Abstracted Wills and Probates
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Grant Co Abstracted Wills and Probates
Compiled from Abstracted County Records by Janet Pease
Grant County Historical Society

"Tomorrow is not promised to
young or old alike,
Today may be the last chance
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Grant County Records-Book A

Will of Samuel Simpson of Pendleton County
Wife:Lettic Children: Edmond, Lewis, Morgan
Other bequests to: Polley Cobb and Lidia Chandler
Written: September 2 1816 Probated: June 1822
Book A Page 40

Will of William Mountjoy of Pendleton County
Wife: Phebe Mountjoy
Written: January 14 1817 Probated: March 1823
Book A, page 17

Will of Sarah Hampton
Children: Elizabeth How, Hannah Myer, John Clark, Sarah Clark, Thomas Clark
Written; January 10 1814 Probated: October 1823
Book A, page 31

Will of Martha Cooper
Sons: James, John, William
Daughters: Betsy Lawson, Jane Hawkins, Margaret Fallenash, Nancy Fallenash, Sally Owens
Written: September 2 1824 Probated: October 1824
Book A, page 35

Estate Settlement of Jediah Ashcraft
Lands are given to William Ashcraft, Jacob Ashcraft, James Ashcraft, Rachel Ashcraft, Wm. Smith, and John Riffle and to the his widow.
Probated: April 13 1824
Book A, page 43

Estate Settlement of Sarah Hampton
Lands are given to Thomas Clark, Joseph Jump, Andrew Myers, John Clark's heirs, and James Howe.
January 19 1825
Book A page 84

Estate Settlement of Elizabeth Hines
Estate given to John McClue and William Griffin "or their present wives" my sisters
Probated September 1825
Book A, page 87

Will of Henry Furguson
Wife: Sarah
Children: born to me and Sarah-Margaret Furguson, Hugh Fergison, and Isabella Fergison
Daughter: Elizabeth Wallace
Money given to: Samuel Fergison, William Fergison, Sarah Ashbrook, Jane Martie, John Fergison, Agness Fergison, Henry Fergison. (relationship not stated)
Children of Jane Martie: Agness, John, David Lindsey
Written: March 1825 Probated: November 1825
Book A, page 116

Guardianship: Children of Samuel Allen
Widow: Mary
Guardian: Richard Biddle to minor child, Elinor Ann Allen.

Will of William Myers
Minor Sons: Duncan and Joseph Guardan: Robert Vickers of Boone County
Daughter: Martha Ann Myers
Wife deceased not named.
Written: April 1 1826 Probate: April 1826
Book A, page 131

Will of William Layton
Wife: Major
Sons: Darius, Spencer, Cyrus
Daughters: Betsey, Hester Ann given land in Indiana
Daughters: Rebekah, Polley, Peggy
Granddaughter: Ann. L. Williams
Grandson: William M.L. Hardy
Written: April 21 1826 Probated October 1826
Book A, page 161

Will of William Pierce
Died January 26 1827
Son: James Pierce
Daughter: Margaret Pierce
Written: January 26 1827 Probated: February 1827
Book A, page 177

Will of James Elliston
Widow: Nancy Elliston
Book A, page 182

Estate Settlement of William New
Payments made to Susannah New, James Hampton, Jas. Elliston and Henry B. Sipple
Susannah New guardian to James, Belinda, Susannah, William, and Moses New.
June 1827
Book A, page 186

Will of Prior Theobald
Brothers: Moses, Samuel, John P., William, Nathaniel J.
Sister: Mary Thomas' children
Written: September 4 1827 Probated: September 1827
Book A, page 199

Will of John Allen
Wife not named
Wife's brother: William Marshal and guardian for John Allen's children
Written: August 4 1827 Probated: September 1827
Book A, page 200

Will of Perry Chipman
Wife: Anna
Children: John, Salley, James, Joseph
Daughter: Nancy
Written: September 16 1827 Probated: October 1827

Will of John Brumback
Widow: Nancy Brumback
March 24 1826
Book A, page 212

Estate Settlement of Henry Ferguson
Payment of heirs: Thomas Wallow, Henry Ferguson of Grant Co, William Ferguson of Williamstown, James Wallace
Payments to: Jno. F. Furguson, James Furguson, John Furguson, Thomas Furguson, Samuel Furguson, Sarah Fugurson,
Thomas Wallar as husband of Nancy Furguson
October 9 1827
Book A, page 220

