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Waitman/Edwards Cemetery

Cemetery Listing, Courtesy of George Gibbs
of the Hancock County Genealogical Society
3rd Floor, Old Court House, P.O. Box 667
Hawesville, Ky, 42348

Intended for free genealogy use only, not to be reprinted in any commercial form without permission.

E-mailed by Sharon Brown Woodcock

Key to Table Abbreviations:
h/o- Husband Of
d/o- Daughter Of
s/o- Son of

Name Born Died Other Information:
Edwards, Alex 11-07-1792 08-28-1857  
Edwards, Catherine 01-11-1834 09-01-1884  
Edwards, Cecila A. 06-16-1846 04-19-1909 w/o Edgar Anderson Waitman
Edwards, Elizabeth A. 01-08-1804 01-31-1849 w/o Alex Edwards
Edwards, James 08-04-1835 09-24-1835 s/o Elizabeth & Alex Edwards
Edwards, John W. 01-31-1840 01-27-1858  
Edwards, Martha A. 12-11-1830 04-09-1902 Mary and Martha Were Sisters
Edwards, Mary M. 06-11-1838 03-05-1912  
Edwards, Sarah T. 00-00-1832 00-00-1837 d/o Elizabeth & Alex Edwards
Edwards, Stoughten Dent 01-06-1837 01-25-1887  
Waitman, Maggie A. 08-06-1888 11-11-1888 d/o Edgar A. & Celia Waitman
Waitman, Mattie A. 08-06-1888 05-29-1889  
* Maggie and Mattie Waitman were twin sisters.

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