Harrison County Will and Probate Extracts

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Harrison County Will and Probate Extracts

Compiled from Abstracted County Records by Janet Pease
Grant County Historical Society

Book A

Will of Edward Dial
Wife: Betsy
Sons: Alexander and William
Daughter: Polly
Written: June 27 1796 Probated: October 1796
Volume I, page 1

Will of Robert McKettrick, Sr.
Sons: Robert, John, William, and James
Sons in Law: William Metiare, John Wright, John Meglemmery? And James Guye
Granddaughter: Jenny Guye
3 Daughters: Sarah, Esbell and Margaret
Mentions plantation in Augusta Co. Virginia
Written: March 1795 Probated July 1795
Volume I, page 2

Will of David Rankin
Wife: Hannah
Son: William, Thomas, David
Daughters: Jenny Blackburn, Sarah Roberts, Hannah Morrison, Mary Rawlings and Letty Hays
Written: September 22, 1795 Probated October: 1795
Volume I, page 3

Will of Mary Garrett
Children: Eli, Thomas, Morris
Daughter: Phebe Rice
Also mentions no relationship stated: Lewis Garrett, William Garrett, Rebeckah Lare
Written: August 14 1796 Probated: September 1796
Volume I, page 3

Will of Benjamin Jones
Son: Benjamin
Daughter: Sarah Purseley
Daughters: Rebeccah and Mary
Wife: Sarah
"my four younger children"
2 sons: John and Jonathan
John Hume should be the guardian of my son John.
Written: October 19 1795 Probated September 1796
Volume I, page 4

Benjamin Neely
Son: William
My wife and all my children
Written: March 12 1797 Probated: May 1797
Volume I page 5

Will of John Sellers
Wife: Elizabeth
My children that are now in the state of infancy: Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, Margaret, Sarah, John, Ruth and James whom I acknowledge to be my children.
Written: March 21 1798 Probated: July 1798

Will of John McDowell
Wife: Caterin
Children: not named
Written: June 29 1798 Probated August 1798
Volume I, page 19

Will of Jacob Eckler
5 Sons & 2 daughters:
Oldest Son: Ulery
Oldest Daughter: Mary
Written: August 24 1798 Probated: October 1798
Volume I, page 19

Will of Archibald Scott
Sons in law: John Morgan, David Lowry, James Martin, Robert Thompson
Not sure of relationship:
James Martin, Robert Russell, John Russell and wife
Written May 1 1798 Probated: March 1799
Volume I Page 20

Will of George Jamison
Wife: Ellinor
Relationship not state:
James Andrew Jameson
Thomas Beard
George Jamison
George Jamison Jr
Mentions first wife's children
Mentions Present wife's children
"My present Negro woman is to be sold and a young Negro girl is to be bought for the benefit of my lame daughter called Nancy.
Written: October 11 1799 Probated: January 1800
Volume I page 27

Estate Settlement:
The estate of Abraham Margret Langley, heirs of Isaac Langley dec'd. Daniel Isgrig, guardian.
May 4 1801
Volume I page 34

Will of John Stephenson
Wife: Mary
To Squire Delany as along as he stays with my wife.
All my slaves are to be set free when my wife dies.
Written: October 26 1801 Probated: November 1801
Volume I, page 35

Will of George Frazier
Son: George
Wife: Mary
Children: Elizabeth Casey, Rebeccah Jaquess, Joel Fraizer, James Fraizer, John Fraizer, Polly Ferguson and George?
Written: September 171 1801 Probated: December 1801
Volume I , page 35

Will of James Ried
Wife: Elizabeth
Written: March 16 1802 Probated: May 1802
Volume I, page 39

Will of Joshua King
Wife: Rachel
All my children living after the death of my wife
Written: June 7 1802 Probated: August 1802
Volume I, page 40

Will of Thomas Hamilton
Son: David, John, William, James and Andrew
All the rest of my children
Wife mentioned, not named
Written: November 16 1802 Probated: October 1802
Volume I, page 43

Will of Jean Lowry
Sons: William and Robert
Daughter: Jenny Craig
Daughters: Margaret and Jean
Written: February 1 1803 Probated: January 1804
Volume I, page 45