Will of Benjamin Craig of Boone County
3 Grandsons: Marcellus, Cyrus and Anderson Riddell- the sons of James Riddell and Sally of Boon Co.
Son: Tolover Page Craig of Boone County
Written: November 16 1829 Probated: November 16 1829
Book A, page 250
Estate of John Banks
Wfe: Jane Owens Banks deceased
Land given to: Emry Wheeler, husband of Sally Wheeler
Richard Crook, husband of Elizabeth Crook
Samuel Banks; Willis Banks, Lynn Banks, Charity Banks Arnold
July 26 1828
Book A, page 255

Estate Settlement William New
Lands given to: Greenberry M. New, William Henry Harrison New, Belinda New, Susannah New, Moses Scott New, John B. New, Henry Sipple, and James New
Dower rights to Widow
September 23 1825
Book A, page 264

Estate Settlement James Elliston
Includes receipts from Benjamin Elliston, James Hampton, Benj. H. Elliston, Lyman Martin, Hyram Elliston, John Sipple, Nancy Elliston, Clayton Skirvin and Robert Elliston
Guardian to heirs: Robert Elliston
Book A, page 276

Estate Settlement of Perry Chipman
Widow: Ann Chipman
Land given to: Joseph Chipman, Jesse Edwards, Sally Chipman, John Chipman, and James Chipman (relationship unknown)
March 12 1829
Book A, page 276

Estate Settlement of James Elliston
Widow: Nancy Elliston
Guardian: Robert Elliston as guardian of the hiers of James Elliston.
April 17 1830
Book A, page 300

Will of Jon Wilson Jr
Mentions: Sanford, Alfred (who is under 21 yrs) and Bradford Points, sons of Abigail Points.
Written: February 10 1829 Probated: September 1830
Book A, page 301

William and Belinda New Estate
Heirs: H. Sipple, G.M. New, J.B. New,
H.B. Sipple as guardian B. and B.W. New
January 24 1831
Book A, page 307

Will of William Glasscock
Wife: Mary
Written: January 29 1831 Probated: February 14 1831
Book A, page 310

Estate Settlement of Perry Chipman
James Chipman guardian of John Chipman
H.B. Smith guardian to S.J. & J. Chipman
Book A, page 316

Estate Settlement of Wiiliam Jump
Widow not named
Joseph Jump assignee of Mary Jump
January 1 1829
Book A, page 332

Will of Daniel Seward
Wife: Lucyndia
Children: Elliott, Perry T., Joana, Josephine, John, Oliver and Tilly?
Written: October 1 1831 Probated: Febraury 1832
Book A page 333

Estate Settlement of Robert Vance
Payments to: Joshua Childers, Charles Pilcer, James Reed, Lewis M.Simpson, Elizabeth Vance (sister of the dec'd), Patrick Vance (brother of the dec'd), G.F. Wheeler,
Depositons: Catherine Vance of Fayette County, Lucyann Vance of Fayette County, Joseph Vance (brother of the dec'd) Betsy Vance (widow of the dec'd)
January 23, 1832
Book A, page 338

Will of Pitman Cloudus
Wife: Joyce
Children not named
Written: December 31 1831 Probated: March 1832
Book A, page 347

Estate Settlement of Thomas Buskirk
Widow: ?
Lands is given to Polly, William, Elizabeth, and W.F. Buskirk
March 1832
Book A, page 353

Will of John Skirvin
Wife: Mary Ann Skirvin
Sons: Clayton, Absolom
Written: October 24 1828 Probated: May 1832
Book A, page 369

Will of Preston Hampton
Wife: Elizabeth
6 Children: Elizabeth Burch, Nancy Gipson, Polly Spencer, James Hampton, Susana Arnold, Rossanna Jack
Written: April 18 1831 Probated: August 1832
Book A, page 375

Will of Wm. C. Johnson
Wife: Harriett
Children: not named
Written October 22 1832 Probated: November 1832
Book A. page 385

Will of Temple S. Perrin of Harrison County
Wife: Lauretta W. Perrin
Sisters: Sophia Perrin, Jane Perrin
Temple's parents are still living but not named
Children not named
Written: February 9 1829 Probated: April 1832
Book A page 398

Estate Settlement of John Williams
Receipts from Richard Oldham Jr., Kavanaugh Williams, Levi Williams, Levi Williams
March 18 1833
Book A, page 410

Estate Settlement of Thomas Wilson
Land given to: Casander Wilson, Josephine Wilson, John Wilson, Burtram Wilson, James Madison Wilson, William A. Wilson.
Widow is not named
April 1833
Book A, page 417

Will of William J. Baker
Wife: Elizabeth
Brother: Alen Baker
James O'Harra is mentioned
Written: July 17 1833 Probated August 1833
Book A page, 435
Grant County Records-BookB

