Dripping Springs Cemetery

Dripping Springs Cemetery

Contributed by Shelby Roy Hopkins

From Lancaster take US 27 South and turn left onto Ky 39. Remain on Ky 39 passing into Lincoln County. Turn left onto Fall Lick Road (Hwy 3246) and travel four to five miles until coming to a stop sign just after crossing Fall Lick Creek. You will see a sign for Garrard County, and you will have to turn left or right. If you turn left and follow the road for approximately 0.25 miles around an outcropping of Dripping Springs, you will see where the old hotel once stood. You may want to get a drink of water from the springs. To access the Dripping Springs Cemetery, it is best to turn right after crossing the bridge into Garrard County. Follow the road about 0.10 mile as it parallels the creek on the right. You will see an open field on your left. The farm you see on your left is the Dripping Springs Farm. Pull off to the left into an open gate area and park. Walk across the field for about 300 yards and enter the woods at the edge of the field. You will see a steep bank about 30 feet high that is very difficult to climb. After climbing to the top of this hillside, the land is very level. The cemetery is located about 75 yards from the edge of the steep hillside. It is quite difficult to see because of the large trees and undergrowth. It hasn’t been maintained in many years. Shelby Hopkins is willing to escort anyone wishing to visit this cemetery and
can be reached at shelbyroy@hotmail.com.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death
Brock, Carlo
Son of Enoch and Lucy Helton Brock
Contributed by Shelby Hopkins
1856 Dec. 28, 1942
Singleton, Rodney
Son of Jesse N. Singleton
Contributed by Shelby Hopkins
1872 Sept. 23, 1893

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All photos contributed by Shelby Roy Hopkins.