Will of David Dryden
Wife: Jean
Daughters: Peggy, Nancy, Patsey, Ginny, Rghanna and Elizabeth Dryden
Son: James
Written: November 14 1803 Probated December 1803
Volume I, page 46

Will of Michael Rozer
Wife: Catey
Son: John
All the rest of my children
Executor: wife Catey and my son Jacob
Written: no date Probated: October 1804
Volume I, page 51

Will of John McNeese
Wife: Jean
Daughter: Ann McCormac, Elizabeth Lanmon
Son: Abraham and Alexander
Grandsons: John McCormac and John Lanmon
My Negro man Ben is to be freed at the death of my wife
Written: September 16 Probated March 1804
Volume I, page 53

Will of John Hutcherson, Sr.
Wife: Mary
Son: Charles, John
Daughter: Pheobe Huthcerson
My grandchildren, that are the issue of my daughter Frances and James White
My grandchildren the issue of my daughter Sally and John Marsh
My grandchildren the issue of Edward Hutcherson, now deceased
Daughter: Jenny Kensler
"James White should live where he lives now without paying any rent until final division because he has a parcel of motherless children…"
Written: May 31 1805 Probated: August 1805
Volume I, page 54

Will of John Mais Sr.
Daughter: Betsy
Oldest Son: Thomas
2nd Son: John
3rd Son: Samuel
4th Son: David
Oldest Daughter: Jenny How
2nd Daughter: Anny Kirkpatrick
Written: May 15 1805 Probated August 1805 Volume I page 56
Will of Jonathan Eads
Wife: mentioned not named
All my children
Written: March 6 1806 Probated: 1806
Volume I, page 60

Will of Samuel Dunn
Wife: Dorothy
My estate to be divided into 5 shares:
"Ezeriah Dunn and Ann and Massey's children and Mary Gossett's son Abraham and Samuel Dunn Jr.
Written: November 22 1805 Probated: April 1806
Volume I, page 64

Will of Joseph Coonrod
Wfe: Catherina
Son: Sam- when he becomes of age
3 Sons: John, Benjamin, Samuel
4 Daughters: Catherina Anderson, Salome Holbert, Margret Coonrod and Elizabeth Coonrod
Written: July 1806 Probated: August 1806
Volume I, page 65

Will of David Dills
Wife: Rachel
Daughter: Jane Dills
"my 6 children"
Mentions son John and Elijah (both under 21 years)
Witnesses: Dvaid Dill, John Miller
Written: October 15 1806 Probated: unreadable
Volume I, page 68

Will of Mary Jones
Daughter: Polly- to live with my sister Peggy Renise
My black woman Ester- to have the care of my children so long as my executors see proper to continue them together.
Written: December 11 1806 Probated: January 1807
Volume I, page 70

Will of Richard Sneed
Wife: Patsy
My children
Brothers: Thomas Sneed and John Sneed
Written: August 9 1806 Probated: April 1807
Volume I, page 74

Will if Uriah Jones
Wife: Mary Jone
My black woman Easter to be freed January 1, 1809
My black boy, Hezekiah to be freed on January 1, 1823.
Written: November 19 1806 Probated: January 1807
Volume I, page 70

Will of Mary Hutcherson
Daughter: Mary Lewis Crosswhite- 3 slaves Fredrocl. Charlotte and Craner
Daugher: Jane Stears Kinsler- 3 slaves Levi, Lucinda and her child
Lewis ( a slave) to be appraised
Margret is to go free because of her faithful service to me.
Written: February 11 1807 Probated: May 1807

Will of Ezekial Slade
Wife: Sarah
Sons: Ezekiel, James, Samuel, William
Daughter: Nancy Slade
Sons: John, Lameck and And'w
Written: not dated Probated: December 1807
Volume I, page 82

Will of Alexander Smith Hendley Hawkins
Wife: Nancy-..plus a Negro named Nathan,
A Negro man Jerry, a Negro woman Sisley, a Negro woman Nell, and a Negro girl Charity.
Children: John, Milton, Alfred, Elender, Jane Hawkins and Betsy Grubs.
Also the infant my wife is pregnant with.
Son: Francis-when he comes of age
Son: Basil W. -when he comes of age
Son: Alex A.S. -when he comes of age
3 Negro boys (Sam, Silvester and David) which I have given by deeds of gift to my sons Francis, Basil and Alexander.
Son: Thomas
Daughter: Elizabeth Hawkins, now Elizabeth Miller
Daughter: Nancy Hawkins, now Nancy Jackson
Written: November 1 1807 Probated: December 1807
Volume I, page 83