Estate Settlement of Thomas Buskirk
Administrator: Lawrence Buskirk
Lawrence Buskirk appointed guardian of P. Buskirk
July 1831
Book B, page 8

Will of George Huffman
Wife: Mary
2 younger sons: Michael and Jacob
Sons: John F. Huffman
Daughters: Melinda Brooks, Mary Williams
Written: August 20 1833 Probated October 14 1833
Book B, pge 15

Estate Settlement of William Montgomery
Administrator: Henrietta Montgomery
Cash Paid to: Wm Brumfield, J.Canon, R. Elliston, James Ford, Joseph Ford, Phillip McBee, G.C. Perry, John Sipple.
Around 1833
Book B Page 21

Estate Settlement of John Brumback
Administrator: George Norton, Nancy and Paul Brumback
Cash paid to: Wm. D. Parish, A. Vallandingham, Lawrence Buskirk, S.S. Durbin, William Gibson, Daniel Harrison, John T. Hitchman, William Hutcherson, Stern Kendall, Alvin Keys, Wm. Massey, Benjamin McFarland, Lewis Myers, Charles Ruddle, James Stevenson, John P. Theobald, Moses Theobald.
Widow: Nancy Brumback
January 11 1834
Book B, page 24

Estate Settlement of Henry Norton
Administrator: John Lowe
Paid to: E.S. Armstrong, Thomas Houser, Elizabeth Ann Norton, Westly Porter.
Elizabeth Ann Lowe is the guardian for Henry Norton's children.
February 13 1834
Book B, page 31

Will of Lewis Gregory
Wife: Benedicatar Gregroy executor with Wm. Mountjoy & James Collins
6 children: Brunetta, Rosetta, Thurston, Nancy, Jessey and Emary.
Written: March 24 1823
Book B, page 33

Will of Thomas Thomas
Executor: sons Hezekiah and John
Sons: James, William P., Hezekiah and John
Daughters: Rebeckah Thomas, Elizabeth Childers
Written: December 28 1832 Probated: March 1834
Book B, page 34

Will of John Landrum
Wife: Margaret
Mentions land partly in possession of Martin Draper and a debt owed to Richard Landrm.
Refers to younger children but not named.
Probated: March 1834
Book B, page 35

Will of Samuel Durbin
Wife: July Ann
Executor: Thomas L. Mackay, Hezekiah Thomas
Mentions money owed to Charles Sechrest, Britton Clay, Hezekaih Thomas, Thomas L. Mackay, Lewis Myers and Lewis Buskirk.
Written: July 26 1834 Probated: September 1834
Book B, page 46

Estate Settlement of John Wilson
Executor: John Sipple
Notes there are 4 heirs to the estate.
February 24 1834
Book B, page 68

Will of John P. Theobald
Children: Charles Griffin Theobald, Eliza Virginia Mussley Theobald.
Executors: Col Charles Ruddell and Hezekiah Thomas who are also appointed guardians to the above children.
Written: November 29 1834 Probated December 1834
Book B page 75

Estate Settlement of John Wilson
Executor: John Sipple
4 Heirs: Infant heir, son Alfred Points, Sandford Points, Infant heir Bradford Points and Jameson Jump.
September 24 1830
Book B page 81

Guardian Account:
John Thomas, guardian of Samuel Banks who became of age of April 5 184
September 22 1834
Book B page 84

Estate Settlement of John Williams
Widow is mentioned who is deceased
6 Hiers since the 7th heir, Levi Williams has relinquished his claim to the estate.
Mention is made of a debt to James Lillard for hire of wagon to go to Montgomery and move family to Grant Co.
September 17 1833
Book B page 95

Settlement of John Marksberry
Heirs: Edmond Simpson, Samuel Billitter, Joseph Hicks, John Marksberry, *John Webb, *Samuel Marksberry, Willaim Marksberry, Willis Marksberry Jr, Henry Marksberry, *Delila Marksberry, *Rachel Marksberry (*not residents of Grant Co KY)
William Conrad is appointed guardian for Hensley Marksberry.
Administrator: Abraham Jonas
Not dated around 1834
Book B, page 106

Estate Settlement of Isaac Conrad
Widow: Jane Conrad
Thomas Conrad is guardian of Margaret Conrad
February 9 1836
Book B, page 132

Will of William Arnold
Wife: Mentioned but not named
Daughters: Sarah Wilson, Cassy Tully
Grandchildren: James Hogan, Alfred Hogan
Daughter in Law: Charity Arnold
Grandson: Harrison Arnold
Written: November 17 1836 Probated: December 1836
Book B page 141

