Grant KY Cemeteries

Grant County Cemeteries
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Please Note:
A lot of these cemetery records are from Grant County Cemeteries-Volume III. Collected and Compiled by Virgil Chandler, Sr.and Published by The Grant County Historical Society. Others are links to cemeteries by individuals doing research in Grant County. This book and the other cemetery books offered by the GCHS, contains many obituaries, biographies, pictures and detailed maps with full directions to each cemetery. Please consult this excellent research compilation for invaluable information on your ancestors. Visit our Kentucky Home Library for availability details or visit the Grant County, Kentucky Library in Williamstown.

The following have been transcribed from the books with permission of Virgil Chandler and the Historical Society or other submitters either by Bonnie Snow or Sandra Burbridge, all rights reserved as far as format and permission to transcribe.

Groves Graveyard
William Clark Family Cemetery
Nelson Family Cemetery
Ashcraft Family Cemetery
Oak Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery
Sipple Family Graveyard
Old Sipple Family Cemetery
Skirvin Family Cemetery
 Kinslaer Cemetery
Dunn Family Cemetery
Knoxville Cemetery
The Richard L. Abernathy Family Graveyard
Carter Family Cemetery
Elijah Clay Family Cemetery
New Vine Run Cemetery
Simon Nichols & Wilson Stanley Family Cemetery
Old Baptist Church Cemetery
Chipman and Deitz Family Graveyard
Clement Theobald Family Cemetery
Elijah Billiter Family Cemetery
James Gouge Family Graveyard
Masterson and Pattie Family Graveyard
McGlasson Family Graveyard
McGlasson Family Cemetery 11
Old Vine Run Cemetery
Old William Arnold Cemetery
Penick Family Graveyard
Sechrest Family Graveyard
Vanlandingham and Dickerson Cemetery
The Old Presbyterian Lebanon Cemetery
The Jump Family Cemetery
Dunn Cemetery
Crittenden Christian cemetery Submitted by Kerry Kirk  
The Broad Ridge Cemetery  
Eckler Cemetery and Hill Crest Cemetery   
Transcriptions Grant County Cemeteries on the internet
by Kerry Kirk

Mt. Zion Tombstone Pictures, nearly 400!!! 

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The Recording of a Cemetery
by Thelma Greene Reagan

Today we walked where others walked
On a lonely, windswept hill;
Today we talked where others cried
For Loved Ones whose lives are stilled.

Today our hearts were touched
By graves of tiny babies;
Snatched from the arms of loving kin,
In the heartbreak of the ages.

Today we saw where the grandparents lay
In the last sleep of their time;
Lying under the trees and clouds -
Their beds kissed by the sun and wind.

Today we wondered about an unmarked spot;
Who lies beneath this hollowed ground?
Was it a babe, child, young or old?
No indication could be found.

Today we saw where Mom and Dad lay.
We had been here once before
On a day we'd all like to forget,
But will remember forever more.

Today we recorded for kith and kin
The graves of ancestors past;
To be preserved for generations hence,
A record we hope will last.

Cherish it, my friend; preserve it, my friend,
For stones sometimes crumble to dust
And generations of folks yet to come
Will be grateful for your trust.

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