Will of John Cartmill
Wife; Susanah
Son: William
Son: John
Son: Thomas
Daughter: Peggy
Daughters: Elizabeth, Nancy, Mary, Martha, Jenny and Nelly- who are now married
Written: December 27 1807 Probated: February 1808
Volume I, page 86

Will of William Turvey
Wife; Mary
Son: William
To James King if he returns home
To Braxton King
To Sally McCanlass if he continues with my widow
To William E. Harden and Thomas Harden
Written: September 26 1807 Probated: February 1808
Volume I, page 88

Will of Henry Coleman
Wife: Mary
Son in Law: Willaim Moore- a Negro girl name Aggy (Dina's daughter) also a boy called Captain, son to old Jenny.
Daughter: Polly Green- a Negro girl called Easter (Dina's daughter)
Daughter: Caty Miller- a Negro girl called Fann (daughter of old Jenny) and a boy called Bill (son to Dinah)
Daughter: Lucy
Daughter: Sally- a Negro boy called Daniel (son to old Dina) and boy called Bob (son to old Jenny)
Daughter: Peggy- a Negro girl called Sarah (daughter of Jenny) and a Negro boy called John (son to Dinah)
Daughter: Sucky ….a Negro fellow named Glass and Jeeny, his wife; also Rachel and a Negro boy called Valda, son of Jenny; and girl called Maria.
Grandson: Napoleon Coleman, oldest son of William Coleman- a Negro boy named Sam (son of old Jenny)
Sons: William and Edward
Son-in law; John Miller
Son Edward: a Negro boy named Major
Written: November 14 1807 Probated April 1808
Volume I page 95
(this is a long and detailed document)

Will of Hugh Miller
Wife: Margaret- my Negro woman Dinah
Son: James, John and Alexander.
My 6 daughters: Elizabeth Anderson, Margaret Frazier, Anna Harrison, Rebeccah, Polly, Jane
Brother: James Miller
Written: March 17 1808 Probated: July 1808
Volume I, page 102

Will of John Pickett
I do recognize the contract entered into betwixt my beloved wife Mary Pickett and myself before our marriage.
To heirs of my son Richard now dec'd
Son: George-
A mulatto girl named Kesiah in possession of Littleton Robinson to be set free
My Sons in Law: Nicholas Long, James Wilson, Littleton Robinson, Zachariah Wilson and Phillip Sain.
Sons: John, George. Thomas, and Wilson
Written: August 22 1808 Probated: October 1808
Volume I page 108

Will of Simon Stedycorn
Son: Saumel (lives in Baltimore)
To George Thomas Meling, Son of my wife Rachel, of Alexander VA
Written: November 27 1808 Probated: December 1808

Will of Hanah McMillen
To John McMillen, Kinsey McMillen, Hannah McMillen, Thos. McMillen, Sam'l McMillen and James McMillen- children of my son James McMillen dec'd.
To Hannah McMillen, daughter of my son Thomas McMillen
To the 4 daughters of my son Thos. McMillen- Mary McMillen, Seday McMillen, Betsy McMillen, and Hannah McMillen.
Written: March 8 1809 Probated: April 1809
Volume I, page 124

Will of Jesse Yarnall
Son: John
Son: Samuel
Son: Isaac
Wife: Ann
Daughter: Sally- one Negro girl named Sal
Son: David
Son: Joseph- my Negro man George
Written: April 8 1809 Probated: July 1809
Volume I, page 125

Will of John Searman
Wife: not named
Son: William
My children: Mary Shearman, Anna Shearman, William Shearman
Executors: brother Shadrach Shearman…
Written: November 11 Probated: December 1809
Volume I, page 134

Will of Joseph Caldwell
Wife: Mary
My children: not named
Written: February 10 1806 Probated: 1810
Volume I, Page 143