Will of Clement Theobald
Wife: Elizabeth Theobald
Children: Moses Theobald, Samuel Theobald, John Theobald, William Theobald, Nathaniel J. Theobald, Polly Thomas who are my surviving children by first wife.
Daughter: Nancy Clark, daughter of Elizabeth my 2nd wife
Daughter: Jemima Jane Theobald
Son: Sandford A. Theobald, who is executor.
Written: January 18 1837 Probated September 1837
Book B, page 171

Estate Setlement of Samuel S. Durbin
Executor: T.L. Macoy and Hezekiah Thomas
Refers to Mrs. Julian Durbin as the mother and natural guardian of Malvina and Lucitta Durbin.
July 10 1837
Book B page 175

Will of Littleton Robinson
Wife: Fanny Robinson
Son: John Robinson
Children: Polly Ann Fenly, Elizabeth Clarke, Adaline Drinkard, America Bennett, Maria Robinson.
Written: October 16 1836 Probated: January 1836?
Book B, page 185

Will of Michael Leonard
Elder children: Judith Collins, Peter Leonard, Thomas Leonard, Katherine Hickey, Maria Leonard.
Youngest daughter: Elizabeth Leonard
Daughter: Polly Ann Leonard "who is in ill health and greatly impaired in body and mind."
Wife is deceased
Written: March 6 1838 Probated: August 1838
Book B, page 201

Will of Jacob New
Wife: Mary
Sons: James New (executor), Henry New, Abraham New.
Daughters: Susan New, Mary New, Elizabeth Morgan, Catherine Clark
Executors: James New and Son in law Jeremiah Morgan
Written: August 31 1839 Probated: September 9 1839
Book B page 240

Will of Thomas Montgomery
Wife: Rachel Montgomery
Grandsons: William Montgomery, Toliver Montgmery
Daughter: Nancy Whittock
Son: John Montgomery
Written: November 12 1833 Probated: march 1840
Book B, page 249

Will of Rachel Montgomery
Grandson: Toliver P. Craig
Written: March 22 1838 probated: March 1840
Book B, Page 250

Will of Hosea Harris
Wife: Margret Harris
Her son (referring to Margret) John Marshall
Son: Daniel Harris
Written: January 20 1840 Probated March 1840
Book B, page 250

Will of John Lowe
Two Sons: John Stanford Lowe, William Morehead Lowe
Daughter: Elizabeth Margaret Lowe (mentions a bed given to her by her sister)
Written: January 14 1840 probated: March 1840
Book B, page 251

Will of John Ford
Wife: Susanna Ford
Written: March 23 1840 Probated: November 19 1840
Book B, page 277

Will of John Masterson
Wife: Mary F. Masterson
My 6 daughters by present wife; Nancy Margaret Masterson, Sarah Thomas Masterson, Elizabeth Materson, Frances Masterson, Ann Patsey Masterson, and Joanna Masterson.
My 2 married daughters: Arian Stewart, wife of Purnell Stewart; and Janetta Price, wife of Joseph Price.
Daughter: Mary N. Masterson
(notes that he has coming to him from his mother's estate a large sum of money. Mentions land he purchased of James Masterson and Mrs. Lovett, Ann Jeter, late Masterson-children of my late brother Lovitt Masterson.
Brother in law; William Metcalfe
Written: February 20 1841 Probate: April 9 1841
Book B, page 315

Will of Charles Mayersback
Wife: Sarah Mayersback
Daughter: Henrietta Mayersback,
Written: January 23 1841 Probated Aprill 22 1841
Book B, page 317

Estate Settlement of H. B. Smith
Widow: Nancy named guardian of minor heirs
January 11, 1841
Book B, page 329

Will of Richard Landrum
Wife: Elisebeth Landrum
Children: (all under age) John Landrum, Sally Landrum, Polly Landrum, Susanna Landrum, Wm.Lewis Landrum, Richard C. Landrum, and George M. Landrum.
Probated: October 11 1841
Book B, page 344

Estate Settlement Britton Clay
Heirs: Elijah Clay, Rebecca Clay, Charles Clay, Louisa Clay
December 20, 1841
Book B, page 342

Will of Martha Smallwood
Daughter: Elizabeth Smallwood
Son: Joseph Smallwood
Written: Janauary 12 1841 Probated: March 14 1842
Bookd B, page 348

