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Hickman County, KY. Deeds

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Not all of the articles listed on this page are for land but they were all found in the deed books. Contained in the Hickman County Deed books are promissory notes for loans, listing for the sale of slaves and articles that bound apprentices' to their masters, maps of proposed towns and some articles read more like wills leaving goods to family members. You can use your browsers "find on this page" to search for a particular surname.

Noah Davis Heirs

Charles/Elizabeth Parrott to Samuel Ray

Wm F Davis to WC Lewis

William F Davis to William C Lewis Sr.

Noah Davis estate

Trustees of Clinton deed to Davis and heirs

William Davis to his heirs Joseph W. Davis, James E. Davis, Daniel H. Davis and Elizabeth Jane Davis

John Busby mortgage to N.F. Davis

John Farrington to N.F. Davis

AR Phelps  to Daniel Coleman

Stephen Hanes to Thomas Coleman

Daniel Coleman, William S. Coleman & Thomas S. Coleman

Jane Coleman to Mahala Coleman

Jane Coleman to Mary B Coleman

A R Phelps to R C Coleman

1827 Town of Columbus Ordinance

Alice/ Wood Cunningham, A. R./Kate Coleman, Laura Coleman, Hattie Coleman and William Coleman, to Sallie Barrow

J. W. Walker & wife to Hilery Davis

Baldwin, Byassee, Fowlkes, Rennicks, Taylor & Winfrey

Byassee, Dabney & Lockridge

Byassee, Horton, Ray and Westbrook

Bullock, Byassee, Coldwell, Franklin, Glasco, Grogan, Johnson, Ray & Vaughan

Owen S Jackson to Hugh Guyn (should be Gwyn)

William/Polly Jackson to Lebem Wheeler - includes deed image

Washington Jackson to John Leller

William and Mary Jackson to George Hayden - includes deed image

Henry/Lucy Green to Thomas Floyd

Thomas/Serena Floyd to Samuel Floyd

Henry/Nancy Rumly to William Jackson - includes deed image

Prudence Jackson to Otho Hardin - includes deed image

Daniel Jackson - Affidavit of Slave - includes deed image

John Jackson to William Jackson for goods - includes deed image

John Jackson to William Jackson for crops - includes deed image

William/Dicey Jackson to Marshall Lockridge

Nathan/Elizabeth to William S Jackson

William Jackson to Ezekiel Rambo

Harriet/William Wingo to William Jackson

Nathan Jackson to E.L. Watson for debt

Nathan Jackson to William Moore & William Jackson - also surnames Roby & Ridge

William/Jane Jackson to William McClendon

Nathan Jackson to William Jackson - Deed of Mortgage

Thomas/Isabella Rash to William A Jackson

Samuel Cropland to Eli/Sarah/Edward Hodges - Affidavit of Slaves

Mary E Jackson to E. Louisa Berry

E.L. & Mary Watson to H. Jackson

W.H. Jackson to Joel Mullins - Mortgage Deed

Drewry/Susana Bennett to John Jackson

Holcomb Jackson to Ezekiel Rambo

Joseph/Susan Jackson to William S. Jackson (Note: Joseph/William are brothers)

Philip Rushing to Thomas Barnes

John C. Elliott To Deed Silas Sissle

Bound Peter Baker to John Sample as apprentice - includes image

William Fleece to James Gwyn - includes image

Francis Booby's Discharge - includes image

John Moore deeds slave, Antony/Anthony,  to Stephen Hanna - includes image

Isaac Guill to Benjamin Farmer

Thomas Wallace and Arrena Mayes - Prenuptial Agreement

Isaac Howard to BW Ferguson - Bill of Sale - includes image

James Arrington to James Bose - Slave Bill of Sale - includes image

Reuben Owens to AB Owens - includes image

James Boaze to Mary MB Arrington - Slave Bill of Sale - includes image

Penelope Lewis to Matthew Patton Trustee for David/Roseann Lewis - includes image

Reuben Owen to Adren Owen - Articles of agreement - includes image

Sinai Downing to Judith Ashford - lends Negro - includes image

Drury Smith to Hannah P Smith - Slave Bill of Sale - includes image

Owen S./Martha Jackson to James Cash - includes image

Owen S./Martha Jackson to James Cash

William & Isaac Helm to Thomas Helm

John Mott to James Jones

James C Roach to Washington Jackson

E.J. Durbin to Deed Elizabeth Mullen

John Fleming to Constant Davis w/ James Gibson as Trustee

Elijah/Sarah Morris to Thomas Rivers

John Swayne to Joshua Swayne

John Flippo to Daniel Jackson

Inquest of Jury for Kinner Fowlkes for Mill

Inquest of Jury for Everett House for Mill

2nd Inquest of Jury for Everett House for Mill - Addendum

Rick & Blanche Hill to Samuel R Seay

Sheriff Thomas Griffey to Owen G Cates & Henry L Edrington

Thomas C Brown to Caldwell, Hanna & Co. - includes image

Deputy Sheriff Thomas Griffey to OG Cates by Kiggs & Aiton vs James Samuel

Akin/Elizabeth Killingsworth to Archibald Brown

O.G. Cates to John B Perry

Mary Ann Bates to Leander Berry

William M Irvin to Belknap Lousdale & Co.

Inquest of Jury for William Hendrix for Grist Mill

Release of Slave George from Samuel Eccles and Capt. Garret Darland Family

A.S. Tyler to William C. Dowdy

If you have deeds from Hickman County that you would like to share, please email me and I will place it on this page.