Will of William J. Parker
To Mrs. Patsy Smith
My Negro man Sam is to be sold to Mr. Elijah Smith
To Nathan smith
To the children of my sister Jencey Jenkins
Written: June 27 1810 Probated: October 1810
Volume I, page 144

Will of James Blackburn
Wife: Jane
Daughter: Jean Blackburn
Sons: William and Thomas
2 Younger Sons: James and Rankin Blackburn are to live on my plantation with my mother.
My Negro girl Betsy to belong to my wife
Written: August 28 1810 Probated: December 1810
Volume I, page 146

Will of Michael Beaver
Wife: Christian
2 Sons: Michael and Abraham
Son: Mathias
4 Daughters: Betsy Brenner, Kelly Coon, Barbary Coon, Nancy Armstrong.
Written: March 5 1811 Probated: March 1811
Volume I, page 149

Will of James Patterson
Mother mentioned but not named
Sister: Janey
Brother: William
Sister: Polly
Brother: David
Brother: Robert is executor
Written: March 2 1811 Probated: May 1811
Volume I, page 152

Will of Philip Pendleton
Wife: Agness- house in the town Martinsburg
Daughter - Elizabeth Hunter
Daughter- Nancy C. Kennedy
Son- Phillip- my Negro man Daniel who it to be freed after 3 years
Son- James
Daughers: Sarah and Maria
Sons: Edmond and Henry
Mentions land at Smoketown, land near Charlestown, Shepards town and Martinsburg and the land on the Potomac River and my Mills near same. One house in town of Bath, land near town of Hancock in Maryland, land in state of Tennessee and Kentucky, Tract on Sleepy Creek, 1700 acres Sidling Hill in VA.
Sons in Law: David Hunter and John Kennedy
Written: November 19 1801 Probated: January 26 1802

Will of Dorcas Minteer
Sons: James, William, Robert and Joseph Minteer
Daughter: Dorcas Ardery
Granddaughter: Peggy Ardery
To my son William Ardery and my daughter Dorcas and their two children
Written: September 27 1811 Probated: December 1811
Volume I, page 160

Will of William Holiday
Wife: Martha
Daughters: Jane Holiday, Rebekah Holiday, Nancy Holiday
Son: Joseph, James, and Samuel (who is living in Ohio)
Alexander Martin who married my daughter Sarah Holiday dec'd- and to her heirs.
Son William P. Holiday
Written: December 20 1811 Probated; April 1812
Volume I , page 160

Will of Michael Ritter
Wife: Mary
Sons: Jacob and John
Daughter: Susanna
Son: Lewis
Written: March 16 1812 Probated: May 1812
Volume I, page 162

Will of Isaac Jaquess
Wife and child, mentioned not named
Probated August 10 1812

Will Of Abraham Croysdate
Wife: Margaret
Margaret's 2 children- Abraham and Ann
Written: May 27 1811 Probated; November 1812
Volume I, page 177

Will of John Fowler
Sister: Elizabeth Fowler- my estate in VA
Brother: William R.Fowler for support of my mother Ann Sandsbury
Written August 17 1812 Probated April 1813
Volume I page 187

Will of William Ellis
Wife: Lucy
Written: August 14 1812 Probated: May 1813
Volume I, page 196

Will of Joshua Hall
Wife: Sarah
Daughter: Rebekah Hall - a Negro boy named Peter
Daughter: Kitturah Hall - a Negro boy named Harrison
The rest of my children: Elizabeth Jones, John Hall, Mary Kemper, Joshua Hall, Thomas Hall, Charles Hall and William (no surname given )
Written: September 24 1812 Probated: May 1813
Volume I, page 196

Will of George Smith
Wife: Polly
My children (not named) including the one with which my wife is now pregnant.
Written: June 8 183 Probated: July 1813
Volume I, page 197

Will of Thomas Lilley
Aged 78 years
My son Joshua- a Negro boy named Nathan
My son Thomas - a Negro boy named Jacob
My daughter - Susannah Lilley- a Negro girl named Jane
My Son-in- law, Wm. Way- a Negro boy named Elisha
My daughter Lucy Spoon- a Negro boy named Samuel
My daughter Ann Gohagin- a Negro boy named William
"independent of her husband" and at her death, said Negro boy is to go to her 2 daughters, Elizabeth M. Gohagin and Mary Ann Gohagin.
My son Joshua - a Negro boy named David (which I was giving to my son-in- law Joseph Ellis who refused.
Written: December 1 1810 Probated: July 1813
Volume I, page 198