Will of Samuel Sheriff
Wife: mentioned not named
3 youngest children: Thomas Canada Sheriff, Henry Bemisford Sheriff, Hugh Thomson Sheriff.
Sons: John Fowler Sheriff, William James Sheriff, Andres Sheriff, Robert Sheriff.
Written: April 10 1842 Probated May 9 1842
Book B, page 349

Will of Amos Fisher
Wife: Huldah Fisher
Sons: Fustavious Fisher, Theodorick Ficher
6 grandchildren: Matilda Fisher, Amos Fisher II, Gustavious Fisher II, John Fisher, James Fisher, Nathaniel Fisher.
More grandchildren: Caroline fisher and Abigail Fisher who are the children of my son, Gustavious' first wife. (Heirs in the estate of Timothy Stanley the state Ohio)
Grandchildren: James M. Fisher "of Boone's?; and Martha Ann Fisher.
Written: October 26 1841 Probated: September 12 1842

Will of Ann Brumback
Son in law: George Norton
Granddaughter: Sally Ann Sechrest
Granddaughters: Elizabeth Jane Wilson, Nancy Ann Wilson
Daughter: Nancy Wilson
Executor: Lewis Myers
Written: June 11 1842 Probated: September 12 1842
Book B page 355

Will of Geoge Jump
Brother: Hiram Jump
Mentions a legacy due him from his father's estate
Written: 1842 Probated: September 1842

Will of Bernard Todd
Wife: mentioned not named
Living Children: Thomas Todd, Mary Todd, William Todd, Christopher Todd, Bartlett Todd, Joseph Todd, Betty Todd, Phillip Todd.
Written: June 20 1810 Probated March 23 1843
Book B, page 373 (there are several documents concerning this will)

Will of Daniel Cowgill
First Wife's children: Joseph Cowgill, Martin Cowgill, Nancy Cowgill.
Second Wife's children: Elizabeth, Sarah, Hannah, George and Frankey Cowgill; and the heirs of my daughter Mary)
Written: August 28 1842 Probated: July 10 1843
Book B, page 385

Will of Alexander McClure
Wife; Jane McClure
2 sons: Alexander McClue and William Harvey McClure
Daughters: Sarah, Marggaret, Christian and Nancy
Married children: Polly Pigot, Martha Myers, Jane McClure, Betsey Brown, James Thomas Gibson, Hannah and John
Written: February 26 1842 Probated: August 14 1843
Book B, page 387

Settlement of the Estate of John Allen
Widow: Elizabeth Allen
September 25 1836
Book B, page 391

Will of Reuben Thornhill
Wife: Sarah Thornhill
Sons: James Wesley Thornhill, Thomas B. Thornhill, and Reuben C. Thornhill
Daughter: Sarah Josephing Thornhill
Other children: Nancy Sallee, Polly Thornhill, Susannah Coleman, Lucy Childers.
Executors: Wife Sarah and Christopher Mussleman
Written: August 8 1843 probated: October 19 1843
Book B, page 394

Will of Joshua Jones
Wife: Mary Jones
Daughters: Mariah Jones, Jane Hendrix, Rebecca Clark, Elisabeth Powers, Sarah Shafer
Son: William Jones
Written: December 27 1843 Probated: January 1844
Book B, page 402

Will of James Clark
Children: Eleanor Ashcraft, Ely Clark, James Clark, Louisa Buskirk
Grandchildren: Children of Willaim G. Clark -James Jesse Clark, John Riffle Clark, and Elizabeth Jane Clark.
Written: February 28 1845 Probated: May 1844
Books B, page 412

Will of Charles West
Wife: Margaret
Daughters: Francis Ann West, Jeremiah West, Josephine West
Sons: John West, Smith West, William West, Richard West, and James West
Executor: wife Margaret and son William West
Written: January 3 1845 Probated: June 25 1845

Will of Jesse Robinson
Heirs: James H. Robinson, Margaret Harris, Absalom Robinson, Sarah Burnett, Mary Ann Robinson, Nancy Robinson, Lucy Robinson, and Minerva Coulson
Children of Minerva Coulson: Jackson Leech, Buzzell Leech, Mary Leech and Ezra Leech
Written: April 11 1843 Probated: June 25 1845
Book B, page 422

Will of Archibald Harris
Wife: Francis Harris
Daughters: Polly Stulz heirs, Betsey Rader's heirs. Susan Canton, Nancy boggus, Catharine Hance?
To Nancy Stultz, daughter of Polly Stultz deceased.
Sons: Archibald Harris, Thomas Harris, Sutton Harris, Jourdan Harris, Boles Harris
Written: August 11 1845 Probated: October 1845
Book B, page 429

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