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Estes Cemetery on
Richard Cooper's property

Juanita Wroe
Estes Trails, 1982, 2:3, p.12
Please note that all the information here, like all the other genealogical information on my web page is public domain unless otherwise indicated and thus cannot be claimed as such by other parties (I'm covering myself there legally since that issue has come up elsewhere). I request that none of this information be passed onto a for-profit genealogical company which resells it's information and further that if you find any of this information useful and use it, I would appreciate it if you could quote myself and this web site as a secondary source (David Powell, The Estes/Eastes Files)

Date Born Date Died Other Information
Estes, W. G.
March 27, 1854 September 15, 1939  
Estes, Julia A. July 31, 1854 December 19, 1938  
Estes, Harriet E. June 3, 1878 November 22, 1879 dau of above
Estes, William Driskill 1827 November 11, 1853  
Estes, James G. 1845  
Co.1 2US V INF
James Green Estes
son of John M & Eliz (Driscal)
Estes, Luna Mae October 27, 1882 June 7, 1904 wife of G.W. Estes
Estes, Richard F. M. February 15, 1830 December 5, 1864  
Estes, W. F. October 12, 1879 March 1914  
Estes, Albert G. Cooper May 17, 1892 September 10, 1947 KY PFC 6 INF WWI
Estes, Elizabeth February 4, 1824 March 20, 1905 wife of J.M. Estes
Estes, John M. 1803 December 13, 1876 son of Littleton (1768-1836) and Ann Fortson, son of John & Mary Marshall Estes of Caroline Co, VA
Estes, Mattie March 3, 1875 March 9, 1875 dau of J.G & N. Estes
Estes, M
1964 no stone
aged 82 yrs, 23d

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