Will of Sophie E. Artle
Son: Valentine Artle
Son: Daniel Artle
Daughter: Sophia McCune and all her children
Samuel McCune (relationship not stated) is to have privilege of selling or destroying any part of land of timber
Grand-daughters: Sally McCune, Betsy McCune, Polly McCune
Written: April 20 1813 Probated: July 1813
Volume I, page 203

Will of Hugh Dunn
Daughter: Elizabeth Marchant- my Negro woman named Amy
Son-in -law: Benjamin Hickman
To Hugh Smith Dunn Hickman-
To Ealse Hickman
To Sarah Dunn, daughter of Thomas Dunn
To Margaret Linginfetter
To Mary Peck
To son Archibald
To Elisha Dunn
Executors: my son in law Benjamin Hickman and John Whitaker
Written: August 5 1813 Probated: October 1813
Volume I, page 216

Will of David Hambleton
Wife: Mary
My 5 sons: William, Thomas, Alexander, Elijah and David
My daughters: Elizabeth, Jamrcy? Martha, Sally, Margaret, Mary, and Nancy
Written: December 14 1813 Probated April 1814
Volume I, page 220

Will of William Holland
Wife: Amelia - my Mulatto man slave named Moses
Son: Aaron
Daughters: Mary Greenup, Rachel Wilson, Sally Elliott
Son: Uriah
Daughters: Rebecca Holland
Daughter: Lydia Holland
My 4 children now living with me- Anthony, Uriah, Rebecca, and Lydia
Mentions son Anthony Holland
Written: August 4 1813 Probated: May 1814
Volume I, page 221

Will of Joseph Blair
Wife: Hannah
To my children as they come of age
To my children that are of age and married
Written: January 17 1814 Probated: May 1814
Volume I, page 223

Will of Robert Scott
In case I never return
Written: August 21 1813 Probated: October 1813
Vollume I, page 224

Will of William Herrin
Wife: Anna
Son: George
Son: Ezeriah to have the whole of my son Samuel's estate
Written: December 23 1813 Probated: January 1814
Volume I, page 224

Will of William Phillips
My children: Hyram, William, Warner, John, Jane, Polly, Ellen, Austin, and Cordelia
" my seven youngest children last mentioned are to receive a good English education.
Written: March 20 1814 Probated: July 1814
Volume I, 243

Will of Samuel Nesbit
Sons: John, Robert
Son: Samuel
Son: James
Son: William
To each of my3 unmarried daughters now living at home
Wife: Mary
Written: March 7 1814 Probated: July 1814
Volume I, page 244
Will of John Clarke
Son: William T.
Son -in-law: James Kelly and to Augustine C. Repass
My slaves are to be divided equally among my 3 children:
My son William- Billy, Jim Cesar, Hannah, Frank, Nancy, Joe and Maria Nancy's chn & Elliott
To James Kelly- Edmond, Barbary and her children, Marisa, Polly, Scott, Sam, Jenny and her eldest child
To Augustine C. Respass- George, Sabria and her children by name Delphi, Louisa, Caroline and Marra Judy and her child John Tom Jacob Jinny's youngest child and Alice (no punctuation)
My Negro woman Betty and her children Elisa, Mike and Ealina are to be manumitted from slavery..
Executors: son William and my 2 sons in laws James Kelly and Augustine Respass
Written: July 15 1814 Probated: August 1814
Volume I, page 245

Will of Thomas Mahan
Wife: Margarett- 4 Negros; Eady, Celey, Willis & Feffrey
My Children
My Negro man Jeffrey is to be emancipated 10 years after my death
Written: March 16 1814 Probated: July 1814
Volume I, page 246

Will of John Massey
To Hugh, my wife's second son
My daughters: Betsey, Nancy, Delilah, Marry
Son: John
To Rebeckah Tewkery and William
To Hugh
My daughter Betsy- a Negro girl Vina (aged about 12 years)
My 3 Negroes: Jesse, Titus and Jun? Are to be sold
Written: September 23 1814 Probated: October 1814
Voluem I, page 247

