Harlan County Ky
Marriage Book A
1818 to 1905
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Special thanks to Elton Bingham, his labor of love for this Project for researchers of Harlan, Ky. 
He put out the word for volunteers, to transcribe from microfilm, proof read, type and 
then he formated the database for you the researchers of Harlan, Ky. 
Keep our history free for everyone. Support free genealogy.

We wish to thank the following volunteers for all the hours they worked to make this database possable.
Elton Bingham, Gloria Kay VanDiver Inman, Janette Nolan, Ron Payne,
Corrine Chadderdon, Sandy Newport, Phyllis Reynolds Goelz., Anne Sprentz, Joyce Shannon Zandri, 
Michelle Cook.
Thanks to these wonderful volunteers for thier long and tedious job of transcribing 
the microfilm into this wonderful data base for all researchers of Harlan, County, Ky.

We made no changes to spellings of names even if we knew the correct spelling. 
Copied exactly as we read from the original Book A marriages for Harlan County, Ky.