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Hickman County Census'


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Hickman County 1830 Census
Hickman County 1840 Census
Hickman County 1850 Census

You will want to read the "0000read.htm" file in each directory for more information on the files & information located in their directories.

1860 Slave Schedules

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these files and it is available for *free* if you click this button

Note: Each 'page' number of the Slave Schedules truly equals 2 pages in the census books. Therefore, page 200 is actually 2 pages long and will be called 200a and 200b and so on. Please also note that the pages are not listed on the film in the order in which the census taker took them. The 200 series page numbers are the page numbers you will find the data on the film, the pages numbers 1-12 are the order in which the census taker actually took the data.

1860 Slave Schedule - Page 200a
1860 Slave Schedule - Page 200b

1860 Slave Schedule - Page 204a-1
1860 Slave Schedule - Page 204b-2
1860 Slave Schedule - Page 205a-3
1860 Slave Schedule - Page 205b-4
1860 Slave Schedule - Page 202a-5
1860 Slave Schedule - Page 202b-6
1860 Slave Schedule - Page 203a-7