Will of George Huctherson
Wife: Mary
Son:William, Daughter Sally Edwards, Daughter Polly Bennett and to my 2 grandchildren: James Henry Chroutcher and Sally Chroutcher
Written: December 24 1813 Probate: January 1815
Volume I, page 248

Will of Michael Hogg
Wife: Elizabeth
Son: Thomas
To William Miller who married my Daughter Polly Hogg (dec'd)
To Robert Harrison that married my daughter Isabella
Sons: David and Robert
To my son-in law William Cummins who is married to my daughter Nancy
Daughter: Elizabeth Hogg
Son: Harvey
Written: November 22 1814 Probated: 1815
Volume I, page 263

Will of James Critchlow
Younger son: John
To Elizabeth Plunkett
Written: April 16 1812 Probated February 1815
Volume I, page 269

Will of Joshua Jackson
3 sons: Mordecai Colby (only two sons are listed)
Son: Wingate
Daughter: July Hall - a Negro girl name Tean
Wife: (not named) 2 Negros
Son: Joshua
My daughter: Phebe Chospsher's children
Executors: Sons Mordecai, Colby and Wingate
Written: September 4 1813 Probated: April 1815

Will of Joseph King
Wife Selia
Mentions- my heirs
Written: February 5 1815 Probated: May 1815
Volume I, page 291

Will of Mary Turvey
Son: Braton King
My dec'd husband: William Turvey
Mentions part due from her father's estate
Written: December 11 1815 Probated January 1816
Volume I, page 308

Will of John Henry
Wife: mentioned not named
All my children
Son: William Henry
Daughters: Nancy Northcutt, Betsy Dunn, Polly Dunn, and Peggy Henry
Son: Thomas Henry
Son: James Henry
Son: John Henry mentions adjoining land of William Henry
Executors: sons William and James
Written: not dated Probated: January 1816
Volume I page 309

Will of George Zumwalt
Sons: Phillip and Christian
Son: John
Son: Christian
Wife: Mary
To my children: Jacob Zumwalt, Polly Simmons, Elizabeth Fry, Margret Bever, and Christina Snider
My grand-daughter; Mary Lasure
My son Henry having died without issue his wife shall have no part of my estate
Executor: Son Christian
Written: September 4 1815 Probated: February 1816
Volume I, page 310

Will of Elizabeth McNutt
Daughters: Susanna Dickson and Sarah Craig
Sons: Thomas and Samuel McNutt
Grand-daughter: Betsy McNutt Williams
Son-in law- David Williams
Written: March 24 1815 Probated: April 1816
Volume I, 311

Will of Lindsey Azby
Wife: Jane
My children: Nancy, Rachel, Betsy, Polly, Sally
Son-in law: Robert Clifford
Written: March 12 1816 Probated April 1816

Will of Samuel McMillin Sr.
Wife: Easter- slaves Nipkin?, Joseph, Polly, Lucy, Lair, George and Mary
Sons: William and Marshall
Younger children are to be supported
Son: William- the Negro boy Ephraim and girl Hannah
Daughter: Polly- the girls Sealy and Kitty and the boy Jefferson
Son: Marshall- the Negroes- Oliver, Major, Mariah
Son: John
Executors: wife Easther, son Andrew, and James Coleman
Daughter: Polly
Son: Kenndy
Son: William
Son: Marshall
To My children: Andrew, Kenndy, Samuel, William, Polly and Marshall
Written: August 15 1816 Probated: November 1816
Volume I, 335

Will of John Harding
Wife: Harriet for her and my heirs
Written: October 14 1816 Probate; November 1816
Volume I, page 351

Will of Keziah Moore
Sister: Elizabeth- my Negro man George
My Negro girl named Minto aged 10 years, my Negro girl named Henny aged 16 yrs, my Negro girl named Polly, aged 6 years, and my Negro girl named Letty, aged 4 years are to be set free after my sister reaches age of 20 yrs.
To Baston Moore, James Moore, and Benjamin Moore
Written: October 20 1815 Probated: November 1816
Volume I, page 352

