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   Hickman is the County Seat of Fulton County, 
which was formed in 1845 from Hickman County.
  Fulton County, 99th in order of formeation, was named for Robert Fulton, engineer who greatly promoted use of steam engines in river boats.
  The first Fulton County Courthouse was authorized by the court at the May 1845 session when the site was selected and $4,000 allocated for construction. The two-story brick courthouse was completed in 1848. 
  The second and present courthouse was authorized at the commissioners meeting of May 29, 1899.  W. H. Spradlin, contractor from Fulton, was the low bidder for construction on Jan. 14, 1902. The original contract was for $20,250 but was increased by $540 as the court requested the use of red mortar to match the brick.
  The courthouse was completed in the summer of 1903 and in 1976 was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Submitted by the Fulton County Fiscal Court

County Judge, Fulton County, Kentucky
Hickman, Ky. January 28, 1904
To Whom It May Concern:
  The Fulton County Court appointed Frank P. Milburn as Architect for the new Couty House recently completed. His plans were satisfactory and our people feel that he has done his duty as Superintendent of the work.  We have the best arranged and constructed building in Western Kentucky. All our people are well pleased and there are no complaints from any source. I take pleasure in recommending Mr. Milburn to anyone in need of an Architect, as a first class man - knowing that they will not be disappointed should they secure his services. 
                                               Yours very truly,
Judge of Fulton County Court

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