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Hale - Powers Cemetery

Cemetery Listing, Courtesy of George Gibbs
of the Hancock County Genealogical Society
3rd Floor, Old Court House, P.O. Box 667
Hawesville, Ky, 42348

Intended for free genealogy use only, not to be reprinted in any commercial form without permission.

E-mailed by Sharon Brown Woodcock and Updated by George Lee Gibbs, Sr., Mary Gibbs, Phil Lott.

Hale - Powers Cemetery is located on South side of Goering Road, East of Hwy 69.

Key to notations in table:
w/o-wife of
h/o- husband of
s/o-son of
d/o- daughter of

HaleElizabeth03/22/184208/08/1865date changed from 08/08/1860
d/o John Hale & Susannah Newton
HaleWilliam J.01/18/186106/25/1862s/o Charles Hale & Mary Richey
Age 1yr. 5mo. 7days
HaleEldred12/27/188503/13/1886child of Eldred Hale & Alice Powers
HaleAda08/15/188709/27/1887 child of Eldred Hale & Alice Powers
PowersAlice08/06/188208/18/1883d/o George G. Powers & Eliza J. Gordo
PowersBessie03/13/190110/14/1903d/o Richard Powers & Mary Annie McMahan
PowersCarrie10/28/189407/07/1896d/o Thomas Powers & M.J. Johnson
HaleJohn D.03/14/185702/12/1858s/o John Hale & Susannah Newton

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