Will of Benjamin Neale
Wife: Dorcas- one Mulatto man named Jack and a Negro woman named Levina; a Negro girl named Nancy and a Negro boy named Fielding
Son: George Neale
Son: William Neale
To Gabriel George
To Reuben Anderson
To Joseph Shropshire
To Charles Mothershead
To the heirs of my son James Neale
To the heirs of my son Thomas Neale
To the heirs of my son Benjamin Young Neale
To the heirs of Lettice McDaniel
Youngest son: Jonathan Neale
Youngest daughter: America Neale
Mentions land given to Reuben Anderson, Joseph Shropshire and the heirs of James Neale
Written: December 30 1816 Probated: February 1817
Volume I, page 361

Will of Susannah Chandler
Son: Henry Chandler- a Negro woman Dafney and Negro boy, Bobb
Daughter: Sarah Chandler
"the heir of my man Charles is for the benefit of my funeral expenses"
Written: October 23 1807 Probated: April 1817
Volume I, page 364

Will of William Stuart
Son: Benjamin
Wife: Elizabeth
Daughters: Sally Stuart, Nancy Stuart
Son: Henry
Son: William
Eldest daughter: Jenny Sheilds
To my daughter: Isabella Nisbet's 2 sons: William Nesbet and Jeremiah Nesbet
Daughter Polly Anderson
Eldest son of my daughter Polly Anderson- William Anderson
Grandson: William Shields
Written: March 12 1817 Probate: April 1817
Volume I, 364

Will of William McMillen
Brother: Samuel
Negros Ephraim and Hannah
Brother: Kenneda
Sister: Mary and Brother Marshall
Wife: Paulina
Brother: Andrew F. McMillen
Executor: Brother Samuel
Written: June 4 1817 Probate July 1817
Volume I, page 369

Will of James Watson Sr.
Son: Patrick
Sons: James, David, Joseph, William
Daughter: Elizabeth Blackburn
To Peggy Jameson
To Mary Ardy
To Martha Linn
To Nancy Wilson
Executors: sons James and Patrick
Written: September 9 1816 Probated: July 1817

Will of Thomas Phillips
Wife: Martha
My sons-mentioned not named
Son: Moses if living
Written October 15 1816 Probated August 1817
Volume I, page 370

Will of George Powell
Wife: Margaret
Written: March 11 1817 Probated August 1817
Volume I, page 371

Will of Morgen Desha
Wife: not name
Daughter: Nancy
Executor: Mr. Kilgore- who married Samuel Drummond's widow
Son: William
Daughter: Nelly Fannon
Written: December 7, 1816 Probated October 1817
Volume I page 372

Will of John Barns Sr.
Wife: Hannah
2 sons: Abraham and John
3 daughters: Elizabeth, Rebecca, Anna
to little Drusilla
Executors: son Abraham
Written: August 28 1813 Probated: December 1817
Volume I, page 394

Will of Charles Porter
Wife: Sarah
All my children: Catharine Moody, Stanfield Porter, Polly Owings, Francis Porter, Nancy Porter, Malinda Porter, Thomas Porter, Lewis Porter, Joseph Porter, Shelton Porter
Written: April 4 1818 Probated July 1818
Volume I, page 411

Will of William W. Riley
Wife: mentioned not named
Expecting child
Executor: brother Ninian Riley, John R. Blair
Witnesses: Samuel Hind, James W. Riley
Written: March 26 1818 Probated: July 1818
Volume I, page 412

Will of William Lemmon Sr
2 sons: John and George
Wife: Elizabeth
My son William Jr
John and George are to pay the rest of my children $50 each
Written: June 4 1818 Probate: August 1818
Volume I page 412

Will of John Kinkade
Sister: Allice
Nephew: John Kinkade
Executors: my brothers Hugh Kinkade and William Kinkade
Written: June 14 1818 Probated: July 1818
Volume I, page 415

Will of George Finley
Wife: Polly
My 2 daughters: Jane and Polly Finley
Written: May 19 1818 Probate: July 1818
Volume I, page 415

Will of John Givens
Wife: Ruth
My children: George Givens, Alexander Givens, James Givens, Isabella Givens, Lettita Givens, Maria Givens- as they come of lawful age
Executors: Wife Ruth and brother Alexander Givens, my brother in law Francis Gray
Written: August 3 1818 Probated: October 1818
Volume I, page 417

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