrick Cullman Alabama [email protected]
Velma Cleo Lochridge (dau of George Robert and Lusinda Lala (Gardner) Lochridge) b. 26 Mar 1907 Columbus, Ky Vicki Sams Corrick Cullman Alabama [email protected]
Mary Belle McGee (dau of George H. and Emma L. (Hendrick) McGee b. 9 Sep 1920

d. 13 May 2000 Brighton, IL

Columbus, Hickman Co.   Sharon K. Roney Jones
Robert Franklin Merriweather (son of Willie D. and Rosie (Gant) Merriweather) b. 11 Feb 1933 Hickman Co. Robert William Merriweather, Indianapolis, IN
George David Roney (son of Harry and Pauline (Lee) Roney b. 8 May 1920

d. 24 Feb 1992 Jerseyville, IL

Near Clinton, Hickman Co. Sharon K. Roney Jones
Selma Virginia Samuels b. 15 May 1918 Clinton, Hickman Co. [email protected]
Sarah Spicer b. 01 Feb 1818 Hickman Co. Sue Overturf
Jefferson Davis Steenbergen (son of Marcus D. and Lucy A. (Stone)) b. 22 Nov 1861 Hickman Co. Dennis A. Steenbergen
Sherwood B. Stephens b. 18 Feb 1861 Moscow, Hickman Co. Peggy Shaffer, Evansville, Indiana. [email protected]
James Mastin Stephens b. 13 Jan 1832 Hickman Co. Peggy Shaffer, Evansville Indiana. [email protected]
Albert Crawford STEPHENS b.  01 Jun 1869 Clinton, Hickman Co. Kathy Stephens
Henry Crawford Stone b. 19 Apr 1846 Hickman Co. Ron Stone
Vera Tippitt (dau of William & Lucy (Bostick) Tippitt b. 14 Aug 1902 Clinton, Hickman Co. Lorie Moore
Ivan Walker (son of Clarence E. and Minnie Ann Walker) b. 14 Apr 1910 Clinton, Hickman Co. [email protected]


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